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The Perfect Wife (2001) Online

The Perfect Wife (2001) Online
Original Title :
The Perfect Wife
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Don E. FauntLeRoy
Cast :
Perry King,Shannon Sturges,Lesley-Anne Down
Writer :
George Saunders,Richard Dana Smith
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :
The Perfect Wife (2001) Online

Leah has been like a mother to her brother Ruben. One day Ruben was out biking when he was struck by an inebriated motorist. Later a doctor comes across them and helps them. He first checks out Ruben and tells him not to move then goes to check on the driver. But Ruben starts to move and stand up and his condition worsens and he dies. When Leah learns of this, she goes into a rage and decides to go after everyone who is responsible for her brother's death. She begins with the driver; she goes to the hospital and turns off the life support machine. She then follows the doctor to where he lives and changes her name to Liz and manages to get him to marry her. She then begins her plan by killing his office manager and taking over. She then alters patients medications and when they begin to die the doctor is blamed. Things were going well until the driver whom she thought died shows and blackmails her. And the doctor's former wife is suspicious of her.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Perry King Perry King - Dr. Robert Steward
Shannon Sturges Shannon Sturges - Leah Tyman / Liza Steward
Lesley-Anne Down Lesley-Anne Down - Helen Coburn
William R. Moses William R. Moses - Dr. Brad Steward
Michele Greene Michele Greene - Felicia Laurel
Max Gail Max Gail - Ted Vance
Michael Fairman Michael Fairman - Orville Gleason
Luisa Leschin Luisa Leschin - Greta Molina
Sondra Currie Sondra Currie - Nora Toling
Khadijah Karriem Khadijah Karriem - Judith
Dave Cole Dave Cole - Ruben Tyman
Alexandra Fatovich Alexandra Fatovich - Maryanne Gleason (as Alex Fatovich)
Bonita Brisker Bonita Brisker - Head Nurse
Christopher Kriesa Christopher Kriesa - McGovern
Jack Ong Jack Ong - Tallahassee Doctor

User reviews



THE PERFECT WIFE was pretty suspenseful for a television movie. Shannon Sturges made one bitchy psycho, and Perry King was good as her husband. It had a lot of tension, but it was sometimes hard to watch because the husband was so oblivious to what she was doing. At times I just couldn't believe he was missing things and would yell things out to him, as if it would help. But that's what a good thriller does, making us care about the person who's the victim even though they themselves don't know they are. A tad slow at times, but the final hour was pretty tense, and the performances helped sell the standard revenge plot. Not bad for a TV movie.


Sometimes I think that somewhere in the "Lifetime" Channel's office complex there is a room where the writer's hang-out, with a large wheel on the wall - sort of like the Big Six ones in casinos. The latter have a lot of spots where you win even money, and fewer for higher amounts, until there are perhaps a couple which pay bigger bucks.

But I picture the channel's wheel having about six different genres on its wheel, with two of them, appearing the most, labeled "The Psychotic Neighbor," or "The Spouse with a Hidden Past or Secret or Both." "Lifetime" movies have a few repetitive story lines, and these two seem to be the most ubiquitous.

The "Spouse..." category can have a spouse of long-standing, but some person appears, or an event occurs, exposing that the good wife was once a hooker, one of the couple was involved in some nefarious act long ago, or that something else in one of the background in different than presumed -- etc., etc., or, as in this flick, one of them has entered the marriage with the most nefarious of aims.

One constant, in all of their genres is that the husband or other males are usually clueless, vacuous, and slow to have any idea what in the hell is going until the climax, or at best, very late in the proceedings (unless the male is the miscreant). Not the case here.

Whether the referenced miscreant might be the "neighbor," or as in this offering, "the wife," it is always fascinating how easily, successfully and effortlessly they proceed with their dastardly deeds. They manipulate many of the others, whack them as necessary, assume various poses, and juggle more deceptions than you can count - with unfailing success until just before the end.

The lead actor here, like many in this channel's movies, is an old hand. I noticed that another film in which he starred was titled "The Perfect Neighbor."

Finally, the vengeful "perfect wife" in this flick dispatches those in her path with more expertise and ease than the most experienced and competent "button man" in Don Corleone's family could muster. And I couldn't help but imagine that Jack Nocholson's Melvin Udall character fro "As Good As It Gets," with his massive OCD affliction, could provide counsel to the anti-heroine to assist in dealing with he obsession which was the basis of this opus.


Seems some made for TV movies are enjoyable. Yes, the husband is a bit of a dim bulb but Perry King doesn't overplay his naivete. In fact, that's a large part of the movie's appeal. No one overacts. Music is kept to a minimum. The plot is driven by competent acting on all parts. Good mystery. Will have you rooting for the good guy to win.


In THE PERFECT WIFE, Lesley Anne Down stars as a divorcée whose ex-husband has married a gal half his age and with something more in mind than matrimony. Turns out the new wife is seeking revenge in the death of her brother, and she believes the doctor had something to do with his death. Down starts to figure things out about halfway through, but no one will listen to her. Perry King plays the doctor, and Shannon Sturges is the new wife. No one exactly knocks themselves out in the acting department, and the plot tends to drag. Save this one for a rainy night. If you're me, you sometimes watch these things to see how much a given actor has aged.


