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Reisen til julestjernen (1976) Online

Reisen til julestjernen (1976) Online
Original Title :
Reisen til julestjernen
Genre :
Movie / Adventure / Family / Fantasy
Year :
Directror :
Ola Solum
Cast :
Hanne Krogh,Knut Risan,Bente Børsum
Writer :
Axel Helgeland,Ola Solum
Type :
Time :
1h 32min
Rating :
Reisen til julestjernen (1976) Online

A small princess in a small kingdom in Adventureland disappears on Christmas eve. She has gone out to find the Christmas Star. The Queen follows and the King curses the Christmas Star, so it disappears for years, until young Sonja arrives.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Hanne Krogh Hanne Krogh - Sonja
Knut Risan Knut Risan - Kongen
Bente Børsum Bente Børsum - Dronningen
Ingrid Larsen Ingrid Larsen - Prinsesse Gulltopp
Alf Nordvang Alf Nordvang - Greven
Harald Heide-Steen Jr. Harald Heide-Steen Jr. - Narren (as Harald Heide Steen Jr.)
Knut Walle Knut Walle - Ole
Anne Marit Jacobsen Anne Marit Jacobsen - Petrine
Bjarne Andersen Bjarne Andersen - Astrologen
Rolf Just Nilsen Rolf Just Nilsen - Harlekin
Marit Syversen Marit Syversen - Columbine
Julian Strøm Julian Strøm - Julenissen
Johannes Eckhoff Johannes Eckhoff - Vismann
Rune Ek Rune Ek - Vismann
Willie Hoel Willie Hoel - Vismann

The film is based on Sverre Brandt's famous stage play with the same title from 1924.

The movie is shown every christmas morning (December 24) on norwegian television.

User reviews



We find ourselves in a small kingdom - somewhere in Fairyland. Et castle with towers and spires stands above a small, medieval village, surrounded by thick walls. In the castle, the small royal family - mother, father and daughter - lives alongside their staff and nobility.

The little princess Goldielocks (Gulltopp) disappears from the castle on the very night before Christmas. She has wandered off into the forest all alone to find the Betlehem Star, which she wants with all of her little heart. Her uncle, the dreadful and power hungry count, has deceived her into doing so.

Once the king and queen discover that the princess has disappeared, they become devastated with grief. The queen runs into the forest in despair to search for her daughter. The king curses the Betlehem Star, blaming the star for his misfortune. But the king's curse causes the Star to be distinguished, and when its light disappears, so does the queen. Great sorrow descends on the kingdom...

Many years later, a traveling group of performers and jokers arrive at the castle. It is Christmas Eve once more. In the group there is also one Sonja - a beautiful young girl. Once Sonja discovers the king's great grief, she offers to find the Betlehem Star for him, so that he may have his wife and daughter back. For the tellings of many Wisemen have said that if the light of the Star returns once more, then so will both the princess and the queen. Sonja leaves the castle and heads towards the forest to find the Betlehem Star, but the vicious Count follows her.

The hunted Sonja comes across some very helpful little people in the middle of the forest and eventually escapes the evil Count only to discover that her "helpers" are Santa's little helpers! They guide her to Santa's secret workshop; a place of magic, joy and toy-making. Once there, Santa Claus (Julenissen) vows to Sonja that she shall have one wish - whatever it may be - granted to her, since she has never once gotten a Christmas present in her life.

Sonja's wish is, of course, to have the Betlehem Star's light shining upon the kingdom once more, and as Santa Claus promised her, her wish comes true. But as Sonja hurries back to the castle with great joy, she is seized by a pair of strong arms and thrown into the darkest dungeon of all the castle.

Now, the ending I shan't be revealing to you, but it is hardly a secret that all ends well. After all, such is what should happen in a true fairytale!


This brilliant movie from Norway is based on the novel of the Norwegian writer Sverre Brandts, "Reisen til Julestjernen", translated to English: "The journey to the Christmas Star". "The handling" in this movie, is about a sweet, young girl named Princess Gulltopp, who just loved looking at the Christmas Star. I'm coming to that sooner in this text.

This movie begins with Harlekin (played by Rolf Just Nilsen) sings with his actor and actress friends on their way to the castle of the king and the queen. "Come and see our play" they sing while their riding on their horse wagon. And when their coming into the town, people begins to run to them. Harlekin is telling them a story, the very same story about "The journey to the Christmas star". That is when the real story begins.

And through the whole film, many funny things are happening! There are many little funny details also that makes you laugh more. For example when a cook is taking out the bread in the start when Harlekin have started to tell the story, he is taking out a "bread stick" out of the oven; while he sings he is grabbing where there is hot on that stick, and and he yells out "aoch!". Its funnier when you see it whit your eyes!

The music in this film is magnificent!! Johan Halvorsen who composed this film music died probably 100 years before this movie comes out, but the music is so lovely and makes you get the Cristmas feeling!

If I do a good job as a Producer/writer in my future, I'm going to make this movie completely over again. I just love this movie, and will do anything to let the whole world see how fantastic this story is! And of course, the beautiful music!

I love this movie!


This is a great Christmas story that I can't be without any Christmas. This is the story about a little princess who wishes for the Christmas star and goes out in the woods to find it on Christmas eve. She disappears from the kingdom and although us viewers knows where she is, the king doesn't. As the queen goes out to find her, the king cast a curse on the star and his queen disappears as well.

What the king does not know is that the count, who is the kings cousin, has something to do with this terrible happening and he makes the count feel more than welcome to be his closest man.

Many years later a girl called Sonja is travelling with a bunch of entertainers and after performing for the king she begs him for a chance to go out and find the star. Once again the count interferes but does he succeed again? Well, that is up to you to find out.

This is a fantastic movie for both children and grown ups where Sonja even meets Father Christmas on her way to find the star.

The problem is I don't know if it has been made for any other countries than the Scandinavian ones.....


The norwegian nations favorit Christmas movie!

Young Sonja travels around with a group of jokers, when they arrive in a town, where there only grief and sorrow. The King has cast a spell on the Bethlehem star, so it no longer shines... Many years ago, on Christmas eve, hes only daughter went into the forest, and has never been found. He also has a cousin that is a count.

Sonja tells the king that she will find the star, and go into the forests where she also meets father Christmas, to find the star!

Does she find it? Well, there only one way to find out! Follow Sonja, on her trip to the Bethlehem star, and see for yourself:)