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Green Lantern: The Animated Series
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TV Series / Animation / Action / Adventure / Family / Sci-Fi
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Josh Keaton,Kevin Michael Richardson,Jason Spisak
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TV Series
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The further adventures of Hal Jordan and his comrades of the Green Lantern Corps.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series Online

Hal Jordan, a test pilot from planet Earth, is the first human being to join Green Lantern Corps, an extra galactic police force in order to keep peace and justice through the entire universe. Helped by the incredible Power Ring, the only one weapon provided by the Guardians of the Universe, an ancient and powerful extraterrestrial race and Green Lantern Corps' creators, Jordan and the Lanterns travel across planets and stars fighting evil wherever it's to protect all life-form.
Series cast summary:
Josh Keaton Josh Keaton - Green Lantern / - 26 episodes, 2011-2013
Kevin Michael Richardson Kevin Michael Richardson - Kilowog / - 25 episodes, 2011-2013
Jason Spisak Jason Spisak - Razer / - 23 episodes, 2011-2013
Grey Griffin Grey Griffin - Aya / - 23 episodes, 2011-2013
Brian George Brian George - Appa Ali Apsa / - 13 episodes, 2011-2013
Tom Kenny Tom Kenny - Zilius Zox / - 13 episodes, 2011-2013

The producers were requested to specifically not cast the Sinestro Corps, the classic archenemies of the Green Lanterns, but instead showcase other Corps within the show. The show featured Red Lanterns, Star Sapphires, Blue Lanterns, the Orange Lantern and homaged the Black Lanterns; the only other Lantern colors they did not feature are the Indigo Tribe and the White Lanterns.

In proactive effort to keep the show faithful to what was going on in the comics at the time, it was decided to use the Red Lanterns as the main villains.

Razer and Aya were characters who were created exclusively for this series.

The series producer Bruce Timm was originally reluctant to use CG animation instead of traditional animation, but eventually came around making this the first CG animated television series by Bruce Timm and the first series featuring Green Lantern to be rendered using CG animation.

The show runners did have to tone down the designs for one of the Star Sapphires, but that was long before anyone knew what time the show would air. Broadcast Standard & Practices thought she was too naked.

Josh Keaton, the voice actor for Green Lantern/Hal Jordan, was virtually unfamiliar with Green Lantern and read Green Lantern: Rebirth to get an insight into Hal's backstory and motivations and based his performance on "Green Lantern: Secret Origin" after reading that story arc.

The series writer James Krieg cited the series The Rat Patrol (1966) as an influence on the show: "it's a war story, but told with four characters instead of an entire army."

The Interceptor crew members are all voiced by past "Transformers" voice actors:

  • Josh Keaton (Hal Jordan) and Kevin Michael Richardson (Kilowog) were in Transformers Prime (2010)
  • Grey Griffin (Aya) and Richardson were in Transformerid: Langenute kättemaks (2009) (Richardson having a minor role)
  • and Jason Spisak (Razer) was in Toransufômâ: Kârobotto (2000).

Producer Giancarlo Volpe was not really familiar with the character and at the suggestion of a friend, ordered Green Lantern graphic novels written by Geoff Johns on Amazon and kind of caught up.

Cartoon Network never aired the show's full intro sequence. It's just 20 seconds long but was cut down to just 5 seconds when the show aired to make room for more commercials and the DC Nation shorts.

The series is not intended to be an origin story, due to Warner Brothers already releasing aGreen Lantern (2011) film based on the characters' origin around the time the series launched.

The writers and producers were asked not to use Sinestro very much at the time they were developing the show, because at that time his destiny wasn't completely decided in how DC wanted to play him in the future.

The show aired a one-hour sneak peek on November 11, 2011. The show officially debut on March 3rd 2012 (with the first two episode re-airing) when the show began airing on "DC Nation", Cartoon Network's weekend hour of DC comic shows. It aired every weekend at 10 a.m. and was proceeded by Young Justice (2010).

Ragnar is a character that exists in the mainstream of DC Comics, but only becomes a Red Lantern in this series.

User reviews



Ignore any negative reviews you come across, this show is dead good. In fact it seems to completely make up for the disappointment that was the Martian Campbell steered flick that had Ryan Reynolds donning the green suit and ring before eventually fighting a giant evil black bag of literally bones with a head that could be mistaken for radiating sick if not examined closely.

Unlike the Movie, This show is much better constructed. It's overall plot and premise isn't too heavily loyal to the original comics and while it does include a bunch of the old stuff from the source material, It also provides new elements and a different continuity and plot allowing it to attract old fans and bring in newer ones who are unfamiliar with Green Lantern.

The animation is simplistic yet slick and cool-looking with some great special effects that range from flying spacecraft to bright Green/Red Lantern constructs created from either Willpower or anger. The humour and drama of the sneak-peak which aired on Catoon Network is balanced out nicely. It is also the first part of a two-parter Which I will guarantee will leave you wanting to know more about some of the story threads introduced in that premiere.