Yes, Lifetime has a habit of making the male species look stupid. And this soap opera ain't kidding when they make Perry King, supposedly a well renowned medical doctor, unable to see the evil surrounding him. Puts your trust in doctors, huh? How can anyone not see what's going on? Is he that stupid? And the evil wife, with a face like a horse, goes around killing off his entire family without a trace. How does she acquire all the drugs? That isn't explained. How does she get off being a secretary in a hospital without any credentials? I guess the director, Don FauntLeRoy asks us to just believe it. I didn't. I kept yelling at the screen at the stupidity of King with all right in front of his face. If the wife was that attractive, maybe, just maybe, I'd accept it. But she's not even that. Shannon Sturges is the perfect wife and I tell you she has the face of a horse. I wouldn't cross the street for her, yet our perfect husband does and quickly. After everybody in the cast get knocked off, I wasn't satisfied with the come up pence given to our villainess. She deserved more than she got. William Moses plays the doctor's brother who unfortunately you know his outcome from day one. Pleasure to at least see one pretty face in this clinker. That of Lesley Anne Down. She gives the film a 2 count just on the relief of seeing someone fetching in this mess. Perry King deserved his fate. What a jerk.


Globally this was a pretty good TV movie but certainly not to be recommended for those with a weak heart. The character of Liza is one of the most evil and scheming I have ever seen, and quite frankly, frightening. The only annoying thing was the apparent naivety of Robert who seemed quite oblivious to all those dying around him and not having a hint of suspicion that his new wife had something to do with it. That said, the methods of killing used by Liza are pretty twisted .... administering of lethal drugs, falsifying labels, anonymous phone calls. Quite frankly the only person I really liked in the story was his first wife Helen and Greta the maid. In some ways I thought that Robert was so stupid, short-sighted and naive that he deserved what was coming his way. The end could have taken place when he managed to get the car out of the garage and Helen arrived. The final scene seems to have been tacked on and was totally superfluous and risks leaving the spectator remembering the silly end to what was in fact quite a suspenseful film. Seriously though this is not for the faint hearted as there is a lot of nervous tension for the duration of the work !


Although this film wasn't too bad, i must admit that it was too predictable for my liking. The only actor i liked was Lesley-Anne Down, but her character was a little too bland and her outfits terrible. Still, without her in it i would not have watched it. Shannon Sturgess gives and okay performance, although i think Perry King could have been twenty times better. I think the directors attempts to create atmosphere fell slightly flat. If i could change on thing it would be that the ending of the movie is more eventful, have more action or emotion in it. Overall i;d give it a 5 as i didn't turn it off halfway through. The plot was mildly entertaining.


This movie is like most of the Lifetime "he/she seems nice but is really a psychopath" types that are entertaining and good for a laugh. There are some familiar Lifetime actors, including Shannon Sturges, who overdoes her phony sweetness, and Perry King and William R. Moses, both probably underrated because of their association with Lifetime movies. Michelle Greene adds spice in the scene outside the kitchen at the brother's funeral. I just wonder, since there are no goofs listed, if anyone else wondered, in one of the movie's early scenes, why Greta the housekeeper is complaining that the new wife has been mistreating her for three months, when the happy couple has returned from their honeymoon just minutes ago.


From Lifetime, we have "The Perfect Wife," a 2001 movie starring Perry King, Lesley-Anne Down, William R. Moses, and Michele Greene. Dr. Robert Steward, who stops at the site of an accident to help the victims. One of them, a man, is dead, but he is able to save the woman. When the man's sister, Leah Tyman (Shannon Sturges) identifies her brother's body, she vows vengeance on anyone who played a part in his death. It's a long list since it includes anyone within three feet of them.

Before we know it, Leah Tyman is now Liz Steward, married to Dr. Steward, who is divorced from Helen (Lesley-Anne Down). Leah/Liz goes to work getting rid of people, all the while going to her little jewel box and talking to a photo of her brother.

Typical Lifetime, with a psycho that several people in the story know is insane and his or her spouse has no clue, despite the bodies falling all around.

I've always loved Lesley-Anne Down and thought she was incredibly beautiful. For me she was the only saving grace here. However, I knew what I was getting into. That's one thing about Lifetime movies - they have about six plots and you know you'll get one of them.


I did not like the way the movie ended. Overall yes it was a good show, however the fact that the doctor was so blind to the signs that presented themselves it was unfair that Liza/Leah was able to return to harm the doctor. Also I disliked the fact that the doctor saved Leah, I thought that he should have let her die she deserved it for her cruelty. I was actually very upset when I saw that Liza shot the doctor I thought what stupidity! And then when she was shot, I practically shouted kill her! I know it is just a show but I felt real anger toward Liza and the fact that she lived. And how could someone be so blind, I mean, couldn't he have at least come to a conclusion that something was not right? He let her work as his receptionist and then the man he looked up to died and then he took her advice to let her brother stay with them then his brother died. I thought that was just stupid, can people be so blind and stupid. Completely unaware of the signs??? This show was pure pure injustice, I believe strongly life for life and Liza did not lose her Life for the lives she took.
melody of you

melody of you

I found this movie to be adequate as a thriller but it did keep my attention. Shannon was a good actress and played the part of Leah/Liza well. I really liked Perry King, even though he was so smitten that he was clueless. Lesley-Anne Down was excellent as always ... Greta was a key player and it was ridiculous that no one except Helen would believe her.

However, I would have changed the ending ... I would have had her die from the gunshot ... she was poison incarnate and what goes around should come around ... she left a lot of people dead in her wrath and misguided actions ... But then "he is a doctor" so that would have been the right thing to do.