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Boogeyman 3 (2008) Online

Boogeyman 3 (2008) Online
Original Title :
Boogeyman 3
Genre :
Creative Work / Horror / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Gary Jones
Cast :
Erin Cahill,Charles Hittinger,Mimi Michaels
Writer :
Brian Sieve,Eric Kripke
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 34min
Rating :

When a college student witnesses the alleged suicide of her roommate, it sets into motion a series of horrific events that cause her to fear the supernatural entity. As she tries to ... See full summary

Boogeyman 3 (2008) Online

When a college student witnesses the alleged suicide of her roommate, it sets into motion a series of horrific events that cause her to fear the supernatural entity. As she tries to convince the rest of her dorm that the Boogeyman does exist, the evil force grows stronger and her friends begin to pay the price. Now she must stop this ultimate evil before the entire campus falls prey.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Erin Cahill Erin Cahill - Sarah
Charles Hittinger Charles Hittinger - David (as Chuck Hittinger)
Mimi Michaels Mimi Michaels - Lindsey
Matt Rippy Matt Rippy - Kane
Nikki Sanderson Nikki Sanderson - Audrey
W.B. Alexander W.B. Alexander - Lukas (as WB Alexander)
Elyes Gabel Elyes Gabel - Ben
George Maguire George Maguire - Jeremy
Jayne Wisener Jayne Wisener - Amy
Kate Maberly Kate Maberly - Jennifer
Todd Jensen Todd Jensen - Security Officer
Nikolai Sotirov Nikolai Sotirov - Boogeyman (as Niky Sotirov)
Vladimir Yossifov Vladimir Yossifov - Boogeyman (as Vladimir Yosifov)
Richie Mantaliev Richie Mantaliev - Brandon
Galina Talkington Galina Talkington - Katie

Both Nikolai Sotirov and Vladimir Yossifov play The Boogeyman.

User reviews

White gold

White gold

I have to say that this was a whole lot better than Boogyman II - The Wretched. I actually got into the storyline, albeit a storyline reminiscent of A Nightmare on Elm Street (believe fuels the monster), and though that the acting from the lead characters was above par for a film of this genre.

Yes there were some plot holes, massive amounts of stereotyping and some run of the mill "scenes designed to scare".

However I would be happy to watch this film again whereas I would rather stick pins in my eyes than sit through number Boogyman II again. The end leaves a nice follow on for a sequel and I can see there being a few of those to come.


A psychological gore-fest awaits as the college students at Hammond Hall get slaughtered in their droves.

What differentiates Boogeyman 3 from other supernatural horrors is its ability to deliver constant suspense - albeit formulaic - throughout its 90 minutes on screen.

Critics of the film have denounced it as just another slasher fest with precious little to make it worthwhile. While the storyline is predictable, there is an element of psychological uncertainty that pervades the film.

How can something not be real if we really believe in it?

When a college girl named Sarah witnesses the gruesome murder of her friend, her life gets turned upside down. There is an all pervasive presence of evil manifested in the form of a demonic entity.

One after another students who begin believing in the Boogeyman legend are discredited, until they start dying and it gets scary as hell right through to the bitter end...


Well I really liked Boogeyman 2 because it turned out to be a Slasher movie, I gave that 8/10

Boogeyman 3 has gone back to being supernatural again!, It's not a slasher movie this time, some will be disappointed by that! (But think the gore, will make up for it, (I think any way)

This movie starte off with Audery the Daughter of Dr. Mitchell Allen, who was killed off in boogeyman 2, She then get ready for a bath and she goes underwater see a shadow heading towards the bath but she gets out nothing was there! As she gets closer to her bed, she is Drag under the bed!(At this point you may be thinking, wait have we not see this before?)

Next scene, we see students in Collage, having their lunch and Sarah is worried that her friend not answering her phone!