So overall I'm asking you to give the show a chance even if you didn't like the recent Green Lantern movie (although I admit it wasn't that bad). Don't be put off by a bunch of the negative comments on this page. The Users who put those down probably had their expectations too high or they probably arn't into this sort of stuff. I'm into it. You probably will be too.


The new Green Lantern: The Animated series, brought to life by uberscribe Bruce Timm, definitely has the goods.

It has good writing, a decent premise and animation, great voice acting and good character portrayal.

The show's CGI animation is actually not that bad, it grew on me. Hal Jordan's character seems a bit off here, to be honest. Instead of being stiff and serious, he's pretty much a space cowboy. It does feel a bit off, but I'm getting used to it.

All in all, the show has great writing and a strong premise. I really enjoy the show and will be glad to see it run at the very least a couple more seasons.


When I heard that Green Lantern would get his own animated series, I was excited. I am a HUGE fan of Green Lantern, and it would be nice to see Green Lantern in his own series, instead of guest-starring in someone else's (Batman: The Brave and the Bold) or being part of a team that is the focus of the cartoon (Justice League). I was especially glad when I found out Hal Jordan was going to be the protagonist. He is my favorite Green Lantern. I don't get why so many people hate him.

When I found out it was going to be CGI, my expectations were lowered a little. CGI may work for some shows, but not EVERY show. It's "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" not "Green Lantern: The CGI Animated Series".

But that changed when I saw the pilot. Instead of having Sinestro and the Sinestro Corps, the series has Atrocitus and the Red Lantern Corps. I did not expect the Red Lanterns to be in control of their actions and not be killed when their rings were removed, but I like the Razer guy. This show is wonderful. Ignore those negative reviews!

I can't wait to see Saint Walker, the Manhunters, and Carol Ferris as a Star Sapphire, and I hope Sinestro, Larfleeze, and Indigo-1 make appearances soon. I also can't wait to see more episodes coming in 2012. I am looking forward to them.


I'll admit, when I saw the preview for this I thought it was going to be bad, but honestly, it was pretty darn good. Granted, only the pilot's out, but it was a strong one.

Probably the biggest positive of the pilot is the story, which involves a rescue mission, the emergence of the Red Lanterns, and their vengeance against the Guardians for some unknown reason. The pilot did not end how I thought it would and it was kind of heart breaking, but it was a much better ending than what I would have expected it to be. It also sets up a good cliff hanger for the next episode.

Hal definitely deviates from his character in the comics, though that's not necessarily a bad thing. Instead of being rather stiff and serious, he's pretty much the archetypal space cowboy, which is a lot of fun. However, they played on that a little to much, so while he's still a big hero, he comes off as more incompetent and rash than I think he should. I wish he was more like the Hal in 'First Flight'. Though then again, dealing with the guardians, I can't blame him all that much.

Speaking of the Guardians, yea, they're still mostly jerks in this version, except Ganthet. There is hope for them if they can just get Appa Ali Apsa to shut up.

When I first saw the animation, I physically cringed, but it's actually kind of growing on me now. The characters look like they have a fair amount of structure and their movements are a bit unnatural and stiff, but the expressions are well done, especially on Razer (I have a feeling he's going to be the woobie of the series). Atrocitus and Zox still look incredibly goofy though.

The main enemy is the Red Lanterns, and they're very different from the comics. For one, they do not vomit blood every five minutes, but then again this is airing on Cartoon Network, so I can't blame them for removing that one. Other breaks in continuity are the Red Lanterns not dying when their rings are removed, which would have added a deeper level to the show and I'm sad they missed out on it. Also, the Red Lanterns aren't crazy animals, which I can understand to a degree since it would be rather uninteresting having your main bad guys just being rabid henchmen. I wish they were able to get Sinestro in there, but since it was requested that he not be used in the show, I won't hold them for it.

It does not follow the comics exactly, but so long as it's good, I don't care. There are other plot holes, like why do the Green Lanterns need a ship when they can open wormholes with their rings, or how can Hal breath on another planet without his ring, but they're not too hard to ignore.

Overall, if you do not like shows that diverge from established continuity, you probably won't like this show, but if you've got an open mind, give it a watch. Although I wish this could be a continuation of 'First Flight' (except without the swearing and alien prostitution), this has a promising start, and I hope it stays strong in future episodes.


While a different take on the Green Lantern mythos, as compared to the comics, Green Lantern: The Animated series is a wonderful cartoon.

My first thoughts on the show were this was a fairly standard DCAU- styled show, (Note: This is in no way a bad thing, the DC Animated Universe made up some of the greatest animation of my childhood) but I was blown away by both the visuals and the performance of the voice actors. Jason Spisak as Razer is particularly compelling, and Josh Keaton plays a wonderfully funny and caring Hal Jordan.

Admittedly, the series plays fast and loose with the existing canon, but it does this in the name of fun and a good story. Ideas that just don't make sense in this format are adjusted slightly to make it so. The Red Lanterns in particular actually come out, in typical Timm style, more menacing for being less obviously violent than their comics counterparts.

