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House Party: Tonight's the Night (2013) Online

House Party: Tonight's the Night (2013) Online
Original Title :
House Party: Tonightu0027s the Night
Genre :
Creative Work / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Darin Scott
Cast :
Tequan Richmond,Zac Goodspeed,Tristin Mays
Writer :
Don D. Scott,Reginald Hudlin
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 35min
Rating :

Chris is ready to head to college. But he'll leave his best friend and the girl he's had a crush on since 2nd grade. So he throws one last party that turns into a hilarious disaster.

House Party: Tonight's the Night (2013) Online

Chris is ready to head to college. But he'll leave his best friend and the girl he's had a crush on since 2nd grade. So he throws one last party that turns into a hilarious disaster.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Tequan Richmond Tequan Richmond - Chris Johnson
Zac Goodspeed Zac Goodspeed - Dylan
Tristin Mays Tristin Mays - Autumn Rose
Julian Works Julian Works - DJ Bootytime
Ambrose Uren Ambrose Uren - DJ Hardcap
Rolonda Watts Rolonda Watts - Victoria
Julie Hartley Julie Hartley - Tracey
Keith Powers Keith Powers - Quentin
Alex McGregor Alex McGregor - Morgan
Gary Anthony Williams Gary Anthony Williams - Melvin Johnson
Jacqui Achilleas Jacqui Achilleas - Mimi Johnson
Jeremeo Le Cordeur Jeremeo Le Cordeur - Julius
Jeremy Boado Jeremy Boado - Willard (as Jeremy Jess Boado)
Sven Ruygrok Sven Ruygrok - Simon
Alanka Craffert Alanka Craffert - Precocious

Is the fifth in the series.

Rap duo Kid 'N Play, the stars of the first three films, make cameos in this film as big-time record producers, occupations that they began in the third film, which was their last appearance in the series before this film. Unlike the fourth Film in the series, House Party 5 takes place in the same universe as the first three, hence Kid N' Play's special appearance.

User reviews



I was so pumped up to see this movie because i have always loved the house party movies. When i finally got to see it i was let down, i couldn't believe that kid n' play would let this movie be made. The two main top actors in the movie are great man and actors but this movie was not for them. The plot of the movie was to simple and predictable and the rest of the cast need acting lessons asap. They try to follow the steps of the first movie but ended with an hell of a epic fail. The movie itself do have some funny parts in it, when watching it it feels as if they try way to hard to get a laugh out of you. But for this new generation this movie may spark their minds. As for us old school folks we can just re-watch the original movies.


This movie is made by some crazy clueless people. This is the dumbest movie ever and it isn't worthy of the House Party name. I think my eyeballs might break if I have to roll them again. If this is portraying todays youth im tired of living on Earth. Why why why why why why why why why why? How is this funny to anyone? Uninspired crap. Please stop making crappy movies based on good movies. House Party isn't even that great but this is a shame on its name. This movie is on an endless loop in Hell. Poop. Poop Poop Poop. This really is my review for this terrible movie, it doesn't even attempt to be smart or entertaining so neither am I. The actors don't even seem into it. Please don't make another one. This movie is so stupid. FIN


Wow is all I can say to this atrocity of a movie. My sister accidentally picked up the wrong House Party from a friend so we decided to watch it for Ha-Ha's. What a mistake. This movie was HORRIBLE! The acting was terrible and the you could tell the ending before it happened. I've had my share of bad movies in the past but this one takes the top. I really don't understand how or why someone gave this project money or a chance. Now, I may not be a professional critic, but I can tell when a movie is good and when one isn't. This one by far was a bad bad movie. I am so glad that we didn't spend any money on the DVD. I just regret that my time was wasted. Don't waste your time or money on this "movie" and I hesitate when I say "movie".


A agree with the other review. The original "House Party" with actors/rappers Kid and Play was not the best movie in the world, but at the time it was a fun movie for that age group. This movie is cheaply done with no production values. Acting is pathetic! It's like you are watching a HD video from someones phone of a high school student's audio visual project. It's not funny...anywhere! I want to know who I should talk to get the hour and a half back that I wasted of my life watching this! I wasn't expecting much, but was still disappointed! How do people like this get the funding/backing/money to produce these garbage movies?


This film is visceral. This film is energized. This film is shocking, This film is a winner. I'd seen the other installments in the House Party saga, and found them to be decently entertaining but contrived films that declined in quality as the series progressed. With this in mind, I'm sure you can understand my trepidation in agreeing to spend my time and money on this picture, but a perceptive friend of mine talked me into it- and boy, am I grateful. Right from the opening scene, I could tell that this was my kind of film. The performances from those two actors were so real, so gritty- achieving a significance the first House Party fell short of realizing. The cinematography left me agape: lush vegetation surrounding suburban homes one could only call the epitome of visual perfection captured with beautiful attention to details of light, shadow, and angle. The cameo from Kid 'n' Play shocked me- my friend had to ask me to calm down and gave me a Valium- but once it set in I realized that I found the scene quite heartwarming. I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for Mr. Scott's next picture. With this film, he has breathed life into a dying franchise, and I couldn't be more thankful, having recommended this underrated gem personally to all of my Facebook friends. I hope they don't screw this up with the next installment. Here's hoping for a new generation of insightful, heartwarming, and beautiful House Party films. Remember everyone: avenge Gotham city!


This is the white washed post High School Musical era version of House Party mixed whilst also trying to be American Pie. Everyone is too attractive, no one seem to be from lower socio economic families unlike many characters in the original series, the dancing is overly coreographed, it sticks it's nose up to actual hip-hop and you honestly don't care what happens to the characters. Just watch the original or Project X for a better party disaster movie
blac wolf

blac wolf

If you like comedy and music this is a movie you would love. And just to say please quit criticizing the movie if you haven't seen it. Plus the actors are really good. Especially Tristin Mays she is so beautiful! So if you say this movie is a waste of time please watch it first. So I'm just saying keep your negative dumb comments to yourself. Don't judge a movie by its cover. My brother is the same way saying its not as good as the first one, but my brother has not even seen the movie yet. It's so disrespectful to make a bad comment on a movie you haven't even seen yet. I own the movie, and I say it is good and funny. You old people are just mad because were young and you all have to be old. It's not are fault you age. So like I said before, keep negative comments to yourself. Please watch the movie then comment before you post a dumb comment. I swear it is a good movie and it is not a waste of time. So watch the movie, and buy it like I did.


Going in, I wasn't sure the world really needed another House party especially after the founding stars had moved on. While this movie recycled the same basic plot it still had it's bright spots.

A nice boy vs Girl dance battle with the highlight without a doubt being the makeshift girl gun exclamation with smoke affects.

The film stars the little brother from "Everybody hates Chris" but the one who shines through and steals the show is the personality of Tristin Mays (Autumn) with some epic lines and scenes. She's a scene stealer for sure and for sure one to keep an eye on.

Relaxing movie to entertain you on a chill evening