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Matt Hatter Chronicles  Online
Original Title :
Matt Hatter Chronicles
Genre :
TV Series / Animation
Cast :
Tommy Campbell,Kevin Eldon,Marcel McCalla
Type :
TV Series
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Matt Hatter Chronicles Online

Adventure-comedy series about Matt, an ordinary boy who discovers his family defends a gateway to a different dimension called the Multiverse. {locallinks-homepage}
Series cast summary:
Tommy Campbell Tommy Campbell - Matt Hatter 42 episodes, 2011-2015
Kevin Eldon Kevin Eldon - Tenoroc 42 episodes, 2011-2015
Marcel McCalla Marcel McCalla - Gomez 42 episodes, 2011-2015
Larissa Murray Larissa Murray - Roxie 42 episodes, 2011-2015

Only 12 supervillains have their own real life action figures (not including Lord Teneroc or Craw)

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"Matthew Luke Hatter is the main character and hero who defends the Multiverse from Lord Tenoroc and the villains he frequently releases. He is headstrong and confident, but always beats the villains. He wields the Chronicles, a book which contains all the recently 'booked' villains. He is good friends with Roxie and Gomez who help Matt book the villains Tenoroc releases." Source: http://matt-hatter-chronicles.wikia.com/wiki/Matt_Hatter

This then, is the background of a cgi generated adventures series that is as original as the name of the series is. The name may have invoked some mild laughter when someone suggested it. It is telling that they decided to stick to it and even name the series after it.

And as you can guess, there is nothing original about this series. Unless it is the obnoxious electrical guitar riff that is thrown at you when Matt Hatter changes into.., well.., Matt Hatter the Hero.

As noted above, Matt Hatter is headstrong. Which basically means he doesn't learn.. which is basically what almost every other character of any, mostly mediocre, other kids cartoon series doesn't do. Learn. Progress. Wise up.

And why should he?

Matt always beats the villains.. with only a little help from his friends Rosie(the girl with the smart mouth) and Gomez (the shy boy(this time no fat kid)). They are there for various jobs such to get saved by Matt and applaud the fact. I suspect some kind of pattern. The main protagonist is almost always a white boy while the sidekicks are female, hampered(fat, dumb or whatever) or part of a (racial) minority.

Unoriginal and dubious...

And so is the storyline. Or rather.. the lack of one. There is no story, there are episodes which follow the same script over and over. Evil bad dude hatches a plan. Evil dude release a lesser evil dude into the world. The sidekicks confront it. They are not up to the task. They warn Matt. And, after some to and fro, Matt bags it. Rinse and repeat.

It is one of those series that is unremarkable and thus forgettable. I wouldn't waste much time on it.

As an afterthought. Protagonist names:

Al 'Ice' Wonderland.

J. T. Ripper.

S. Holms