Onto the visuals. simply saying that the entire series is beautiful is not doing it nearly enough justice. Every character has a distinct style, as does every planet, from Mogo's forests and mountains, to the ruins of Biot, and every single image is compelling. The characters manage to say as much through body language as words (exemplified in the most recent episode at the time of writing, Babel) and the animators have gone out of their way to ensure that characters who are not currently part of the conversation, but are on screen do not simply stand static. The backgrounds are beautiful in their own right. I have started using stills without characters or vehicles from the show as desktop backgrounds, and have been asked on numerous occasions if some of the images from space are in fact real. On top of this, there is a massive boost in animation quality by episode 14.

While the series does have a somewhat shaky start, by episode 5 (if one counts the double-length premier as two episodes) it has found what it is, and where it is going, and from there, only improves. I would urge anyone who tries the series to give it the chance it well deserves.


So much better than the mediocre at best movie anyhow. While not one of my favourite animated shows, I found Green Lantern: The Animated Series very interesting. I didn't think the animation was that bad actually, it is simplistic of course but with the fluid colours and backgrounds they do have a slickness too. The only disappointment for me in this regard was the rather goofy character design of Zox. The music is very cool in its intro and is atmospherically haunting in the background scoring. The writing is superb, it is humorous and in a subtle way, intelligent and also has some thought-provoking depth. The premise showed some great promise, and it is more than lived up to in the exciting and very well-written story lines. The characters at least do engage, Hal Jordan does take some getting used to and the guardians' rather petty personalities may also leave some people cold, but the villains(while not on the same level as Sinestro) are fun and I like Ganphet, definitely the most likable of the guardians to me. The voice acting is brooding and dynamic in equal measure. In conclusion, I do love this show, it is not perfect but the potential was there and it has met that potential and I do hope it continues to do so. 9/10 Bethany Cox


Several comments I've seen judges the series in question on its pilot, which I agree was quite poor. If I had decided to write a review a year or so ago when the pilot came out, it probably would have been quite similar to the other low reviews based on that episode. Primary among which were deviations from Green Lantern cannon, poor characterization, lackluster visuals and a simplistic plot.

However, these problems are practically non-existent by the fifth episode, "Heir Apparent" which is essentially a faithful retelling of a Green Lantern Corps story arc (the actual comics themselves). By this point, the cringe-worthy tension/dialogue between Razor and Kilowog has been resolved. Actually, at this point Kilowog becomes much less of annoyance. A lot of my problem with the pilot and the first episode or two is that Kilowog has a preponderance of speaking parts. He should be around mainly to hit things and provide the occasional comedic foil, but little more. Bruce Timm seems to agree. The Red Lanterns, which are a mere shadow of their awesomeness in the comic books, are handily dealt with, leading to bigger and better plots. The fact that they managed to introduce Saint Walker and the Blue Lantern Corps during the Red Lantern Plot Arc got me really jazzed. They do an excellent Job with him, and may hint at a big blackest night-esque arc in the future involving all the corps.

If you doubt the coolness of the show, its faithfulness to the comics, or the quality of the animation, watch the last episode to air before it got put on hiatus "Steam Lantern". It stands on its own fairly well and represents how great this series has become/could become. They even drop a mention of Alan Scott in the Ep. So if your a long time GL fan, Definitely check the episode.


This is a review for episodes 1-13, as it is one complete story arc.

Easy to contrast this against a horrible feature film and say it's good. But this 1st series stands alone as good Green Lantern canon on it's own. I like that the authors assumed we know that Hal Jordan was chosen and how he became a Green Lantern. Also like the realization of Oa and the Guardians. Art direction is top notch. Writing is even better. Excellent story obviously made by fans of Green Lantern Corps. Even with the cartoony style, it packs a lot more action, drama, and humor than the lame live action movie. (granted I know you have a better opportunity to develop characters in a series than you do in film).

All in all I compare this to the Green Lantern Corps comic book for it's scope and breadth. Top notch entertainment that doesn't insult your intelligence. Would like to have seen how this would do in a prime time slot on a major network. Bet it would crush stupid reality TV. People would remember..."Oh yeah, storytelling rocks!"

Also, this series encapsulates the true character of Hal Jordan. He's a cocky test pilot. I mean have you ever met a test pilot or even a fighter pilot? Very similar to the way Hal Jordan is portrayed here.

Another thing this series does well, is show the capabilities and limitations of the power rings. Very well done and spot on, the way it's portrayed in the comics.

Not to beat a dead horse, but the recent film got it wrong on even the characterization of Hal Jordan. Ryan Reynolds comes off as a smart ass. And while this is part of a test pilot's persona, it isn't the defining factor as it is with the way Reynolds played him. I suppose I can even go so far to say Reynolds was completely the wrong actor for the film. Hal Jordan in the comic book, is mid 40's early 50's, as he's retired Air Force and now a test pilot. Should have cast someone with the silver fox sides like the way Hal Jordan was drawn in the comic books.

That's my only gripe about this animated series. I suppose they expected the target audience to be 18 and under. So maybe a greying super hero was out of the question.