Later when Sarah goes to the dorm and then Aurdery who was sucked under the bed is still alive, she tells Sarah that the Boogeyman, who killed her dad and now it's after her!, Of course no one believes her! Not even her best friend, who is a part of Radio show!

Later that night, when Sarah is on a Radio show, Aurdery call up and saying someone going kill me, I can't hide he is everywhere( Meanwhile Sarah rushing to help her friend )While she is talking to other man on radio show and he tells her that her dad was killed by man who pretend to be the boogeyman!

At that moment in the dorm the lights go out and boogeyman is next to Aurdery, it grabs her and you still hear her choking on the radio show and then Sarah walk into the room to see Aurdery being killed by the Boogeyman and the Boogeyman also see her and Sarah could see the evil in its eyes, she quickly goes back to hall and tells her other friend it killed her, has he looked into the room, now it looks like she hung herself but Sarah know what really happened.

At this point of course, she knows no one will believe her, if she tells anyone! So she keeps it too herself until she start having vision/Dreams of thing that going to happen to her friends or have already happened to her friends and th4 whole Dorm will be killed by the Boogeyman !

When her friends start going missing, she knows everything see saw in her vision/Dream is coming true!, She has to warn everyone before it 's too late!

There is small twist near end of movie but some migh say it not even twist at all! And This movie will also tell you why all 3 movie are different! (Which I think was really good idea)

I really enjoyed watching this movie, there was some very good creepy scenes in this movie like Ju-on-The Grudge scene (For me anyway)!

Death scenes in this movie, were really good but not as gory as boogeyman 2 however there some decent mount of gore in this movie! As the Boogeyman his self, great make up affect was great, loved the way it looked!

The acting was really good for a Straight to DVD and an third movie in the series

I put my hands up and confess that this movie, did creepy me out just a little bit!

The one thing I didn't like about this was the last ten seconds of movie, Don't you just hate when you get those silly last scare scenes at the end of horror movies these days!

Give this movie 7/8 out 10 still not sure what to give it!


When the grieving Audrey (Nikki Sanderson) reads the private journal of his deceased father, who was a renowned psychologist of a clinic, she is attacked by the boogeyman. She has a nervous breakdown and goes to the Hammond Halls in the Wolfbridge University in Northern California to sleep in the dorm of her friend Sarah Morris (Erin Cahill). Sarah is a student of psychology that feels guilty for the death of her mother and presents a show in the WZXB radio in the campus to give support to the audience with her professor Dr. Kane (Matt Rippy). However Audrey is hanged by the boogeyman while Sarah glances at her and dies. Sarah reads the diary of Audrey's dad and discovers his theory that the boogeyman would be a physical manifestation of the innermost darkest fear of a person. Sarah believes on the illogical theory and tells to her boyfriend David (Chuck Hittinger) and their common friends Lukas (WB Alexander), Jeremy (George Maguire), Lindsay (Mimi Michaels) and Ben (Elyes Gabel). As far as they also believe in the boogeyman, the legend becomes stronger and reborns, killing his victim.

"Boogeyman 3" has an interesting premise that the imaginary monster that is used to frighten children gets stronger when people believe that the entity does exist. There is one creepy sequence when Sarah sees the corridor of Hammond Halls covered of corpses and gore. However, for a clever woman like Sarah, it would be obvious that she was doing exactly what the boogeyman wanted generating panic and making the students believe on the evil force. Despite of the flaws, this movie is not so bad and it is a worthwhile entertainment. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "O Pesadelo 3" ("The Nightmare 3")


I hated the first two films, I thought they were simply horror done wrong with no originality at all. Cookie cutter horror and done badly, really really badly.

The third was expected to be just as bad but was a pleasant surprise, it's still mediocre but its passable by comparison.

This time the film actually has a structure, a competent plot and the "Boogeyman" isn't bad at all in appearance/execution.

It follows a tried and tested formula, kids in uni getting picked off one by one by this malevolent force but the "Belief" system makes for some interesting scenarios.

