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Captive Audience: The Kidnapping of a Mom and Daughter (2017) Online

Captive Audience: The Kidnapping of a Mom and Daughter (2017) Online
Original Title :
Captive Audience: The Kidnapping of a Mom and Daughter
Genre :
Movie / Horror
Year :
Directror :
James Magnum Cook
Cast :
Mark Behar,Christy Bella Joiner,James Magnum Cook
Writer :
James Magnum Cook,Kristian Shaw
Budget :
Type :
Rating :
Captive Audience: The Kidnapping of a Mom and Daughter (2017) Online

Credited cast:
Mark Behar Mark Behar - Detective
Christy Bella Joiner Christy Bella Joiner - Missing Model
James Magnum Cook James Magnum Cook - Detective Mason Hawk
Catherine Franklin Catherine Franklin - Hiking Victim 2
Dawn Lyn Dawn Lyn - Murder Victim from previous case
Reuben Rox Reuben Rox - Hiking Victim 1
Clinton Baysinger Clinton Baysinger - Drifter John
Elizabeth Paige Elizabeth Paige - Anna Hawk
Daniel Matthew Reeves Daniel Matthew Reeves - Park Ranger Steve Quinn
Cindy McDonald Cindy McDonald - Amanda Hawk
Shelby Gillim Shelby Gillim - Detective Mandy Morris
Madison Aul Madison Aul - Destiny Hawk
Chris Alvey Chris Alvey - Land Caretaker
Rick Hunt Rick Hunt - Jason Duncan

Scripting for Captive Audience was based loosely on a combination of several different Law Enforcement Cases.

Captive Audience is based on several real life Police Cases that the story was written around.

Background photos for Dawn Lyn Johnson's open scene were shot by her husband David Johnson and on location in Florida. Even though Dawn had been in location for Bloody Sisterly Love she was cast as an actress and second unit director for her work that gave the film its opening photos.

The Film was originally suppose to be released on September 30th and was later delayed to October 17th 2017. Also was originally suppose to be released through Amazon Direct to Amazon, but technical issues and the failing health of Director James Magnum Cook's Father forced a less than fully edited version to be released on the Magnum Caliber Films YouTube Channel. At the time of release Director Cook indicated a Special Edition to be release through Amazon Direct at a later date would be done. The rough cut being released was to show that the film overall had been finished for the fans and supporters of the film.

The most violent scene from the film was never released and even in Special Edition may never be released. Director James Magnum Cook even though a Horror Film Fan himself said the content of the flashback rape scene involving one of the on screen actors was to intense to release. Both Director and Actress agreed it would probably never be seen.

User reviews



The best thing that can be said about this film is that it is mercifully short. Okay, it was clearly made on a budget of less than a hundred dollars, assuming the cast were not paid, and one might call it experimental after a fashion, but there is no excuse for the terrible edits, nor for the lack of a meaningful script.

The plot - such as it is - sees a mother and daughter run out of gas then lured to the abode of a man who is a suspected serial killer. Fortunately, his murdering days are over, but how about some rape with a little psychological torture thrown in?

This film racked up less than two hundred views in its first eight months on YouTube. Heaven forbid that anyone would actually pay to watch it.