++++UPDATE+++ Recently finished watching episodes 14-26. It's even more engaging. Still blows my mind with the amount of money that gets put into live action film and promotions for "blockbuster" movies, that no super hero film I've seen comes close to this. It's that good. Once again, when a super hero comic is obviously written by comic book fans, and not your garden variety Hollywood ego-maniacs, (granted I'm assuming the creators of this series live and work in LA), you get a better story.


Green Lantern: The Animated Series has quickly become one of my favorite television shows. I heard about it when the fan-base had just found out about the potential cancellation that it is facing, and the video clip attached persuaded me to give the show a chance. It has more than proved its worth in cartoon networks programs, and it has achieved so much in its first season alone. The plot and character development have such depth and meaning, and still manage to teach kids the moral lessons that all shows targeted towards children strive to achieve. It has taught lessons on second chances, about ignoring differences and embracing the similarities we share. Hal Jordan took Razer as a prisoner, and treated him with compassion despite the destruction and pain he causes as a member of the Red Lantern Corps. Razer grows from his pain and although he still struggles, he tries to make himself better, and has a story everyone can relate to. A story about falling down, about not getting things right the first time, or even the next time or the time after that. A story about growing up and moving forward, which is a positive them amongst all the crew and even the minor characters. This is a show that can have such a positive impact on kids, and people of all ages. The fans are struggling much like Razer, to keep their show alive for another season. For a second chance, for a show that has so much potential and such passionate viewers. For a second season that can make a difference.


i am honestly not a big fan of CG to be honest i really don't like it that much i prefer GL first flight and the emerald knights with 2D animation. this show blew me away on how well it was done first off the dialogue is very well written, the story is okay nothing special, the way they portrayed the characters was excellent. what made me like this show the most was the themes of how they talked about death. and sacrifice and what would u do. which really surprised me so overall please give this show a chance before hating on how cheap the CG its good change of things. this is coming from a GL fan who has grown up with the series.


OK so normally I don't usually do this sort of thing but since I have finished watching the show I have felt that I have to say something cause I cant contain it.

Anyway so I have never been a huge Green Lantern fan but my husband is and so when he said we were going to watch the GLTAS I was none too thrilled cause I had seen commericals of it on TV before and was not interested whats so ever but let me tell you something...

This show is flipping amazing! seriously everything about it is wonderful,from the character designs to the witty dialogue and storyline is perfect and I highly recommend anyone who is a fan of superheroes,even if you prefer Marvel over DC to watch this show,not only will you love it but will want more which is also why I'm writing this review...

The only disappoint part of the show is that its only 26 episodes long because it was canceled due to different reasons on Warner Bros. part so when you become a fan like me then you can now be left with painful whole in your heart from all the feels. Although I'am upset the show was canceled I can at least say that the very last episode was satisfying and not a cut mid-plot so overall it was a show ended quickly before its time.
Brick my own

Brick my own

So, how is it that Warner Brothers produces massive piles of steaming crap whenever they try a live-action film version of their comics, BUT...

Their animated series are better than 99% of ANYTHING on television or at the movies (and yes, that includes the Marvel universe stuff, including "The Avengers", which I loved).

Seriously; my wife and I just finished binge-watching the "Green Lantern: The Animated Series", and we were absolutely blown away.

Why the hell doesn't Warner Brothers let Bruce Timm (producer) do all their live-action stuff?

The linked storyline of the two seasons - 26 episodes, total - was epic, exciting and completely satisfying. The scripts were excellent, the characterizations superb. If this had been a primetime show, I would never have missed a single episode.

Thank God for Netflix!

Seriously, if you're a fan of the superhero genre, or if you just like intelligent story lines, good dialogue from funny to moving (and beyond) and a seamless, fulfilling story arc telling a truly epic adventure, do not miss this gem.

It's not a diamond in the rough; it's a perfect emerald.


First, let me say that I am not at all a Green Lantern fan. I've never read the comics, and the character has never appealed to me before. I am, however, a huge fan of Bruce Timm and the DCAU (DC Animated Universe). Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, and Justice League/Unlimited are my favorite animated shows of all time. BTAS, in particular, had a huge influence on me as I started watching it at a very early age as a child in the 90s.

When I first heard about Green Lantern: The Animated Series, I wasn't interested at all. Then when I heard that Bruce Timm was the executive producer, I thought it might be worth a try. I forgot about the series for a time, until I stumbled upon it again on Amazon. They had the complete series on Blu-ray. I read a couple reviews, and on a whim I decided to purchase it. The price was excellent for getting the complete series on Blu-ray, but I was really just taking a chance because I had never viewed an episode or talked to anyone who had. That was possibly the best Blu-ray purchase I have ever made!

This series is fantastic. I went into it pretty skeptical and not at all a Green Lantern fan. All I really knew about GL was from what I'd seen on JL/JLU. The writing and dialogue is very sharp, the plot is solid, the characters are fleshed out and well developed, the music is epic, the voice cast is incredible, and everything is really top notch! The cg animation and the designs are beautiful! I wasn't sure if I would really like the cg, but it really grows on you and I have really come to appreciate it.