The deaths are average, the script is passable and the movie as a whole is nothing even remotely special but compared to the first two this is a work of art.

Just about watchable stuff and certainly ending the trilogy on a high....ish note.

The Good:

Boogeyman looks great

Has a few very inventive ideas

A couple of the girls on the cast were great

The Bad:

Potential was squandered

Still very generic

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

That girl from Coronation Street & Hollyoaks doesn't know how to age! Seriously, she has access to the fountain of eternal youth and I demand a pint or two....or three...or a weekend of bathing in it! I'm approaching 40 leave me alone!
adventure time

adventure time

After Sarah (Erin Cahill) witnesses the supposed suicide of her friend, she must fight to prove that her friends and the rest of the college campus are under attack from a malicious force known as (you guessed it) The Boogeyman.

There's something I've learned while spending the majority of my film-watching life consumed by the horror genre: No matter how good or bad a film is, a sequel is always a good idea (in the minds of the producers, that is). From the ten Friday the 13th sequels (which range from great to insultingly bad) to the thirteen (with more coming) Witchcraft films (all of which are awful), no matter how unnecessary a sequel seems, you can always fit one in. These days, it seems even worse. Even seemingly unknown films are getting countless sequels. Now, I can understand the annual Saw installment. They're perfect Hollywood moneymakers: Lots of earnings with minimal risks. But, Boogeyman? Does this really need two sequels? The first one was bad enough (yet still somehow managed to earn more than double its budget at the box office), and the second was pretty bad as well. . . so, why a third? Well, they've got that $28 million they earned at the box office burning a hole in their pocket and, instead of using it on something worthwhile, why not throw a couple million at what they assume is a built-in audience. Is there a built-in audience? Would I count as a part of that simply because I've seen both? I sure hope not. Regardless, before watching, I had actually heard some not-so-bad things about this installment, so I thought I'd return to the subpar franchise once more. This is the last time though, I swear! Anyway. . . the film itself is pretty bad. Most notably, the amateurish acting and script make for a dull and unlikable movie. The direction seems very "TV movie" and the editing is awful, exchanging MTV-style jump cuts for real scares. As a whole, the film stands as a typically underwhelming, unscary, and poorly made low-budget horror that should be avoided by anyone other than the truest of fans of the first two Boogeymans (then again, if you like both of those, I don't know what you WON'T like).

Obligatory Horror Elements:

  • Subgenre: Demonic, I guess? Or ghost, or something.

  • Violence/Gore: There's a good bit of blood but none of the violence is really explicit enough to make it worth it.

  • Sex/Nudity: A teensy bit of the homely girl at the beginning, but nothing too sexy.

  • Scares/Suspense: A for effort, but flash-cuts aren't really all that scary. The acting was pretty frightening though.

  • Mystery: Not really. Just pretty stupid.

  • - -

Final verdict: 3.5/10. Lame, unoriginal, and unscary. Pass on this one.



I'm a horror movie buff just like the next person. But oh my God, this was awful. First, I was expecting plenty of violence and gore. There is none here. Maybe some computerized blood here and there but that's it. Now, let's talk about the main chick. Yes, she's easy on the eyes but the whole talking between her and her buddy radio DJ doctor was getting on my nerves. Now, let's talk about the bogeyman himself. What in God's name is his problem? I can't remember a movie where the bad guy could get locked in a closet by a much smaller chick. I mean, the thing was a wuss. I really was not expecting much, but come on. There are movies like Wrong Turn 2 which is also a direct to video film which delivered the goods. Plelty of violence and gore. Avoid this movie at all cost.


Don't get me wrong, Boogeyman 2 was a good movie, but it was much more gross out, slasher fare then psychologically scary.

Considering the first movie made my skin stand on edge and crawl the entire film, I was rather disappointed by it. So when I heard there was yet another sequel, my doubts of course were raised and I almost condoned the movie right away as being even worse.

However, after reading about it and seeing some pics on the net and watching the trailer, I decided to give it a go.

