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Won by Waiting (1912) Online

Won by Waiting (1912) Online
Original Title :
Won by Waiting
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Romance / Short
Year :
Cast :
Harry Myers,May Buckley,Charles Arthur
Type :
Rating :
Won by Waiting (1912) Online

Amos Randall, a wealthy old bachelor, dies, leaving a big fortune to be divided between Arthur Wells, his ward, and Flo Fleming, his niece, with the understanding that they shall marry within three months after his demise. Wells, who has been living in luxury on his guardian's bounty, accepts the situation, much against his will. Flo is an uncouth country girl, brought up to be good and honest, but without any training in the arts of refinement and etiquette. They get married, and the young wife's bad manners pall on the aristocratic husband's fastidious nature. He neglects her at every opportunity, and finally leaves her entirely to the care of Jack Murry, a clubmate, who frequently visits the house. Despite her shortcomings, Flo is a beautiful creature and Jack, feeling that he has no responsibility, falls in love with her. He is her constant companion and escort to balls and other functions, and the husband is relieved of the attention. Flo loves her husband and realizing the ...
Cast overview:
Harry Myers Harry Myers - Jack Murray - a Clubman
May Buckley May Buckley - Flo Fleming
Charles Arthur Charles Arthur - Arthur Wells
Peter Lang Peter Lang - Flo's Father
Mrs. George W. Walters Mrs. George W. Walters - Flo's Mother

User reviews



A melodramatic picture that is ably handled and has much charm, due chiefly to the graceful way in which Miss May Buckley plays the leading role. The plot, although hardly vital, is sensational, affords a thrilling climax and holds attention throughout. Mr. Harry Meyer plays the man's lead with his usual intelligence and command of his art. Miss Buckley plays the'part of a country girl who, by the conditions of a will, is called upon to marry a man who she bad never met, a club-man. This man (Mr. Meyer) marries her to get the money and then neglects her. A second man is introduced, and him the girl skilfully uses to waken jealousy and love in her husband. It is she who wins by waiting. The camera work is of the usual Lubin quality. - The Moving Picture World, May 18, 1912