All this to say, if you haven't seen this yet, please give it a shot. I'm not certain but it seems like this show is under-appreciated and I have no idea why. Maybe people simply don't know about it. If you like any of Bruce Timm's previous work, you will LOVE this show. Its maturity level and overall tone is right up there with the greats like BTAS, BB, and JL/JLU. This is seriously, one of the best animated series of all time!


I was born in 1982, and thus, I have experienced many low-quality Saturday morning cartoons with insipid plots and terrible voice acting. I was able to casually saunter past the likes of Pokemon and Naruto, while remembering shows like ReBoot and of course, Batman: The Animated Series.

While my childhood consisted primarily of TMNT, Transformers, and later, Power Rangers, I have to appreciate a well-done animated series. As has been mentioned, Bruce Timm is as the helm of this, and I honestly think it shows. In fact, the writing of this show, in some ways, outshines that of Batman: TAS in some ways.

When I was young, the idea of a season-long story-arc was almost unheard-of. Yes, you had recurring themes, constant bad-guys, and plenty of returning characters, but most of what I grew up with was far more episodic than this. Batman: TAS was largely episodic, with the occasional two-part episode. This show manages to flow between episodes in a way that Doctor Who has put forward. No, I doubt there are any hidden clues or quiet plot elements that will show up later, as is seen in Doctor Who, but this show is giving me the feel of a very long movie, rather than several episodes of a TV show.

The animation absolutely sucks. I'm not going to lie here. Despite what I've seen so far as an absolutely wonderful series, the animation is still stuffed into that god-awful CGI "Clone Wars" garbage. That doesn't mean it's not enjoyable, however. I grew up in a time when re-using animation was the norm, and only existed to sell us kids the latest toys. This isn't anything like that, however. The animation rightfully takes a back-seat to telling a fluid, compelling story. It's unrealistic and, well, cartoony. And in some ways, that's actually beneficial. I take back the statement that it absolutely sucks, actually. It's simplistic, but fluid. It's exaggerated, but identifiable. Even the female characters exude enough femininity for a kids' cartoon, and that works just fine for me. Overall, yes, it looks like something Genndy Tartovsky would vomit out, but it suits the show better than ultra-realistic, or even hand-drawn would do in this day and age.

The storyline, so far as I've seen, is simply well-done. As mentioned before, it's a very clear ongoing series, not just episodes. It's very much an adventure series, with an epic quest intertwined throughout. I don't want to have to throw a spoiler tag on this, so I won't give anything away, but I will say that the overall feel is very strong. From the first episode, I had a feeling it was going to be a typical kids' show with everyone having a hearty laugh at the end of each episode. In some ways, it does this, just as many serials do, but it doesn't give you a feeling of closure each episode. You want to keep watching to find out what happens.

Overall, I'd put this show into the category of "serial", rather than "episodic". Mainly meaning, yes, every episode has them visiting different events and meeting new people, but it is ongoing, rather than a "let's go save the world, okay, world's saved, let's head back home" sort of thing. In a way, it feels a bit like Star Trek: Voyager, rather than Batman: TAS. It's well-handled, and very engrossing.

The voice acting is good. Really, that's one of the few things that hold this review back from being a 9. It's not spectacular, nor is it endearing. Oftentimes, I feel like the character is being played as a gross exaggeration, rather than as a good character. It's a fairly minor quibble, but it's there. The feeling of emotion that one might get from, say, Batman Begins, isn't there, but it doesn't really need to be.

In the end, I'd say this is one of the better animated shows I've run across in recent years. I'm not even much of a DC Comics fan, but I find myself very interested in this show. Maybe the fact that I'm not hugely into Hal Jordan helps this a bit. I don't mind that he's missing the white accents in his hair, nor that his characterization is different from the comics. The term "space cowboy" has been used here many times, and I agree with it, to an extent. He's more of a Marshall Dillon than he is a Captain Kirk. So he's not the interpretation that people expected. That, to me, isn't a huge problem with this character. My strongest memory of Hal Jordan is the insanely vengeful being who destroyed Mongul with his bare hands and crushed Machine City in the Return of Superman series. I like that character, but that's not what I expect of a cartoon aimed at young teens.

To conclude, this show is definitely worth checking out if you want a good storyline and well-written characters. If you hate long threads of story, or short resolutions to crises, this probably isn't for you. If you're a die-hard DC fan and hate change (because God knows change doesn't happen in the DCU once every couple decades anyway), you might not care for this show. But if you just want to sit down and watch some good, engrossing entertainment, with a decent overall story arc? Go for it.


"Green Lantern: The Animated Series" is another of DC Comics' Cartoon Network properties to get canceled before it even ramped up. Its death was contributed to poor toy sales from the live-action movie, although I don't really know why that should've affected a completely separate television show.

"Green Lantern: The Animated Series" follows Hal Jordan as he assists the other Corps. members in keeping the Universe safe from the Red Lanterns and other cosmic adversaries. The rebellious Lantern teams up with fellow member Kilowog and take off into space to face danger head- on instead of waiting for it to strike. They're aided in their missions by the artificial intelligence and heart of their spacecraft, Aya.