First off, for anyone disappointed by the second movie for the fact that it wasn't actually the boogeyman, you will be very happy, for it is indeed him in this one, not someone just dressing up like him. He vanishes, appears out of thin air, has a 'hidden' world where he keeps his victims (which is quite bloody and has a wonderful creepy score to it when it shows up in the film) and knowing before going into the movie that it is indeed the boogeyman makes it all that much better and ruins nothing of the movie, trust me.

There is a bit of a twist before the ending, something I haven't seen a movie do in a long time (the twist, not the fact they do a twist) The deaths in this are not as intense as the second one, yes, they're bloody as all hell, especially the laundry room one, but they're not revolting, a la maggots crawling under the skin or vomit being pumped into a victim. And I think that makes the movie work better actually.

There are side dialects in this, such as the main character having been some kind of nut job in the previous year, and they never fully explain any of these side dialects, so character development is definitely not a strong point in this movie. In fact, the only real character that's developed overly well is the first one to die, who is also used as a the poor connection between the second and third movie here.

Overall, there are some jumpy parts, the boogeyman looks pretty damn creepy in his own regard, there's a lot of blood, some pointless nudity, and some neat effects. And the movie is indeed entertaining, I actually watched the whole movie in one sitting without wanting to get up and do something else.


The comment for Boogeyman sucks, while 2 gets better, here comes the Boogeyman 3 and I must said it's best.

Boogeyman 3 goes psychological, trying to explain how boogeyman works. Just like many other horror movies, boogeyman feeds on people's fear, it's what "we" make the boogeyman alive, very old school but it works.

It started with Dr. Mitchell Allen (Tobin Bell from Boogeyman 2)'s daugther Audery, who read about her father's dairy telling what happened in the clinic, making her believed about the boogeyman.

Laura, who's her college roommate, witnessed Audery "hanged" herself made her to wonder if boogeyman is real. While her friends start missing, she has to believe it's all about the boogeyman and she must warn everyone. Turned out that Laura realized it's her who make the boogeyman real.


I put the spoiler warning on just in case. I'm not going to reveal anything major, but a few little things.

The first two films in this series are not very good. Part 1 was a total mess of a film that had no real focus. Part 2 was a very gory, but somewhat boring slasher that had no real story to it. Part 3 is the strongest of the bunch, and i don't mean that as a backhanded compliment. This film actually gets a lot right, but also a few things wrong.

Lets get the bad out of the way. The characters in this film are not very well written. They are not given time to develop, and because of that they fall into the cookie cutter college students. Now, with a movie called Boogeyman 3 one isn't really expecting great characters, but to be honest, if they had been given a little more depth, it probably would have pushed this movie from being a fun haunted house flick into a hidden straight to video gem.

Also, the characters are not very smart. Actually, they are very dumb. They hear a noise and instead of running the other way, they investigate it. Do you know how many characters willingly walk into closets or dark rooms? Yeah... not the brightest kids.

The third negative is a few of the effects. This one is actually pretty minor. Most of the gore and blood is practical, but when the digital effects pop up they stick out like a sore thumb. Luckily they are few and far between. Most of the effects are done on camera.

So, with the bad out of the way, lets get to the good.

This film is entertaining, it keeps a nice balance between blood and gore and being a haunted house, or in this case dorm film. It has entertaining kills, and a few decent jump scares. The Boogeyman costume is a little weak, but it is kept in the shadows enough where it doesn't stand out.

The film is also very well made. This director knew what he was doing, and created a very nice look with the film. The pace moves quickly, and the story is very clear, with a strong ending. Actually, character stupidity aside, this movie probably has the best script out of all three. The story is fully developed, and has a clear reason for why things are happening.

This film wisely drops the practical explanation from the second film, and returns to the supernatural roots of the first film, but avoids all the child psychology that the first film seemed to hold on to. Instead we have a clear cut reason for the Boogeyman's actions, and it makes the world of difference.

