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TV Series / Animation / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Sci-Fi
Cast :
Reid Scott,Kate Micucci,Nate Torrence
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TV Series
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Motorcity Online

Detroit is owned by evil billionaire Abraham Kane (Mark Hamill). Having banned freedoms including automobile transportation, Kane now faces one last obstacle: a group of hot-rod wielding rebels who call themselves the Burners. Led by Mike Chilton (Reid Scott), the Burners rise to stop Kane from conquering Detroit's last oasis of freedom-an underground refuge dubbed Motorcity.
Series cast summary:
Reid Scott Reid Scott - Mike Chilton / - 16 episodes, 2012-2013
Kate Micucci Kate Micucci - Julie Kane / - 16 episodes, 2012-2013
Nate Torrence Nate Torrence - Chuck 16 episodes, 2012-2013
Jess Harnell Jess Harnell - Texas / - 15 episodes, 2012-2013
Kel Mitchell Kel Mitchell - Dutch Gordy 15 episodes, 2012-2013
Mark Hamill Mark Hamill - Abraham Kane 12 episodes, 2012-2013
Jim Breuer Jim Breuer - Tooley 11 episodes, 2012-2013
Dana Davis Dana Davis - Claire 9 episodes, 2012-2013
Brian Doyle-Murray Brian Doyle-Murray - Jacob 7 episodes, 2012-2013

The artwork on the sides of the Burners cars appears to be inspired by the artwork if the late Ed " Big Daddy " Roth. Especially the picture on the side of The Mutt is a take on one of his classic designs.

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(Short version:its quality) wow the music is refreshing for the time and now, plot is interesting, the science is solid enough (for the tech),and the animation O The ANIMATION if i knew this quality of animation was in cartoons in 2012 i would have complained about everything else. sadly this (and tron:uprising) was overlooked because of the network choice but it is more than meets the eye(and i don't mean the cars and the cool art) the characters are interesting the more you get to know them and yes there are some bad ones (texas,and the duke (but i love them anyway)) but their well thought out so yes i think it's underrated here on IMDb and maybe it will just surprise you.