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Human Prey (1995) Online

Human Prey (1995) Online
Original Title :
Human Prey
Genre :
Year :
Directror :
James Adam Tucker
Cast :
Greg Cannone,Cliff Drew,Micky Levy
Writer :
James Adam Tucker
Type :
Time :
1h 12min
Rating :
Human Prey (1995) Online

One man, tired of how life works, takes back the streets. No one is safe when the hunter comes around. Not prostitutes or gang members. He is the hunter, he has the hat.
Credited cast:
Greg Cannone Greg Cannone - Gang Member
Cliff Drew Cliff Drew - Dorn
Micky Levy Micky Levy - Candy
Gloria Lusiak Gloria Lusiak - Tracy
Lena Pointer Lena Pointer - Patty
Alex Thomas Alex Thomas - Tommy

User reviews



.You won't have to see this movie, obviously shot on video with the production values of a home movie. A doctor goes mad (Why ?), starts killing "scum" vigilante-like, then organises cheap girlhunts in the manner of Count Zaroff. This one is part of Brentwood's themed four-movies DVD, this one called "Serial Killers". It feature two other poor excuses for movies. And Jesus Franco's "Jack the Ripper" with Klaus Kinski ! This one is the only reason to buy this bargain-basement collection. You've been warned.


HUMAN PREY is a laughably inept shot-on-video action thriller that dates from 1994. The plot has echoes of THE EXTERMINATOR as an ordinary guy is pushed to the limit and goes on a killing spree amid the low lives of society, but in reality this wants to be an action flick in the PM Entertainment mould. Sadly, it isn't; the short-lived crime wave featured here is laughable and the whole production is extremely shoddy. The only thing this has going for it is a feeling of nostalgia for the pre-digital days.