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The 2 Sides Project (2017) Online

The 2 Sides Project (2017) Online
Original Title :
The 2 Sides Project
Genre :
Movie / Documentary
Year :
Directror :
Anthony Istrico
Writer :
Nora Kubach
Type :
Rating :
The 2 Sides Project (2017) Online

The 2 Sides Project is a feature documentary that follows the unforgettable journey of six U.S. sons and daughters as they discover a country and a people with a shared history.

User reviews



An incredible and touching journey of discovery. Stunning photography and an emotionally charged story of a group of children of American Vietnam war veterans killed in action as they trace their father's paths while meeting Vietnamese children faced with their own loss. Highly recommend.


This film was heartwarming and captivating. It brought to light so many unknowns and the feelings of those left behind. It was interesting to discover the differences in how the US/Viet Nam handled the end of the war. The Vietnamese do not have any memorials and family members do not have photos of their loved ones as remembrances. The editing done by Nora who was not on this trip was incredible. What a talent! Both Anthony and Jared were able to capture all the emotions of our American Gold Star children while they searched for their fathers. All the planning of this trip was so evident in the final editing and viewing of this marvelous film. I feel honored to have seen this film and highly recommend to all.


Watching this documentary at the GI Film Festival in Washington, DC absolutely took my breath away. I'm grateful a woman in the ladies room told me to bring a few extra tissues! Capturing the raw dynamics of the human spirit through film, was beautifully designed in this stunning quest for legacy, faith, and connection.

Set against the soaring backdrops of Vietnam, the gentle kindness, gifts of closure, and guiding embrace of humanity took all of our hearts hostage as we took steps together to hear, learn, and unify with those on the other side of war.

Thank you for this endeavor.