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Jealousy and the Man (1909) Online

Jealousy and the Man (1909) Online
Original Title :
Jealousy and the Man
Genre :
Movie / Short / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
D.W. Griffith
Cast :
James Kirkwood,Florence Lawrence,Gladys Egan
Writer :
D.W. Griffith
Type :
Time :
Rating :

House painter Jim Brooks thinks his wife is cheating on him with his best friend John West. The intrigue is in fact a birthday surprise.

Jealousy and the Man (1909) Online

Jim Brooks, a painter, and his wife, have hoarding with them their best friend. John West. Jim and John being lifelong chums, Jim is amazed at what he imagines to be blatant perfidy in his wife and friend. He espies them whispering together on several occasions, but the apparently convincing evidence is the slipping of a note into the hand of John by the wife, while she visits their place of work, with their luncheon. This decides Jim, and he rushes home, arms himself with a gun, declaring they shall both die. You may imagine his surprise when, as he is about to assassinate the pair, they load him with presents, it being his birthday, which he had forgotten. Their little intrigues were in making the arrangement, and the note was a list of things for John to get.
Credited cast:
James Kirkwood James Kirkwood - Jim Brooks
Florence Lawrence Florence Lawrence - Mrs. Jim Brooks
Gladys Egan Gladys Egan - The Brooks Daughter
Anthony O'Sullivan Anthony O'Sullivan - John West - the Best Friend
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Arthur V. Johnson Arthur V. Johnson - A Boarder
Owen Moore Owen Moore - A Boarder
Mack Sennett Mack Sennett - Workman on Scaffold

Released as a split reel along with Sweet and Twenty (1909).