Over all I went into this film with the lowest of expectations. The first film was watchable, the second film was a total bore, but this film surprised me. It kept me interested and entertained through out, and at no point did I feel cheated by the pay off. Don't expect the next great horror film, but just be ready for a decent movie that hearkens back to the 80's slasher and monster films.


The boogeyman lives in closets, that's the urban legend in the US. Over here he lives under your bed and in other countries it's also somewhere else. What I mean is, the boogeyman is everywhere and curses anyone that crosses his destiny. And so all movies with boogeyman in it were cursed. From the first one in the eighties unto today nobody really liked them. Or they were cursed with poor effects, or with sad CGI. But number 3 in the franchise, is the best of them. Again it is a mix between CGI and at last a real person. And that makes it all a bit creepier. to compare it with the first one, there is already T&A in the first minutes and there is already blood too, two things we missed in the first part. And there is a lot of blood. Sometimes gallons of the red stuff flows on screen. They even put a bit of gore in it. A bit of lack of suspense in the storyline but it's a good starter for an entertaining evening.


(Credit IMDb) When a college student witnesses the alleged suicide of her roommate, it sets into motion a series of horrific events that cause her to fear the supernatural entity. As she tries to convince the rest of her dorm that the Boogeyman does exist, the evil force grows stronger and her friends begin to pay the price. Now she must stop this ultimate evil before the entire campus falls prey.

I'm certainly glad I viewed this one online instead of paying money for it. After a surprisingly successful 2nd installment that also went DTV, it's back to basics with this shoddy sequel. The Boogeyman looks fake, the death scenes are uninspired, and the characters are your typical brainless slasher characters. Not one of them is likable. You have the brainless stoner, the non-believer among others. Like the first one, terrible stuff. Don't get me started on the cheesy ending either.

Performances Erin Cahill is good at times, annoying at others. She's certainly not horrible, just inconsistent. It isn't her fault she doesn't have much to work with. She tries hard, I commend her for that. Chuck Hittinger is bland as the boyfriend. His character is filled with stupidity, and he wasn't that likable. The rest of the performances aren't that great.

Bottom line. This is a simple example of milking a Cash Cow. The first was moderately successful so they make two DTV sequels. Out of good conscience I cannot give this a recommendation.

3/ 10


I watched "Boogeyman 3" without having seen the previous 2, although they are in my collection. So I had no expectations to the movie, and I had little clue what it was all about. And it seemed that you didn't really need to have watched the first two movies to be in the loop.

"Boogeyman 3" is not rich on shocks, creepy moments or scares, though I have a decent enough amount of gore in it. I found this to be a rather dull movie for a horror movie. I wasn't thoroughly entertained and I sure wasn't feeling any sense of dread.

The story told in this movie, well it was a bit weak and there were some gaps in the overall flow of the story. But it did manage to pull through and close up nicely enough.

Not being familiar with the boogeyman from the previous two movies, I found the make up to actually be quite nice. He looked sinister enough, especially the face. However, and I must point this out, the noises he made, what was up with that? They were more of a hilarious thing than a scary thing. That really didn't work well for the movie. And why would he be chasing people when he can apparently just appear from any shadow or dark place? What was the point of chasing the tail of people? For shocking and scaring the people, sure. But if you think about it, it really made no sense.

The effects and CGIs in "Boogeyman 3" were good enough, and I liked what I saw. The blood, however, was a tad too red. But other than that, good enough job.

As for the acting and the people starring in this movie. I found most people to actually do a good enough job with their roles. Nothing award-winning here, but still good for a horror movie of this caliber.

If the "Boogeyman" series is an attempt at a slasher like Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger, then it is not much of a memorable character they have as the killer. There is nothing iconic about this boogeyman, sorry to say.

For a horror movie, "Boogeyman 3" came off quite weak, and there are lots of other horror movies out there far better. Now that I have seen it, I can honestly say that I will not pick it up and watch it again. I will, however, watch part 1 and 2, just for the sake of having seen them.


