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A Place to Call Home No Other Love (2013–2018) Online

A Place to Call Home No Other Love (2013–2018) Online
Original Title :
No Other Love
Genre :
TV Episode / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Mark Joffe
Cast :
Marta Dusseldorp,Noni Hazlehurst,Brett Climo
Writer :
Bevan Lee
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
A Place to Call Home No Other Love (2013–2018) Online

George and Sarah are now closer than ever but they find their happiness being short-lived after they are faced with Regina's bombshell news.
Episode credited cast:
Marta Dusseldorp Marta Dusseldorp - Sarah Adams
Noni Hazlehurst Noni Hazlehurst - Elizabeth Bligh
Brett Climo Brett Climo - George Bligh
Craig Hall Craig Hall - Jack Duncan
David Berry David Berry - James Bligh
Abby Earl Abby Earl - Anna Bligh
Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood - Olivia Bligh
Aldo Mignone Aldo Mignone - Gino Poletti
Sara Wiseman Sara Wiseman - Carolyn Bligh
Matt Levett Matt Levett - Andrew Swanson
Frankie J. Holden Frankie J. Holden - Roy Briggs
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jacinta Acevski Jacinta Acevski - Alma Grey
Jenni Baird Jenni Baird - Regina Standish
Ellie Gall Ellie Gall - Colleen Kilgour
Scott Grimley Scott Grimley - Norman Parker

User reviews



Can't wait for the next development in these people's lives. Each person seems to be very complex, but not too over the top.

Would love it if the writers could give the good guys in this drama a little breather between each crisis. Trying to guess what Andrew Swanson is up to.

Elizabeth is really rotten, along with Regina, but Elizabeth continues to show a tiny sliver of feelings and kindness. Go figure. Guess no one is completely bad.

Jenni Baird does a great job of being nasty. The family shows her too much mercy.

About Elizabeth's fondness for Jack, (I may have missed an installment) but is he the son of the man she loved and gave up as a young woman because he was out of her class?

The music is great. Especially the final song playing as George is driving away from Sarah. Would love to know who the title and singer. Is it possible to get an answer?

Sally in Texas