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Fatal Friends (2015) Online

Fatal Friends (2015) Online
Original Title :
Fatal Friends
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Jason Bourque
Cast :
Jamie Luner,Kirsten Zien,Sarah Grey
Writer :
Peter Sullivan
Type :
Rating :
Fatal Friends (2015) Online

Sophia, a smart but quiet high schooler, strikes up a friendship with a new girl in class, but the girl begins to disrupt the lives of Sophia and her family. Sophia is then forced to uncover her friend's past and learn the truth before it's too late.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Jamie Luner Jamie Luner - Ashley Allen
Kirsten Zien Kirsten Zien - Michelle (as Kirsten Prout)
Sarah Grey Sarah Grey - Sophia Allen
Nels Lennarson Nels Lennarson - Dylan Allen
Dominika Juillet Dominika Juillet - Hana
Alessandro Juliani Alessandro Juliani - Mr. Clark
Nicole Muñoz Nicole Muñoz - Allison
Aidan Drummond Aidan Drummond - Alex
Josh Blacker Josh Blacker - Detective Jenkins
June B. Wilde June B. Wilde - Doreen
Colleen Winton Colleen Winton - Ellen Foley
Tricia Collins Tricia Collins - Nurse
Tom Pickett Tom Pickett - Dean
Kane Tone Kane Tone - English Student
Josh Byer Josh Byer - Uniformed Officer

Also known as The Wrong Girl on Lifetime.

Even though they are supposed to be the same age, Kirsten Zien is 6 years older than Sarah Grey. Prout was born in 1990 while her character was born in 1992. This becomes a plot point in the movie.

Female in jeopardy: about 1:50 minutes in when Michelle threatens Ashley and Dylan and then Sophia at gunpoint.

Female in jeopardy stupid move: Sophia pushes Michelle down but does not take the gun, so Michelle can use it to repeatedly fire at her.

User reviews



This is a strange film and I am unable to decide fully what I think of it.

Watching the film, I could not see how the initial scene linked in to the plot although we know it must be relevant in some way. Kirsten Prout plays the strange and unnerving Michelle very well. The strange baddie of course is in big goofy glasses, like she must be strange with these on. We cannot understand why she does the things she does and why she has chosen Sophia as a target.( if you hate spiders ...don't watch this) I could not see where the film was leading, as to what finale. There is a huge element of "the unknown enemy within" feeling which makes it unnerving.

The reasons come about 15 minutes from the end. The idea behind it is very good but then the film gets silly.

Watchable on an empty afternoon.


Interesting, but faithful to Lifetime films, someone comes into the lives of others, pretends to be a great friend, but they are there only for diabolical reasons and to wreak havoc on others. Such is the case with this film.

New in the neighborhood, a young high school girl supposedly befriends a lovely girl with high aspirations in music and a wonderful family life. All that changes and just about everyone around is affected by this maniacal young lady. This includes the local English teacher, the person giving the young lady piano lessons and her dutiful parents.

Wait until you see why this girl chose this family. Apparently, father had been on the make years before with another woman and this was the byproduct of such a relation. She is out for revenge to destroy the life of the nice girl since she feels that what she has had, she has missed.


Before the opening credits, an institutionalized woman is electrocuted by someone we presume is the building's janitor. Classical piano plays as the credits roll and beautiful blonde Sarah Grey (as Sophia Allen) thrills her parents at a recital. As it turns out, Ms. Grey is lonely as well as beautiful. Hoping to attend Juilliard, she spends so much time practicing her piano pieces, Grey has little time for a social life. The church group friends mentioned do not appear. Neither does the church. Grey's loneliness is about to change. A new girl arrives at her high school. She is beautiful blonde Kirsten Prout (as Michelle Foley). Wearing a pair of dorky glasses to make her look less attractive, Ms. Prout takes an unusual interest in Grey. They quickly become "Fast Friends" (the working title), but you sense Prout is "The Wrong Girl". In fact, she may be a "Lifetime" TV movie psycho...

The only thing that could have saved this really, really stupid story would be a heavy dose of theatrical ham. Unfortunately, nobody is instructed to chew the scenery. Everyone is too distant. Director Jason Bourque and photographer Toby Gorman do best outdoors, with steady jogging and "pop quiz" lip-reading scenes. However, a chase scene involving police deciding to run after a bike-riding suspect, on foot instead of driving, is too absurd for words. Prout wearing glasses to look "plain" is like putting lipstick on a pig. While dressed to kill, Prout's an incredibly poor shot. Grey is stunning in her shorts. Prout and Grey are unconvincing in their roles as otherwise friendless high school teenagers. However, they sure look nice. Beautiful blonde architect mom Jamie Luner (as Ashley Allen) leads a subdued supporting cast. If "Beautiful blonde" was the only goal, they've scored.

