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Il compagno Don Camillo (1965) Online

Il compagno Don Camillo (1965) Online
Original Title :
Il compagno Don Camillo
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Luigi Comencini
Cast :
Fernandel,Gino Cervi,Leda Gloria
Writer :
Giovanni Guareschi,Leonardo Benvenuti
Type :
Time :
1h 33min
Rating :
Il compagno Don Camillo (1965) Online

The village of mayor Peppone and Don Camillo, after much dispute, gets a assigned a sister village in Russia. When Peppone and his comrades decide to attend the ceremony on the other side of the iron curtain, Don Camillo wants to join. Peppone is strictly against this but after Don Camillo threatens him to disclose information about an earlier side step the mayor agrees. Don Camillo arranges for false papers: He is now comrade Tarocci. Only Peppone and the other villagers know who he really is. In Russia the agenda includes various cultural events: Ballet, Opera, a fishing competition and various parties...
Cast overview, first billed only:
Fernandel Fernandel - Don Camillo
Gino Cervi Gino Cervi - Giuseppe 'Peppone' Bottazzi
Leda Gloria Leda Gloria - Maria Bottazzi
Gianni Garko Gianni Garko - Scamoggia
Saro Urzì Saro Urzì - Brusco
Graziella Granata Graziella Granata - Nadia
Paul Muller Paul Muller - Le pope
Marco Tulli Marco Tulli - Smilzo
Jacques Herlin Jacques Herlin - Perletti
Silla Bettini Silla Bettini - Bigio
Aldo Vasco Aldo Vasco - Un camarade
Alessandro Gottlieb Alessandro Gottlieb - Ivan
Mirko Valentin Mirko Valentin - Le faux russe
Ettore Geri Ettore Geri - Oregov
Margherita Sala Margherita Sala - La femme d'Ivan

User reviews



This is a far cry from the best of the "Don Camillo" series. It's actually the one I less prefer. In this one, Don Camillo is going to Russia with Peppone, to see for itself what it's like to live in a communist country. Forget about Don Camillo being a monsignore (he was elevated to this post in the movie that come just before in the series), he's back to his job as the priest responsable for a small Italian parish. But we've got a feeling that Don Camillo's and Peppone's characters are growing old. It's probably a good thing that the series stops there.

Out of 100, I gave it 72. That's good for ** out of ****.

Seen at home, in Toronto, on September 29th, 2002.


Whereas most of the DonCamillo/Peppone stories are safely grounded in the Italian landscape, here they undertake a journey to Russia as part of a communist delegation. Much of the charm of the series consists of the sympathetic and truthful (yet always with a wink) portrayal of Brescello and its population; the "Russians" on display in this 5th and last entry remain very cardboard, so a big part of the humanity of the series is missing. On the other hand, both Fernandel and Gino Cervi feel very at home in their roles, and it's a joy how they play off each other. The comedy is never laugh-out-loud but it's always there, while at the same time there's real tension when - what a cruel coincidence! - exactly during their welcome party, Khrushchev is replaced by Brezhnev and the Italians are left in a serious political vacuum. Another plus of this film is a certain playfulness - the fun start credits, a Russian Traviata, nice political presents, a Russian children's choir intoning "volare" ... and, at the very end, we witness "Peppone" Gino Cervi without the trademark moustache - oh my god, what a difference lies in such a silly piece of facial hair - unbelievable (as DonCamillo mentions).

Overall, while not the best entry in the series, everyone who liked the prior ones will be satisfied with this one, too!

postscript: The English title "Don Camillo in Moscow" is misleading; they just pass Moscow on their flight, but the plot takes place in a removed kolkhoz. And you have to love the actress playing the cute interpreter just for her name ... "Graziella Granata". Wow!


Of course it's difficult for a 4.th episode to be original and liking as the original one. But here there is as usual a problem with the language (being furthermore typical dialectal expressions), and also one with the political situation of those days between the West and the Comunist world. Aamof, the movie is divided in two parts: the first half is basically located in the same village and with the same rivalry as in the other movies of the series, while the second half changes completely setting and develops in a sort of mirror village beyond the "iron curtain" in Russia !!! One of the most amusing scenes in this film - and possibly of all the series - is the one related to the Don Camillo's "hunger strike" ... Many people among the youth may not recall the political climate of those days, between the western world and the East: there were attempts to make the peace, but there was also menace of a possible clash of titans with the threat of the "bomb"! ... This is why - maybe - some people don't catch all the nuances of this movie, and consequently find it difficult liking it ... I regret I can't help them, but I can assure you that - as an Italian - this is the one that likes me the most ... Zio Pino. PS. As already noted the title is completely misleading. Not only because Moscow has nothing to do with the story, but also because it completely misses the allusive intentions of the original one. A better solution would have been: "Tovarisch Don Camillo" or else "Comrade Don Camillo" and so on ...