» » Thuis Episode #16.137 (1995– )

Thuis Episode #16.137 (1995– ) Online

Thuis Episode #16.137 (1995– ) Online
Original Title :
Episode #16.137
Genre :
TV Episode / Action / Drama / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Lars Goeyvaerts
Cast :
Janine Bischops,Myriam Bronzwaar,Clara Cleymans
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Thuis Episode #16.137 (1995– ) Online

Franky is late back from lunch and so is Waldek. Luc is far from satisfied with the situation. Luc wants to pick up Rosa from Ter Smissen, but she has to work late, so he decides to go home. Just when he leaves, Waldek and Freddy enter. Waldek knows Freddy has some job on the side and wants to know more. Franky has a present for Bram. 25% of the shares of Sanitechniek. Simonne is very happy she has her family back. As long as her extra hours aren't payed, she wants to take up the time to spend more time with her family. She even asks Franky to move back in. He has to think about it. Peggy hasn't turned up for her appointment with Geert. Femke tells Peggy she hasn't officially put the loft on the market, but probably will. Nina doesn't want Dominique to interfere in her relationship with Peter. Dominique just wants to warn her for Femke. Leo also warns Dominique not to interfere in Nina's private life. Paulien has to make a photo-shoot for school. She asks Julia to be her model. Julia ...
Episode credited cast:
Janine Bischops Janine Bischops - Jenny Verbeeck
Myriam Bronzwaar Myriam Bronzwaar - Julia Van Capelle
Clara Cleymans Clara Cleymans - Nina Oostvoghels
Andrea Croonenberghs Andrea Croonenberghs - Dominique Vertongen
Bart Dauwe Bart Dauwe - Freddy Colpaert
Merel De Vilder Robier Merel De Vilder Robier - Bianca Bomans
Noureddine Farihi Noureddine Farihi - Mo Fawzi
Pol Goossen Pol Goossen - Frank Bomans
Geert Hunaerts Geert Hunaerts - Peter Vlerick
Tina Maerevoet Tina Maerevoet - Paulien Snackaert
Marleen Merckx Marleen Merckx - Simonne Bomans-Backx
Walter Moeremans Walter Moeremans - Leo Vertongen
Peter Rouffaer Peter Rouffaer - Geert Smeekens
Annick Segal Annick Segal - Rosa Verbeeck
Leah Thys Leah Thys - Marianne Smeekens-Bastiaens