*** The Wrong Girl (2015-5-16) Jason Bourque ~ Sarah Grey, Kirsten Prout, Jamie Luner, Nels Lennarson


I just have to write a comment as a pianist and piano teacher. If I had a piano student who had started at age 8 as Sophia did and was playing such simple pieces as a high school senior, I would be embarrassed. The pieces that she was playing could be played by a 2nd or 3rd year student. The waltz was both simple and mechanical. Really, do you think that playing those pieces could get you a scholarship to Juilliard? A Beethoven Sonata movement or some Chopin would have been nice and worthy of the accolades that she received.

Also, if the mother was a successful architect and they were able to live in a house with 3 garages, it is surprising that they did not have a grand piano in the house and that she had to do all of her practicing away from home.

I gave it a 5 as it was otherwise a captivating story. It was well acted.


What is the piece of piano music called that Ashley was constantly practising for her concert?


You know you're in for a treat when within the first few minutes of a Lifetime move an impossible death takes place. In this case, it was a woman wearing thick rubber shoes and standing in some spilled mop water that was electrocuted.

Things get "better" (on the Lifetime movie scale) from there in that the last names of several characters are completely different from what is listed here which of course are based upon the on-screen credits. I watched them at the end to verify the names. The Allen family are actually the Daverstons. Detective Jenkins is actually Detective Burke. Maybe they entered the witness protection program at some point.

The plot is pure and predicable Lifetime psycho. The psycho is the new friend to the main female. The psycho actress is 6 years older than the heroine, which in this movie becomes a plot line towards the end. One thing you can say about Lifetime psychos- they are good at forging documents, and always have a ready supply of drugs and guns. Perhaps they are closet Libertarians! Just kidding.

So psycho friend Michelle shows up at school presumably using her expertly forged papers and ingratiates her way into heroine Sophia's life and little by little pulls off some trademark Lifetime psycho moves: a) Drugs the quasi-boyfriend of the heroine and allows the heroine to see them together, creating a Hallmarkesque misunderstanding. b) Breaks in and wrecks mom's work project. c) Injures and then blackmails the heroine's music teacher with a photo she could not possibly have taken unless she had bionic legs to pedal her bicycle and keep up with teacher's car. d) Drugs the officer guarding the heroine's family.

We learn towards the end psycho and heroine are half-sisters.

Predictably with about 10 minutes to go, the heroine is now the Lifetime female in jeopardy, and not the Alex Trebec kind, eh? Psycho has drugged the officer guarding the family and taken his gun, and is now holding dad at gunpoint. Mom is next, and then it is heroine's turn when she arrives later. Not one to go down without a fight, heroine pushes psycho and knocks her down. Instead of TAKING THE GUN AWAY FROM HER, heroine does the right thing for an extended plot and runs away. This gives psycho a chance to crank off 14 rounds from an obvious prop gun. After running out of ammo (!), the requisite chick fight takes place. Fortunately, just as Lifetime psychos always have drugs to create danger, Lifetime heroines always have blunt objects when in danger. Heroine picks up a rock and smashes it into psycho's head, then goes to check on mom & dad. She uses her fingers to remove mom's tape gag, and her power of telekinesis to remove dad's gag (yes it just disappears). Heroine gets her scholarship and drives off happily into the sunset. OK, so it wasn't a sunset, but we saw earlier the 8 PM sun position in "Washington" is more like noon, so who knows?

There are some other funny/dumb things here as well, such as the car alarm and starter working on a car where the battery was disconnected, and when psycho is standing in front of heroine's car in a parking lot. Instead of putting it in reverse and backing out of the space, heroine lays on the horn and yells for psycho to get out of the way! There was also a funny but realistic exchange between mom & heroine about a shaved head, a piercing, and a tattoo. 3/10 on the regular movie scale, 8/10 on the Lifetime movie scale. It would have been a 7, but as another reviewer noted the cast was above average in the looks department and they credited Boris the Spider in the closing credits, so I kicked in an extra point for that.


This was something to put on if you simply just appreciate lifetime when your bored. And don't mind wasting your time giving their hit or miss original movies a try. This one was just painfully bad, which shouldn't be a surprise if you are use to their whole set up. It had no real plot structure, no character development, and the one thing I hate more than anything in a movie is a "Mary Sue" protagonist. The main character had no real problems except for the ones the antagonist created for her. It's always a sad shame when there is no real depth to anyone in these movies. Quite honestly you could skip through the movie not missing much because even though they try to keep you focused on pretty faces and youthful music. By the climax it rushes you to lifetime's cliché way of all the mess hitting the fan and then the sun shines again at the end leaving you staring at the screen thinking....so that was it???