Creepy,gloomy and dark! better even the first one .I didn't expect that but after a few minutes i started to believe that the boogeyman is true :) Great story although nice scenario ,great acting! It is for sure in the top 20 in my list of horror films.I cant tell you i enjoyed it cause a shiver was in my back all the time! that means i enjoyed for sure! i recommend not to see the official rating for this movie cause you ll propably like this film just like i did maybe more.I m not just enthousiastic i really believe this one will give you the creeps. I must not forget to say that the end is unexpected,genius and creepy too.


Boogeyman 3 is set at Wolfbridge University in Northern California where young gifted psychiatrist Sarah (Erin Cahill) is studying, one night her friend Audrey (Nikki Sanderson) turns up looking for help. Audrey's father was apparently killed by the Boogeyman & now Audrey is frightened that the Boogeyman will kill her too, as a rational sort of person Sarah tries to calm her down & assure Audrey that the Boogeyman does not exist. However Sarah sees the Boogeyman strangle Audrey as her predictions came true & soon believes her late friend, as she tries to warn other's about the Boogeyman it feeds off people's fear of it & once you believe in the Boogeyman he can pop up at any time & kill you. The more people Sarah tells the more people die...

Directed by Gary Jones this is the third entry in the Boogeyman franchise & while I definitely know I have seen the previous two I can't really remember that much about them other than Boogeyman 2 (2007) was surprisingly good, here Boogeyman 3 isn't anything that special but at the same time I suppose it's alright. First thing to say is that Boogeyman 3 is a teen slasher set on a University campus so in that regard it's not going to win any awards for originality & any self respecting horror fan will probably have seen dozens of similarly themed films as some killer bumps off the students as one final girl is left to run around a bit at the end. To be fair to it Boogeyman 3 isn't too bad of it's type, the central character of Sarah is given more depth than one might expect with decent amounts of background although her mates & potential victims are strictly walking clichés. The killer here is a sort of Freddy Krueger type who has supernatural powers although some of the killings don't make sense as why were the first two victims bodies never found yet that girl shoved in the washing machine was? Where did the bodies go? Were they in some sort of alternate reality that Sarah visited in her dreams? Or was Sarah just dreaming & nothing else? The idea of seeing into the future (the corridor full of bodies) is mentioned but nothing much becomes of it & again it's only used in one part rather than as a consistent theme. The notion that legends fuel themselves & the ideas behind are briefly explored but again not much comes of it. I also want to know why Sarah left that jug in the sink & left the tap running, I guess she doesn't have to pay the bill.

Although not directly following on the event's of Boogeyman 2 are mentioned & it was Audrey's father that was killed in the previous film. There's a fair amount of blood splatter but not much graphical gore, a dead body with it's front cut open is about as gory as it gets. The film constantly uses that same old horror film tricks of false scares, lights going off suddenly & doors opening by themselves, you know the sort of thing. Although a bit annoying at times at least the makers try. Even though there's a scene set inside a girls changing rooms only one pair of breasts are seen, disappointing.

Although set in Northern California this was filmed in Sofia in Bulgaria like so many straight to video offerings are these days. The film is well made for sure with decent production values & special effects. The acting is alright & leading lady Erin Cahill is very attractive here.

Boogeyman 3 is an alright time waster, an attractive leading lady who has decent material to work with helps but a few unexplored & underdeveloped ideas means this had the potential to be better than it is. Not bad but not exactly great either, worth a watch.


I was a huge fan of the first film, it was jumpy, well put together, and relied on shocks rather than gore which i always prefer, however having never seen the 2nd i can't comment on the direction that takes. Let me just start by saying that the boogeyman in this looks like a dreadlocked version of a poor man's freddie krooger.

