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Her Fatal Flaw (2006) Online

Her Fatal Flaw (2006) Online
Original Title :
Her Fatal Flaw
Genre :
Movie / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Year :
Directror :
George Mendeluk
Cast :
Victoria Pratt,Chris Kramer,William B. Davis
Writer :
Hanz Wasserburger
Type :
Time :
1h 32min
Rating :
Her Fatal Flaw (2006) Online

A lawyer defends her fiancée in court despite the objections of her friends, mentors and colleagues.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Victoria Pratt Victoria Pratt - Laney Hennessy
Chris Kramer Chris Kramer - Det. Mark Farrow
William B. Davis William B. Davis - Richard O'Brien
Vincent Spano Vincent Spano - Robert Genaro
Keegan Connor Tracy Keegan Connor Tracy - Brooke
Javier Luis Javier Luis - Angel Larosa
Nadia Douglas Nadia Douglas - Society Type
Dawn Chubai Dawn Chubai - Reporter #1
Dagmar Midcap Dagmar Midcap - Reporter #2
Alvin Sanders Alvin Sanders - Judge O'Shea
Derek Anderson Derek Anderson - Det. Clayton Hope
Ty Olsson Ty Olsson - Mason Renfrew
Fulvio Cecere Fulvio Cecere - Jack Rourke
Dean Reddan Dean Reddan - Elden Dinsmore
Brad Robertson Brad Robertson - Adam Sutton

User reviews



Being a fan of Victoria Pratt, a solid but underrated Canadian actress, I had been waiting for some time to see this one and wasn't sure what to expect. I had not watched many Lifetime movies, and was used to seeing Vicky in things like Mutant X, which seems miles away from a TV legal thriller.

Although I expected Pratt to be strong, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by this film. It kept my interest throughout and had some decent performances besides Vicky's conflicted defense attorney. Vince Spano was solid and William B. Davis did not disappoint, bringing his "Cigarette Smoking Man" vibe to several scenes.

In addition, the story was fun, fairly taut and kept me guessing until the end, although a few of the kissy-kissy moments were a tad sticky sweet, but I suppose that was to be expected given the network. Overall, there are certainly worse ways to spend two hours. I give it a 6 which, for me, is a pretty good grade.

I hope this serves as a nice springboard for Vicky into her new TV series "Daybreak" which debuts on ABC in November.


The movie begins with a look at the Chicago skyline, in particular the Wrigley Building, along with some really nice jazz music. Not smooth jazz, which is used a few times in the movie, but real jazz. With a couple of exceptions, such as in a club that plays what I guess would be called blues-rock, the music in this movie is quite good--either jazz, generic smooth jazz background music, or the standard classical-style movie background music.

Then we see a couple in bed together. The woman is beautiful, blonde and apparently tied to the bed. She seems happy, though. Then there is a murder. We see the man who did it.

Laney Hennessy is shown in court, winning yet another case. She used to work in the state's attorney's office prosecuting cases, and Richard O'Brien would like her back. As a defense attorney, Laney makes his job harder.

Later, Laney and her law partner Brooke wear Mariah Carey awards show dresses to a formal event. Brooke's dress at least has sleeves, but fortunately (for some of us; I need to remember mostly women watch these movies), Laney's does not. Later, it's a shame Chicago is so cold this time of year, because Laney and Brooke go running together.

Robert, a successful businessman, asks Lacey to marry him. But then he is arrested, the prime suspect in the murder of Alderman Adam Sutton. Naturally, Laney wants to defend him. She believes he is innocent, but as the movie progresses she finds out details about his business activities that suggest she may be wrong. O'Brien is quite convinced he has the right man and makes Laney's life very difficult. Even Brooke has her doubts, because this affects her too. Will Laney drop the case and let another attorney represent Robert? Will she plead? If not, will she get him off?

It's all quite exciting, and the lead actors do a very good job. So many obstacles are thrown in Laney's path. The press act like vultures. So many people are lying, and there are other murders. But she's quite determined.

This movie is really worth seeing. I wouldn't have minded seeing this character get a series.


Victoria Pratt delivers a stunningly true performance in this thriller which demonstrates that she is a first class actress to be reckoned with. Was she wasted doing all those sci fi series? Was her latent talent prevoiusly unexploited? Perhaps it doesn't matter if she continues to get the dramatic material that this project offers. In "Fatal Flaw" she reveals that she gets better with age like fine wine. Hopefully "Day Break" her new series on ABC will show case her talent like this movie. Performances from Bill Davis and Chris Kramer also shine in this intelligent and well directed picture. Well worth watching.


**SPOILERS** It's when Chicago Alderman Adam Sutton,Brad Robertson,was found dead with a .22 slug in is skull at a swanky Chicago hotel that the future plans of defense attorney Laney Hennessy, Victoria Pratt, were suddenly put on hold.

As things turned out the #1 suspect in Alderman Sutton's murder turned out to be non other then Laney's fiancée successful businessman and pillar of the community Robert Genaro, Vincant Spano. In deciding to defend Robert Laney has put her career plans for running for the post of Chicago D.A in jeopardy if she lose the case. The person who prosecuting Robert is Laney's former boss D.A Richard O'Brian, William B. Davis, whom she's planing to run against in the city's spring elections!

The movie has Laney slowly realize that her future husband Robert Genero is hiding things about his shady business dealings that in fact can end up convicting him.There's also the fact that Robert has been implicated by D.A O'Brian in a major drug trafficking operation out of the Chicago docks. As the noose tightens around Robert's neck Laney starts to put the bits and pieces together and finds out that he's being framed to take the heat off those who were responsible for Alderman Sutton's murder. It was Alderman Sutton who was secretly investigating the drug operation and that in fact lead to his being whacked!

Laney just about gives up on Robert when the evidence starts top pile up on him. Also Robert isn't that helpful in his not coming clean with Laney in just what his relationship, if any, with big time Chicago gangster Jack Rourke, Fulvid Cecere, whom he accuses of framing him really is. Laney soon realizes that Sutton was being blackmailed in order to force him to suspend his investigation from Mrs Sutton, Camille Mitchall, herself. It's when Sutton let his wife know about his secret life, thus stymieing his blackmailers, that he ended up sealing his own fate with a bullet in his brain while having kinky sex with a high priced call girl!

***SPOILERS*** It's when Laney was just about to make a deal with D.A O'Brian, changing Robert's plea from 1st to 2nd degree murder, that the truth finally hit her. The plan to frame Robert was absolutely foolproof but for one thing. The arrogance and self assuredness of those who planned it! And it was that-and a $500.00 Cuban cigar-that had Laney finally see the light, and smell the tobacco, in who Alderman Sutton's killers really were!