"Green Lantern: The Animated Series" is a perfect example of an entertaining show dragged off the air way too soon. In the world of television, if there's not enough demand from audiences it doesn't matter how exceptional the program is. It's all about who's watching each week. If you never took the time to check out this series, now is a perfect opportunity.


This series and the animated direct-to-video movie "First Flight" had got me to love the superhero - The Green Lantern. I had taken a peek at episode clips on YouTube just out of curiosity, and I really wanted to see the series; until I bought the DVD sets.

I had watched the first thirteen episodes during the week, and I thought it was an awesome series. And it's also an awesome incarnation of DC Comics' intergalactic superhero. I love the what-I-called "The Red Lantern War" arc of Season #1, where Hal Jordan and Kilowog travel in a prototype spacecraft The Interceptor through the far reaches of space, where members of the Green Lantern Corps are being slain by Atrocitus and his Red Lantern Corps.

You know, it was too bad that another season wasn't made. So anyway, I really love this series.


My first experience with this series was catching the occasional episode on free-to-air TV, and it honestly struck me as kind of stupid. But tempted by the art design, I sat and watched the series consistently and got hooked.

Off in the Frontier Zone, someone is killing Green Lanterns. Hal Jordan, Earth's Green Lantern, and his colleague Kilowog discover the Red Lantern threat and are tasked by the Guardians of Oa with gathering intelligence. On their ship the Interceptor, run by an AI (dubbed "Aya" by Hal), they start their return to Oa, meetings friends and foes along the way. But the Guardians have not told them everything ...

I love the art design and music for this series, but it's the characters that kept me watching. Hal, the maverick pilot who is always ready to accept people and give them a chance; Kilowog, gruff and by-the-book, but noble at heart; Aya, a genuine personality who develops a mind of her own; and Razer, a Red Lantern who makes the journey from despair to hope. The voice actors are well cast and genuinely good, able to make moments of drama or comic relief equally believable.

The story arc for each half of the series is broken up by some standalone stories, but many elements that seemed to be over and done with are brought together in later episodes. While the overarching plot is gripping, some of the episodes along the way are less strong as you might expect in a series. There are quite a few clichés and plot holes, it's true, but for me they are well and truly outweighed by the strengths of this series. One thing that particularly struck me with the scriptwriting was the adult approach taken. Strong emotions are in play here, sometimes justified, sometimes not; and while there are times when the characters make good decisions, at others times they don't. It's refreshing, and realistic, too, to see characters struggling with situations where there are no easy answers. You don't have to be a Green Lantern fan to enjoy this, as the scriptwriters did a good job of making the core concepts of the Guardians-Green Lanterns easy to pick up.

If there is a message from this series, it is that hope is never wasted; anger has its value; and love and friendship matter most of all. I'm not a Green Lantern follower, so I can't say whether this is a good addition to the history/concept or not. What I can say is that I love this particular version and I am genuinely gutted that no more episodes will be made.


OK, the show starts off pretty well & gets better & better every week. I was about 52 y/o when this was making its first run & this was a show I looked forward to & got up early for & loved beyond words.

One of the most amazing parts of the show is the teamwork & friendships that build & get more complex & sometimes relationships became agonizingly to watch. I have seen millions of characters get smoked on TV & such & when someone in this show makes a supreme sacrifice, I screamed "NNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! & it hurt & the story is just getting started. Waiting till next Saturday was exciting & nerve wracking. And then the whole story takes a big step to the left & engages ultra warp.

I am not familiar w/ G/L comics recently but those who are will be happy to see the whole color spectrum & allusions to Black Lanterns for the next DVD/season/who knows?

I am gonna steal a line or two from a review on Netflix.

Part of its success is that Green Lantern is not the focus of a lot of the plot. In the end, the show is about whether love is worth a damn at all, and it's really, really compelling. Hard to exaggerate how good this single season is.

The above paragraph I credit to an unknown Fan on the Netflix site.

Over the last few years I as probably all of you have faced challenges & I swear, I keep the Blue Lantern Oath in mind.

I was at an esoteric chakra energizing event & I used the Blue Lantern Oath & Hope in the stars & I swear it manifested beautiful energy everywhere & had about 9 people in the room riding along. Tears of joy & smiles all round the room that night.

Now back to the show. Music is beautiful & the creator Frederik Wiedmann is off to big stuff with a boost to his career from the wonderful job done here.

The show is great for old & young & boy I wish I had stuff like this to watch with my dad 45 years ago.

When the story takes an arc from love gone wrong in part2 of the season it is unsurpassed in anything I have ever seen on TV & even in Sci/FI it takes something like "Stranger in A Strange Land" by Robert Heinlein to beat it!

The final 8 episodes were just so amazing, I have been waiting for over a year to watch again & enjoy it like new (or try).

If you are him hahing about watching or buying this show, look at netflix reviews. Every day a new one comes up, always 5 stars & always "my god, how could they cancel the best thing they ever saw?".