I don't remember ever seeing the boogeyman's face in the first film, and it was all the better for it. For some reason they seem to have given him a personality, he takes great pleasure in ripping people apart, you can tell this from his bowser-esquire laugh which emits from his throat when he destroys one of his victims which sounds like it was ripped right out of mario kart.

This film just makes you groan, rather than feel any sense of dread. Instead of sticking to the originals shock tactic seem to have just spent the entire special effects budget on buying as much tomato juice as possible, then endlessly pouring it down every vent at any given moment, while trying to pass it off for blood.

Avoid at all costs.


I happen to watch BOOGEYMAN 3 on a movie channel and right off the bat I realized that I was watching a terrible combo of 3 classic horror films: SUSPIRIA, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 (1986). The film starts with a hysterical girl who stays at a friend's room. Like the beginning of SUSPIRIA, the hysterical girl is terrified of everything around her, feels she's being pursued and eventually is confronted by a malefic being. The entire scene was so reminiscent of SUSPIRIA (minus the style of course) that I was having a severe case of deja vu. But as it went along, the tormented girl is attacked by the boogeyman while talking on a live radio show with her cell phone, which is identical to the plot point in Tobe Hooper's underrated Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2. And this was just the set-up at the beginning, so it was downhill after that as it followed the very familiar horror template set up by A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. The entire film was terrible. Clichéd to the nth degree: the few male actors are dispatched quickly and then the rest of the film is spent on tormenting the bad actresses, huh, the female characters for our viewing pleasure. The girls are often in state of undress and such juvenile moments that will get 12 year olds excited. The film even ends with two anonymous girls stripping down to their underwear in their dorm room before the silly looking boogeyman makes a predictable appearance.

No style, no shocks, no suspense, no originality, no logic. There's even a "horror" scene which takes place in the laundromat room, which we've have seen a million times in films like PULSE. With films like this, the horror genre is all but dead.


Supernatural weirdness on a college campus as a girl sees her room mate commit suicide and there after begins to see the boogeyman doing in her classmates everywhere.

This is a bland direct to DVD sequel that isn't as horrible as you might think, but was obviously made for money not love. Its too mechanical to be scary with the film's choice of shots being weak, especially since many shots and sequences go on to long. Its almost good, but not quite. Pretty much unnecessary since its nether good enough to worth watching nor bad enough to use as a target for pithy remarks.

somewhere around 4 out of 10


The whole Boogeyman movie series is one I just can't understand. I just don't know what it is trying to do and be exactly and the series as a whole is one you can easily do without, even if you really are into horror stuff.

Thing with the whole series is that it's trying to be horror but at the same time also serious movies with drama in it. The results are a whole bunch of slow moving and not that very interesting movies, that besides also hardly do anything new or original. They fail at being good movies and they just don't work out the way they were supposed to. They were persistent though, since this is actually the third movie out of the series. Seems that it also is the last one out of the series though, fortunately.

Seems that this movie was a tiny bit trying to be more like a common modern horror/slasher. It just isn't being a very good one though. As earlier mentioned, the movie is just moving too slow and is not being very interesting with its story or any of its characters. It also does a poor and lazy job with its story really. It doesn't ever explain anything, though I admit that this movie still did a better job at it than any of the previous movies, out of the series. But still, it's mostly relying on all of the events that happened in the previous movies and does very little to try and delve deeper into things and search for a clear explanation for all of it. It's actually funny how all of the movies are heading into a totally different direction with their stories and as a series, the 3 movies just aren't being connected very well or convincingly to each other.

At times the gore and some of its other horror elements were still OK but overall it's being nothing too exciting or surprising.

And I was about to rate this movie just as 'highly' as its two predecessors but then came its moronic ending, which was something totally unconvincing and just did not worked out very well.

Just really not worth watching.




Ulli Lommel directed a couple of trashy low budget horror films in the '80s called Boogeyman and Boogeyman II; the first was OK, but the second was a virtually unwatchable mess. Boogeyman (2005) and its second sequel, Boogeyman 3 (I skipped Part 2), have nothing in common with Lommel's films except for that, like his utterly diabolical sequel, they also suck big time.

