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Namelis prerijose The Monster of Walnut Grove (1974–1983) Online

Namelis prerijose The Monster of Walnut Grove (1974–1983) Online
Original Title :
The Monster of Walnut Grove
Genre :
TV Episode / Drama / Family / Romance / Western
Year :
Directror :
William F. Claxton
Cast :
Michael Landon,Karen Grassle,Melissa Gilbert
Writer :
Blanche Hanalis,Laura Ingalls Wilder
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Namelis prerijose The Monster of Walnut Grove (1974–1983) Online

Passing the Oleson's house while out with Mary for a night of window soaping on a spooky Halloween eve, Laura hears a loud argument and peers in the window just in time to witness Mr. Oleson swing his sword... and cut off Mrs. Oleson's head!
Episode cast overview:
Michael Landon Michael Landon - Charles Ingalls
Karen Grassle Karen Grassle - Caroline Ingalls
Melissa Gilbert Melissa Gilbert - Laura Ingalls
Melissa Sue Anderson Melissa Sue Anderson - Mary Ingalls
Rachel Lindsay Greenbush Rachel Lindsay Greenbush - Carrie Ingalls (as Lindsay Sidney Greenbush)
Sidney Greenbush Sidney Greenbush - Carrie Ingalls (as Lindsay Sidney Greenbush)
Richard Bull Richard Bull - Nels Oleson
Katherine MacGregor Katherine MacGregor - Harriet Oleson
Charlotte Stewart Charlotte Stewart - Eva Beadle
Brian Part Brian Part - Carl Sanderson Edwards
Milton Parsons Milton Parsons - Thaddeus Moon
Alison Arngrim Alison Arngrim - Nellie Oleson
Jonathan Gilbert Jonathan Gilbert - Willie Oleson
Jack Lilley Jack Lilley - Homer Bjorgsen
Cindy Moore Cindy Moore - Sarah

In this episode Laura and Mary goes into town on Halloween. It's one of the few times that Laura isnt wearing pigtails. And Mary's hair has been lightened.

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It's that special, magical, happy time of year again...Halloween Night. Laura was reading Carrie the Legend of Sleepy Hollow before she and Mary went out for their little night on the town...soaping the windows at Oleson's Mercantile. No, not like washing them, actually smearing them with soap...I guess since soap is cheaper than eggs and the building's too big to T.P. So while the girls went about their tricks and treats, Carrie had a nightmare due to Laura's story. She even thought a ghoulie was in her bed, but it was only Jack. What was he doing in there? Anyway, by the time the Ingalls girls arrived at Olesons', the windows were already soaped. Undaunted, Laura makes her way to the house and as she begins her task, she overhears Harriet bitching to Nels about his sword collection. As Laura watches through the window, she sees Nels take one of his swords, perry, thrust and then decapitate Harriet! Wow, didn't think he had it in him. Oh well, the wicked witch is dead. Unfortunately for Laura, Nels spotted her and tried to pass off what he did as an accident and "she won't complain about it again." The scary Oleson patriarch swore Laura to secrecy about what transpired this night. Oh and don't worry folks, it was a dress maker mannequin that Nels killed. Somehow I don't think he will have to worry about Laura squealing, because who's going to believe her? Certainly not Mary the skeptic. Ma and Pa? Of course not. Parents never believe their children.

Next morning Harriet goes to visit her mother, at Nels' insistence. Mary still doesn't believe Laura, so she decided to walk to school with Carl, and even he doesn't believe her so they go to the mercantile for proof and learn from Nels that Harriet went to see her mother, but Laura took that to be a cover up. Next the kids check out the noon stage, but when they found Mrs. Foster instead of Oleson, Carl had all the proof he needed. But go and ahead and push your luck, Laura, and tell Nellie and Willie. The Oleson brats were skeptical, until they found an apron stained in blood, which actually turned out to be tomato sauce the sloppy Nels had spilled on it. So while their minds were at ease (and deciding this to be a golden opportunity for trickery), Laura couldn't shake what she'd seen, so after having a horrific nightmare where a demonic Nells serves her Harriet's head on a platter, Laura and Carl sneak into the mercantile and watch Nels stuff a body into a large bag. It's a mannequin body, but of course they don't know that. At school, Willie shows Carl and Laura the apron and says he heard his pa digging in their cellar and asked if they would accompany him down there to see what was up, so that night, the three went about their mission. As they ventured into the Olesons' creepy, dark cellar, Nellie jumped up wearing a sheet and scared Laura and Carl right out of there, just as Harriet came home and the whole mess was laid out. Laura and Carl manage to have the last laugh on Nellie and then hurry home, but not before coming across tonight's special guest star, The Headless Horseman! Wait, what?

Little House's first Halloween episode and it's spooktacular. This one really captures the spirit of the season, as opposed to Season 6's Halloween abomination where Laura and Albert are mistaken for Indians. Little House's WORST episode. But anyway, as for The Monster of Walnut Grove, this one is both funny and kinda creepy, especially how Nels approaches Laura after the decapitation. Nels Oleson can be pretty scary when he wants to be, and it shows that if he were ever pushed over the edge, he would go absolutely nuts. So Richard Bull turned in an outstanding performance, just like always. For some Halloween fun at that special time of year, this episode is one to check out. It's actually more funny than scary, especially Laura's nightmares: the one with the floating heads and Harriet's head on a platter. Hilarious.


It's Halloween Eve and Laura and Mary get to go to town and soap the Olsen windows. Don't worry though, they have both Mr. Olsen's and their father's permission to do so. But what starts our as a trick suddenly turns into a horrific, frightening experience when Laura believes that she witnesses Nels chop of his wife's head during an argument. Of course, nobody would believe her. Mary thought she was insane. Charles wouldn't even let her get a word out about it, and Caroline thought Nels was just playing a trick on her.

Of course, what they don't know is that Nels sends her to visit her mother early the next morning. For some unknown reason, Nels puts hires someone to drive her instead of putting her on the stage. This leads to even more trouble. Laura tells Nellie and Willie about it, but they don't believe her until that night...Oh, but Nels quickly assures them.

Nellie and Willie tell Nels they would tell Laura and Carl the truth, but instead Nellie decides to play a trick on them. The next day, Nels purchases some manikin pieces and starts bagging them. When Laura and Carl spy, they see Nels putting them into a bag and mumbling that her legs wouldn't fit...

Nightmares cause Laura's frights to intensify. Her dreams are quite frightening, and probably would indeed frighten the weak at heart.

The ultimate Halloween prank of all times is pulled off by Nellie and Willie. They convince Laura and Carl to come to the basement in the store where they claim their father had been digging. I won't give any more details, but it's definitely one for the books! In the end, the truth is revealed, proper punishment is rendered to the guilty persons, and the episode ended much as it begins...