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Lá em Casa Tudo Bem  Online
Original Title :
Lá em Casa Tudo Bem
Genre :
TV Series / Comedy
Cast :
Raul Solnado,Armando Cortez,Natália Luísa
Type :
TV Series
Rating :
Lá em Casa Tudo Bem Online

The series chronicles the adventures of a parish council president.
Complete series cast summary:
Raul Solnado Raul Solnado - Horácio / - 36 episodes, 1987-1988
Armando Cortez Armando Cortez - Lopes 36 episodes, 1987-1988
Natália Luísa Natália Luísa - Marta 36 episodes, 1987-1988
Margarida Carpinteiro Margarida Carpinteiro - Esmeralda 36 episodes, 1987-1988
Amélia Videira Amélia Videira - Gracinda 36 episodes, 1987-1988
Manuel Cavaco Manuel Cavaco - Clemente 36 episodes, 1987-1988
Rui Luís Rui Luís - Rafael 36 episodes, 1987-1988

La em Casa Tudo Bem had the working title of a Portuguese house.

It was the first series to be recorded publicly "live", before an audience of about 100 people.

The action stemmed in two décors designed by Conde Reis: the house and the sports club.

The recording of the episodes was made not takes, but as a piece of theater it were, which meant the actors had their well - appointed roles.

Created by Raul Solnado, Mário Zambujal and Nuno Teixeira, Lá em Casa Tudo Bem had his texts developed initially by Artur Couto and Santos, who wrote 10 episodes.

The text was subsequently taken over by Luís Campos, professor of biochemistry, who was also a police writer and humorist, having premiered here in the field of dramaturgy.

Mario Zambujal wrote the episode of the new year, Tonight is two years, and Rosa Lobato Faria, the episode Assault.

The cartoons of the characters that appear in the credits were made by Vítor Sá Machado. Only Horace (Raul Solnado) does not appear in this format, because the actor refused to be caricatured.

However, overcome these initial route accidents there in Casa Tudo Bem earned a permanent place on the public by putting up the first of the top places of the hearings RTP2.