Before she became a single white female searching newspaper ads for a new bestie and before she entered college with plans to morph into her roommates dead sister, she was the wrong girl and former mental nutjob with serious daddy issues. Yep. This has to be the prequel to The Roommate and Single White Female. The movie left me hanging because I'm really not sure if she lived, died, went to prison. I don't know. But that's okay because it left me with the option to keep her psycho going strong. I'd like to think that after she dusted off all the leaves and removed the tree bark embedded in her forehead, she went on to become Leighton Meester, where she zeroes in on Minka Kelly for yet another round of straight up psycho. After her girl on girl showdown date with crazy as hell suffers a major meltdown, she doesn't die like we all thought she did. That's because it's hard to kill crazy. Nope. She instead moves to the Big Apple where she comes into her own as Jennifer Jason Leigh. Here, she is free to go full on psycho-b**ch and step up her game with a little 50 Shades of Grey (public service style), a small matter of murdering a puppy or four, oh! and just as she did in college (as well as that time she pretended to be a high school student), she sleeps with her stalkee's boyfriend... and all before trying to murder her, of course. She even decided to bring back that awesome twin-thing idea that worked so well in high school and college! I mean, it went over quite splendidly back then, did it not? Why not go there again? Oh yes, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, especially after watching all three movies back to back. Try it. It'll be hours of insatiable comedic joy that you will always remember fondly! Kick back and celebrate the moments of your life.
Golden Lama

Golden Lama

The first thing - the piano playing is so awful there is no way she could have even auditioned for Juilliard. Why didn't they play some proper music and have a hand double.

The set up of the story seems a bit choppy with scenes abruptly moving from one scene to another.

A friend turns out not to be so - a slightly familiar Lifetime scenario. However the twist reveal is plausible and explains things so it's not so bad. Though why her natural mother never told the baby daddy is strange Kristen Prout looks better than she has in the past - not so Ivanka Trump like. Jamie Luner who seems to be in a Lifetime movie every year still looks pretty.

A little follow up at the end about the wacko would have been good.


What are the names of the featured songs to this movie ? Because, I couldn't figure out what the names are and it goes like, "Impossible," and the other one sounds like a party music song when Michelle dresses like Sophia. I've searched on the internet to find out what those songs are called, but couldn't find them. They have catchy songs that I seem to be interested in and I hope that you guys can tell me what the song titles are, please tell so that I can find them on the internet. I got frustrated when I couldn't find of what I was searching for and I told myself that I give up and I won't be able to find the songs that I was talking about; it's very confusing of what you're trying to say to people and they don't seem to understand a word you're saying and think that you're not making any sense at all:(


Well,what do you know.I was busy checking out channels of my cable TV.Once again,I am treated at Lifetime TV channel with three TV movies with a title "The Wrong _____" in it that will be shown throughout the day.The three TV movies are "The Wrong Roommate" (I have already seen and reviewed at IMDb),"The Wrong Girl" (this movie I am currently reviewing) and "The Wrong Student",which will premiere tonight as I am writing this review.

This Lifetime TV movie "The Wrong Girl" stars Sarah Grey and Kirsten Prout which tells a story of a High School student Sophia,who happens to be presented as a talented piano player that is characterized as smart but modestly reserved to the point that she probably never had a boyfriend yet.But one day,she surprisingly enters a friendship with the new mysterious female High School Student,Michelle.

Being a Lifetime TV movie and having the familiar title "The Wrong _____" in it,we get to see the development of the friendship between Sophia and Michelle turn out to be negative.Common story lines occur such Michelle turn out to be an evil character that wrecks Sophia's life and the people around Sophia's life from the latter's family as well as the latter's piano teacher as well as the latter's English teacher. Michelle also turns out to be a bad and poor influence towards Sophia that the latter conducts an investigation of her own with regards to the former's personal and family background which reveals a lot of bad behavior about her.This is evident with regards to Michelle's obsession particularly with Sophia.

No question that the common story lines found in this TV movie will not surprise regular Lifetime TV movie viewers especially with villains like Michelle trying to wreck other people's lives just like the villains of "The Wrong _____" movies.In the end,we will also get to see these villains get overcome by the protagonist themselves just like in this particular movie. No surprise there as always.But if there is a positive thing that I would like to mention here,it would definitely be the Canadian actresses Sarah Grey and Kirsten Prout as Sophia and Michelle respectively. They did their best with what the movie offered them and played their roles enthusiastically in this obviously a typical "The Wrong ____" Lifetime TV movie.