Kiliwog & razor start out not to chummy & by ep4 they are shaking hands, and ep26 farewell speech........... is too beautiful for me to hack up here.


In Fearful Day, In Raging Night WITH STRONG HEARTS FULL, OUR SOULS IGNITE When all seems lost in the war of light LOOK TO THE STARS, FOR HOPE BURNS BRIGHT.

Seriously, this show is pure beauty in motion.


I'm a bit lost for words, this Green lantern animated series was amazing, really well made. I thought the film was OK but this animated series was great. It's just a shame it was a bit short at only 26 short episodes, but this is a bit like chocolate truffles with either alcohol or fruit centre like strawberry, which are small and expensive but so much more enjoyable than any other bigger chocolates. I'm 30 years old now but I've still enjoyed this animated kids show from every point of view. In particular I've enjoyed the dialogue with it's occasional seriousness and technical words. That makes this show appeal to the older audience as well as even more so for the younger audience.

I have to compare this animated show to others. A lot of other animated shows are boring mainly because of their dialogue, that sounds like it was made to appeal to only bichy little spoilt brat teenagers. So even though most kids shows have some of that, this show was much more "grown up" from that point of view. I hope that there will be more animated shows like this one.


This series was better than expected . The idea of a CGI animated series wasn't appealing to me but since the great Bruce Timm was the producer and well known for Batman The Animated Series, i gave it a shot and it was worth it . It had an excellent plot , at first i thought it would be only Hal Jordan vs Sinestro but it was more Red Lanterns vs Green Lanterns with other side stories and romance which was quite amazing to watch . The love between Aya and Red Lantern Razor was a great story to this series .Also the voice cast was good for this series definitely underrated and left us with a cliff hanger . Would love to see another season , it definitely deserves a season 2!!!


the idea of CGI superhero animated series is new, all thanks goes to DC to try something like this, and i am not impressed with the decision of canceling the series. they should think out of the box more often, as they have some good competitors on the market. the series was good, better than expected, a good storyline, better animations, better voice actors and good action sequence, what else you want apart from these? storyline was very good, it can be compared with the of 7 voyages of sinbad, as they visit one after another planet and make something cool. there are many things left to show , so i hope DC will consider making a second season, and it will be a great pleasure to see a CGI justice league series, though it will be costly, so they can make the animated movies with CGI, it will be wise decision to join them with DC cinematic universe too. hope they will take the right decision for HAL JORDAN.


While fully CGI animated features vary in quality, Warner Bros. struck a really good chord here.

From the start, CGI looks average, but as the show goes you start to notice all the details and animations to a realization that CGI is actually done really nice here.

Story is mostly connected through couple of arcs, so watching episodes randomly is not recommended. Show itself is mostly about Kilowog, Hal, Aya and Razer flying around in a ship but the story expands as the show goes. It's also refreshing that the main villains are not Sinestro Corps and Yellow Lanterns.

Performances are top notch, which is quite expected for a WB show.

Really not too much bad to talk about. Yeah, Aya and Razer are a bit shoehorned but they also have their moments. There's also a few rogue filler episodes that are not the most interesting ones. Also, show is canceled after one season, so that's a bummer as well.

But, definitely worth a watch.


It starts out a little slow, but entirely worth the patience. Excellent story telling Excellent creativity Was a terrible shame when ended. This show IMO simply just didnt get enough promotion. I rarely if ever watch ANYTHING twice but i would be willing to watch this more than once.


First of all Green Lantern the animated series was the best DC show alongside Beware the batman and Young Justice for both kids and adults which got burned off because of stupid reason like there precious toys not getting sold. Cartoon Network are just massive morons for cancelling shows like this show, Thundercats, Ben 10 Omniverse and Star Wars the clone wars because all those idiots care about is money then the actually show. Which is why crap like Teen Titans Go! (which is the reason this show got cancelled) is still airing. Anyways here is my review for the show: This show had the most heart warming and tragic story ever made. Green Lantern Hal Jordan along side Kilowagg, Aya and Razer are on a mission to stop the monstrous Atrocites and the Red Lantern's from destroying the inter universe. We also learn about Razers past and why he became a red lantern. Along side this we get to see Carol Ferris become Star Sapphire the leader of the pink lanterns which was one of the most romantic episodes of the series. We also get to learn about Killowags past. This is only season one. Season one was great but could have been better if we had a full origin episode of Hal Jordon becoming Green Lantern and I wish we got introduced to Hawkman or Hawgirl since there were Thanagarians. 8/10

But Season 2 gets a whole lot better from season 1 because we get introduced to the Manhunters, Sinestro, The Anti Monitor, Larfleeze the Orange Lantern, Saint Walker and Guy Gardner. The love relationship between Razer and Aya was one of the strongest plots in this season after when Aya kills the Anti Monitor and controls the new manhunters unfortunately. Sinestro could have been a characters which would have had potential to become a Yellow Lantern by the third season if we would another season. We could have even seen Razer become a Blue Lantern since at the end of the series we see Razer off to his search for Aya and a Blue Lantern Ring follows. In later seasons we could have been introducted to other ionic heroes who aren't Green Lantrens like Flash or Superman and by the end of the show Hal would have been apart of the Justice League. The art style, story, animation and character designs were good. Josh Keaton, Kevin Micheal Richardson, Grey Delise, Jason Spisak and Johnathan Adams were really good at voicing there characters in the series. Overall great show I would recommend it to any Green Lantern fan.


