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Silence of the Dusk (2016) Online

Silence of the Dusk (2016) Online
Original Title :
Silence of the Dusk
Genre :
Movie / Action / Drama / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Nipan Chawcharernpon
Cast :
Nantawat Arunkitthaweelaph,Doangdean Assawinjindapol,Pijai Boonsatienwong
Writer :
Nipan Chawcharernpon
Budget :
THB 20,000
Type :
Rating :
Silence of the Dusk (2016) Online

Set in a zombie apocalypse, when humans are in a verge of extinction, Tom and Tim, the twins who survived, set out their journey back home in England. However, this is not going to be a smooth path for them. With horrifying zombies, ferocious cannibals, and deadly turns surrounding them, Tom and Tim have to fight their way out for survival. Hope is the only thing that keeps them alive and continues their journey home.
Credited cast:
Nantawat Arunkitthaweelaph Nantawat Arunkitthaweelaph - Cannibal
Doangdean Assawinjindapol Doangdean Assawinjindapol - Zombie
Pijai Boonsatienwong Pijai Boonsatienwong - Cannibal
Surachai Diying Surachai Diying - Cannibal
Alex Terence Ewins Alex Terence Ewins - young Tim / Tom
Tommy Ewins Tommy Ewins - Tim / Tom
Thanapon Kaenjan Thanapon Kaenjan - Zombie
Pattarapon Khumto Pattarapon Khumto - Cannibal
Korawit Sa Nguanpong Korawit Sa Nguanpong - Cannibal
Saran Ponchomchaen Saran Ponchomchaen - Zombie
Jakkrit Riansuwan Jakkrit Riansuwan - Cannibal
Puscharapol Rinkham Puscharapol Rinkham - Cannibal
Warasiri Riyakad Warasiri Riyakad - Zombie
Chidchan Saekue Chidchan Saekue - Boy
Teeramed Saesong Teeramed Saesong - Zombie