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'E' (1981) Online

'E' (1981) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Animation / Short / Comedy / Family
Year :
Directror :
Francine Desbiens,Bretislav Pojar
Cast :
Patrice Arbour,Bernard Carez
Type :
Time :
Rating :
'E' (1981) Online

A giant statue of the letter "E" arrives in the park. One man sees it as "B"; they are preparing to cart him off to the looney bin when a doctor arrives and determines the man needs glasses. Then the king arrives; he also sees "B". He tries on the glasses, sees "E", and pins a medal on the doctor then has his goon squad come and bash on everyone's head until they too see "B".
Credited cast:
Patrice Arbour Patrice Arbour - (voice)
Bernard Carez Bernard Carez - (voice)

User reviews



This is one of the best animated shorts I have seen come out of the deep and dark nation to the north. It was a short testament on the effects of tyranny. One man sees the E in the park as a B. Instead of being thrown into an asylum, the doctor finds the solution to the problem. The man needs glasses and he sees the truth before him. Not long afterward, the king comes along and he suffers from the same problem. The doctor points this out and gets a medal but the king pulls Hussein-like tactics and makes everyone conform to what he sees. The E is now a B and will forever "B" a B (he-he!). Bretislav Pojar has hit a political nerve with this little animated short. I give it a 10 out of 10!

Here ends my rant!


This cartoon is one of the most devastatingly on target deliniation of The Golden Rule of reality: He that hath the gold makes the rules. Typically, most societies run on this model, the only distinction being the currency. The two most popular are money and power, though they are far from the only ones out there. This short nails this most savagely and is far from subtle in doing so. My favorite character here is the parrot, as the little man in my head that often gets me into trouble for being stubborn in place of a wise pragmatism is very much like that bird and I would probably behave much the same way as the parrot, but ultimately wind up at the business end of a truncheon eventually anyway. A scary, revealing look at power, absolute power and corruption. This is a must see. Most highly recommended.