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Maximum Potential (1987) Online

Maximum Potential (1987) Online
Original Title :
Maximum Potential
Genre :
Creative Work / Reality TV / Sport
Year :
Directror :
John Langley
Cast :
Dolph Lundgren,Fred DeLuca Jr.,Mark De Alessandro
Writer :
Dolph Lundgren
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
Rating :
Maximum Potential (1987) Online

Dolph Lundgren has put together his varied and comprehensive personal workout on home video, comprised of body sculpturing, boxing, shadow boxing, running, jumping rope, yoga, the martial arts and more. Even includes stress management - exercise for the mind.
Cast overview:
Dolph Lundgren Dolph Lundgren - Dolph Lundgren
Fred DeLuca Jr. Fred DeLuca Jr. - Businessman
Mark De Alessandro Mark De Alessandro - Dolph's Workout Partner
Frank Zagarino Frank Zagarino - Dolph's Workout Partner
Beatrice Burie Beatrice Burie - Aerobic Dancer
Teresa Mossesian Teresa Mossesian - Aerobic Dancer
Jennifer Mott Jennifer Mott - Aerobic Dancer
Piper Lee Vaugh Piper Lee Vaugh - Aerobic Dancer
George Pipasik George Pipasik - Gym Owner
Angela Down Angela Down - Girl on the Beach
Stephanie Hershey Stephanie Hershey - Girl on the Beach
Maggie Langley Maggie Langley - Girl on the Beach
Evon Murphy Evon Murphy - Girl on the Beach
Adele Yoshioka Adele Yoshioka - Girl on the Beach

The now-renowned directors Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary got their first Hollywood jobs in 1986 as production assistants on this workout video. The director John Langley knew them from the video store where Tarantino was working. Not until Quentin Tarantino had arrived on location, however, did the future director receive his assignment: cleaning dog feces from the front lawn of the house in which the video was being shot.

User reviews



This workout video is truly amazing! I used to be a skinny ordinary guy, but following the guidance given by Mr. Lundgren I reached all the goals I set myself and found balance in my life.

Now I am a ultra-toned stacked beefcake like Dolph Lundgren himself! Even though this is 2004, Dolph Lundgren helped me obtain "The body of the 90's" and I couldn't be happier! This video turned my life around, and it only costs £3 from all good charity shops! I implore you to use this video to reach your "MAXIMUM POTENTIAL", just like me!!!!


I believe that this is a great workout video and that the moves are really easy to follow. They are really basic, good calisthenics, and it is a progressive workout, meaning that you can increase the difficulty of it as you get better at doing the exercises. I highly recommend this video!


This is a great exercise video but the real fun is seeing Dolph play himself. Dolph looks so youthful and good in this. This video is a good look at a Hollywood star early in his career showing some of his real personality and views and beliefs. This is a must see if you are a die hard fan of Mr. Lundgren and would like to see him as himself.


Before Dolph played Frank Castle in 1989, he was a real Punisher on this video. He really puts your whole body through the wringer on this video, it will tire you but he also takes precautions to keep anyone watching it safe from harm. The warm up and cool down routines prevent soreness and are all aided by a commentary explaining the benefits of these routines and a bit of dietary advice. Although fairly brief, the cardiovascular segment is effective at getting the heart pumping and you have control over how hard you push yourself, depending on your fitness. The main segment, 'Body Sculpting' is brilliant as you can do it in a very small space and it requires no weights or props, just simply using your body weight as resistance. Kudos must go to the start of the tape as Dolph shares some of his philosophies before the work out but the 80s cheese takes over your attention, putting you in humorous spirits before you exercise.

Using this video and making slight alterations to my diet (do not despair, I still love chocolate!), I lost 4 stone (56lbs) whilst still retaining a fairly muscular physique. Thankyou Dolph, your video is awesome and I advise anyone looking for a good work out video to search this out. It cost me £10 on ebay but it's the best tenner I've ever spent.