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TV Series / Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Cast :
Fred Dryer,Stepfanie Kramer,Mike Gomez
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TV Series
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Hunter Online

After moving from Los Angeles to San Diego following his partner's on-the-job murder, hardnosed police detective Rick Hunter teams up with his old partner, Dee Dee McCall (nicknamed "The Brass Cupcake"), to battle bad guys, screech tires, shoot guns and fight crime on the streets of San Diego.
Series cast summary:
Fred Dryer Fred Dryer - Lt. Rick Hunter 5 episodes, 2003
Stepfanie Kramer Stepfanie Kramer - Lt. Dee Dee McCall 5 episodes, 2003
Mike Gomez Mike Gomez - Capt. Roberto Gallardo 5 episodes, 2003
Zeus Mendoza Zeus Mendoza - Det. Anthony 'Tony' Santiago / - 5 episodes, 2003
Michelle Gold Michelle Gold - Det. Cynthia Monetti 5 episodes, 2003
Sid Sham Sid Sham - Det. Sid Keyes 5 episodes, 2003
Kate Vernon Kate Vernon - Maggie 2 episodes, 2003
Gina Marie Gina Marie - Attorney 2 episodes, 2003

NBC commissioned five new episodes of this '80s series for broadcast in Spring, 2003, to test for interest in reviving the show. However, once they began airing, NBC decided to cancel the project and only three of the five filmed episodes were shown. The other two episodes were never shown. Creative difficulties and budget constraints were cited as the reasons for this new show's unexpected end.

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I knew Hunter was back on the air, but I don't think it was in a good time slot, that's why it didn't have as strong a comeback as they thought it would, and it's not that it was a bad show, even for the comeback. I did, however, think the plots were a little thin, but, all it needed was some revamping. The theme music wasn't explosive either. Back in the 80's, when it was on, the theme music got your attention. I know the year is 2003 but, they should have stuck with the old time theme of the eighties. There's nothing wrong with having a period theme. It worked for Highlander and it still works for That 70's Show. I'm not sure why it didn't work for That 80's show either. I thought that show was funny. Anyways, Hunter could have been a great hit again if it had been given a chance. The execs should have thought out why it wasn't doing well. I don't think it was because of lack of content. It was because they had it up against other network time frames that were more popular than NBC on a Saturday night. NBC Saturday nights are not that exciting, I guess by now they have figured that out.


I loved "Hunter" in the 1980's, and I still love "Hunter" now!!!

The 1980's version and the 2003 version are so cool!!!

The 1980's "Hunter" should be on TV Land!!!

NBC should also bring back "Alf"!!!!!!