If you're a fan of animation or grew up in the nineties, you're probably familiar with the name Bruce Timm. He played a pivotal role in the emergence of complex and nuanced animation on television with hits like Batman the Animated Series, Superman the Animated Series and Justice League. Well after five years away from the boob tube producing animated DTV's, Green Lantern the Animated Series (GLAS) marks his return to the small screen. Sadly, it would appear his time in the DTV market has knocked him off his game.

First and foremost, I have to bring up the visuals to GLAS. They're not appealing. I've seen cutscenes on old PS2 games better looking than this. The backgrounds are devoid of textures, reducing mountainsides and cityscapes to an assortment of flat and dull shapes. The lack of textures in the background also extends to the characters, giving them a rather pronounced, plastic-like quality. Speaking of the characters, in hand drawn animation, the exaggerated physique approach that's indicative of Bruce Timm is surprisingly effective. But, the strength of Timm's style becomes a glaring weakness the second it's rendered in 3-D by CGI without the use of cell shading. This is especially true for the character model of Hal Jordan, which looks like a stock character from the background of an old Pixar film. His chest and arms are unbelievably massive. His chin is extremely prominent. By comparison, his waist is implausibly thin. Devoid of anything resembling texture and impossibly proportioned, Jordan looks like the bastardized offspring of a pro wrestler and a primate.

Many will say lackluster visuals don't matter if the writings spot on. Sadly, the writing of GLAS is hardly in a position to balance things out. Hal Jordan is taken from being a headstrong, but still loyal lantern into near treasonous territory. The Guardians tell him to stand down, he laughs at the order. They're questioning his tactics and he cuts them off. They tell him he is not to intervene, under any circumstances, and he pulls the intergalactic equivalent of GTA and hauls across the cosmos to…intervene. This doesn't feel like the Hal Jordan of the comics or even the depiction in the movie. Worse was that Kilowog, the Guardian's right hand man, was right beside him. This didn't ring true to decades of characterization. Thankfully, it would appear the rest of the GLC will be spared this treatment.

This is because, according to this pilot episode, the series will primarily take place in an extremely remote sector of space the Corp can't get to in any reasonable amount of time. So the expanded Green Lantern Corp will most likely not be making an appearance. So don't expect to see Tomar Re, Boodika, Gnort, or even Katma Tui. Also, don't expect to see Jordan return home to establish he does have a life and a day job and a girlfriend. This effort only fills half the canvas and is akin to Superman without Clark Kent.

The conflict in GLAS is provided by the Red Lantern Corps, led by Atrocitus. In the comics, the Red Lanterns are savage, near mindless bruisers with a penchant for spewing blood. Here, they're basically treated as evil counterparts to the GLC. If that's what GLAS wanted, why didn't it go for the Sinestro Corps? This would've made things more personal for Jordan and the rest of the Corp as it would've been them vs. the former AAA lantern of their ranks. But instead of a more fitting adversary, we get villains which, while new to the medium, have largely and understandably been neutered.

I'd been looking forward to GLAS since before the live action film debuted and bombed. But now that I've seen the pilot, I'm not angry or even disappointed. I'm worried. On one hand, there's the future of this series. On the other hand, there is Bruce Timm.

As previously stated, from 1992 through 2006, he played a key part in raising the bar for animation on television. Yet, here's he's given us a show about Green Lantern which features boring, flat and preposterous visuals; characters which don't feel true; a setting which eliminates much of what's enabled this property to survive for over fifty years; and a villain that's been twisted around to fit the standards of children's television as opposed to a more suitable adversary. The only aspect of GLAS which can't be challenged was the acting. But this is animation, not Terms of Endearment. It would appear Timm, like Frank Miller, Chris Claremont, John Landis, David Chapelle and so many other truly talented people, may have run out of juice.

I do hope he's as dissatisfied with this pilot as I am and, if it truly is indicative of the rest of the series proper, is able to retool it as much as possible. I don't care if the series premiere is delayed by a month, a season or even a year. I know Timm can do better by this property, if for no other reason than Justice League TAS, Green Lantern: First Flight and Emerald Knights. These treatments were so much more engaging than this one is. Then again, maybe they're the problem. Hal Jordan and Kilowog stranded in a remote section of space and cut off from the Corp, while facing a dire threat, would make for a damn fine DTV or two episode arc. But I just don't see how this story coupled with this presentation will hold up under the stress of an ongoing series. One can only hope this sneak peek was a test run and not the final product—fingers crossed. If this is the case and things aren't as final as they'd seem, I will heavily revise this review and the score.