The main problem with Boogeyman 3 is that there is zero consistency in the actions of the titular creature. Sometimes it will suddenly appear and then disappear; sometimes it will creep up behind someone, and then disappear; occasionally, it will grab them, pulling them into the shadows, only to let them go; and sometimes it will kill them. What tactic the creature uses depends entirely on whether director Gary Jones intends to make the viewer jump, creep them out, or shock them (although nine time out of ten, he achieves none of these, his cheap scare tactics and excess of CG effects rarely having the desired effect).

Furthermore, the film fails to stick to its mythos: supposedly, if you fear the boogeyman, it has more power over you, and yet several of its victims are those who do not believe that the creature exists. None of this makes any sense and proves extremely irritating.

2/10, just for the eye candy, especially Nikki Sanderson as Audrey, who provides the film's only nudity early on, and the two cuties at the end, who lounge around together in their underwear (as most men like to think all college girls do).


Bad sequel is pretty much on parr with the first two low quality Boogeyman films. A college girl is scared of the Boogeyman. She tells others college kids the more people who believe in him, the more powerful he becomes, which ends up making the Boogeyman more powerful. Unoriginal story, cheap scares, and nothing here at all to recommend. Dullsville!


The first movie of Boogeyman was one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. And this is just awful. It has an awful story line. It is not scary. It has an awful ending. Why did this get a 4.9. This is one of the worst movies from 2008. This is not a 4.9. This is a 1. It is awful. Do not wast your time. And not wast your money do not see this movie. This this a w very bad movie. It is not good that all. I would not scary a ten years old. If you want to see something real scary see the first movie of Boogeyman. Also a very scary movie to see it The Exorcist. But not this movie it is awful.


Too really just break it down. This film was OK. It wasn't amazing but it wasn't crap neither! I somewhat knew, upon seeing this one that it would lack the hard core, blood guts & hard hitting ass kicking intensity the Boogeyman 2 had!

The way I see it. It was more like Boogeyman went from OK to bloody amazing then down to so-so! Boogeyman being OK. Boogeyman 2 being bloody amazing! Then Boogeyman 3 being so-so!

The deaths were OK but weren't as graphic as the 2nd installment! Although the Boogeyman 2 film was 'unrated'! Which would explain it's extremely graphic content! But even still, Boogeyman 3 just lacked that grim terror that Boogeyman 2 had! It was quite disappointed when I saw this thinking it was have something good! But not half as good as Boogeyman 2! I do hope a Boogeyman 4 will be made!

Overall it was OK 5/10


I thought that Boogeyman was quite a good film, it all happens when a college student called Sarah Morris witnesses the suicide of her roommate, who has suffered a nervous breakdown. afterwards there are horrific events that cause her to believe something supernatural is happening, she tries to tell the rest of her dormitory that the Boogeyman exists but they will not believe her, soon the evil force grows stronger and her friends begin believe her.she has to find a way to stop stop this evil force from coming back before the entire campus ends up getting killed. I really enjoyed this film although i have not seen the first two films. i would recommend this film to people as it is such a good film.


So as much as I was hoping that this was going to be so bad that it became comical, i really didn't get it. Was it pretty predictable? Yes. Were the characters clichéd ? Yes. Did it have some pretty good scares? Yes.

This movie reminded me of nineties and late eighties supernatural slashers, not a ton of gore, in stead some good jumps. There was a time when horror movies didn't try to wow you with nasties, they tried to make you jump out of your seat. That was the kind of movie this was trying to be. Now it was not the best but it was entertaining and enjoyable, the only real qualm I have is the ending. The cheese factor goes through the room and there is no real resolution.

Shortly, don't waste more than a buck at the red box for this one, but it'll still make for a good popcorn, pizza and Guinness night provided you don't try to take it so seriously.