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Lucid Online

Lucid  Online
Original Title :
Genre :
TV Series / Sci-Fi
Cast :
Marcel Hugh Kaczynski,Mark Lewis Oglesby,Victor Pogoni
Type :
TV Series
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Lucid Online

Dreams are the fragment of our imagination. Past memories, hidden thoughts which come to life when we sleep. This is what scientists believe but many are there in this world who disagree with this hypothesis. Scientists are trying to uncover mysteries of dreaming from decades. The More they learn, the less they understand. Things get really complicated when it comes to the dreams when someone can control his actions. What if these dreams are not the creation of our imagination but glimpses from another universe where a different version of ourselves living a completely different life. Some scientist believes, there is an infinite number of universes and in every universe, there is a different version of every human living a different life. Every decision we make gives birth to a new universe, where the choice which we didn't make comes to life. This story is inspired by above-mentioned legends. A rogue organization known as Whispers start using multiverse to influence humans on Earth ...
Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Marcel Hugh Kaczynski Marcel Hugh Kaczynski - James
Mark Lewis Oglesby Mark Lewis Oglesby - Wise Man
Victor Pogoni Victor Pogoni - Kyle
Mark Anthony O'Neill Mark Anthony O'Neill - Hyder
Vlada Pogoni Vlada Pogoni - Eve
Callum Gow Callum Gow - Dave
SydArt SydArt - Elijh
Molly Mackay-Smith Molly Mackay-Smith - Selina
Sergiu Hristoforov Sergiu Hristoforov - Whispers Bodyguard
Collin Ross Collin Ross - Joseph
James Song James Song - Hank