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Daughter for Sale (2017) Online

Daughter for Sale (2017) Online
Original Title :
Daughter for Sale
Genre :
Movie / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Farhad Mann
Cast :
Emily Rose,Emily Tennant,Samuel Patrick Chu
Writer :
Vesta Giles
Type :
Time :
1h 29min
Rating :
Daughter for Sale (2017) Online

When a runaway teenager is kidnapped by sex traffickers, her mother, a newly appointed judge, has to find and rescue her before they ship her overseas and sell her into sex slavery.
Credited cast:
Emily Rose Emily Rose - Annalise O'Neil
Emily Tennant Emily Tennant - Carly O'Neil
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Samuel Patrick Chu Samuel Patrick Chu - Mitch
Antonio Cupo Antonio Cupo - John Gallant
Linda Darlow Linda Darlow - Stacy
Kylee Dawson Kylee Dawson - Jenny
Marci T. House Marci T. House - Donna
Devielle Johnson Devielle Johnson - Police Officer
Chris Kalhoon Chris Kalhoon - Derek Sutton
Alexandria Kayy Alexandria Kayy - Missing Girl
Karen Khunkhun Karen Khunkhun - News Anchor
Amanda Marier Amanda Marier - Chelsea
Kevin McNulty Kevin McNulty - Judge Smith
Steven Roberts Steven Roberts - Edwards
Christos Shaw Christos Shaw - David

Even though they play mother and daughter, Emily Rose is only nine years older than Emily Tennant in real-life.

First time in 4 years Chris Kalhoon returned to native Vancouver to film a project since moving to Los Angeles to work with late director Dan Ireland.

User reviews



Why do they cast actors that is supposed to be mother and daughter that has basically no age difference. 9 years, they look like siblings not mother and daughter. It hurts my brain watching

I am not saying they are bad actors or anything, but is there no older female actors. Do they always have to be around 20-30. The 20 year old pretending to be younger and the 30 year old to be the mom


Someone wrote it was a nice popcorn movie for mother/daughter to watch...really???

The actors are somewhat the worst, normally I wouldn't care but with the importance of fighting trafficking this wasn't OK. A horrendous movie to watch. Overacting deluxe and spoiling it all.


This LMN movie is pretty ridiculous even by TV movie standards. First of all you have this judge who talks rather un judge like. Her daughter runs away after a fight and then gets kidnapped by a sex trafficker who happens to pose as a man who helps runaway teens. Then this so called judge breaks all protocol and begins a crusade to take down of sex trafficking ring and get back her daughter.

This is no Taken Lifetime style. It's just bad.


The plot of this movie was the most poorly developed I have seen for a longgg time. The actors were not horrible but the cheap one liners, sub par directing and inadequate character development made this a regrettable watch. Lifetime often produces half- baked movies but this one is really disappointing.


A 26-year-old teenager and her 9-year-old mother who is a judge despite obvious incompetence and who turns into a vigilante who does not know the fear, it should be an episode of the 6th dimension!


I thought that this was a good movie and an awesome mother daughter popcorn and snacks bonding time movie~ I would also say that it's a good movie for a girls night hang out session. I need help though I am really trying to find out who the musician and title of the song played in the daughters bedroom scene please!!!


I saw this movie and loved it. It wasn't like any Lifetime movie. It is one of the best ones from 2017. It is a perfect movie to watch to see a mother-daughter relationship. I see it as a movie that shows how a mother would do anything to get her daughter back. In this movie a teen girl is kidnapped during night and taken away. Her mother does whatever she can do to get her daughter back even if it results in violence. She does whatever she can to get her back. The mother's journey to get her daughter back is nothing that I ever seen before. Lifetime is currently doing a "Don't Mess with Mommy Weekend" and I can see now that you should never mess a mother's child in any way. Because she does whatever it takes to get her child back. II like the plot and an I was surprised why the kidnappers took her and what they were planning to do with her.

After viewing this movie I saw it's worth a watch.