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A Fistful of Lead (2018) Online

A Fistful of Lead (2018) Online
Original Title :
A Fistful of Lead
Genre :
Movie / Western
Year :
Directror :
Marc Price
Cast :
James Groom,Tom Nolan,Duncan Casey
Writer :
Philip Dyas,Marc Price
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 26min
Rating :

Four of the West's most infamous outlaws carry out a daring bank heist in the gold-rush town, Bath Water. As the posse takes chase, things take a turn for the worse, as the bandits realize they've been double-crossed - but by who?

A Fistful of Lead (2018) Online

Four of the West's most infamous outlaws carry out a daring bank heist in the gold-rush town, Bath Water. As the posse takes chase, things take a turn for the worse, as the bandits realize they've been double-crossed - but by who?
Credited cast:
James Groom James Groom - Billy
Tom Nolan Tom Nolan - Casey
Duncan Casey Duncan Casey - Dallas
Chris Rogers Chris Rogers - Sheriff Noone
Kaitlyn Riordan Kaitlyn Riordan - Jesse
Emily Andrews Emily Andrews - Annie
Jordan Kanner Jordan Kanner - Cassidy
Phil Deguara Phil Deguara - Limey Joe
Marcus Shakesheff Marcus Shakesheff - Swain
Christian Patterson Christian Patterson - Mr. Mulgrew
Daniel Hawksford Daniel Hawksford - Mr. Johnson
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Sam Coleman Sam Coleman - Bojack
Richard Corgan Richard Corgan - Sheriff Nolan
Les Kenny-Green Les Kenny-Green - Robard
Charlotte Mounter Charlotte Mounter - Mrs. Timms

Shot entirely in the U.K. during March 2018, which was in the midst of the "Beast From the East" snowstorm. Director Marc Price (II) suggested the crew take full advantage of the elements, claiming that snow would add significantly to the production value

Chris Rogers kept the hat he wore as Sheriff Buford J. Noone

Without discussing it both writers Marc Price (II) and Phil Dyas decided Sheriff Noone's first name was to be "Buford" and his middle initial "J" as a nod to Jackie Gleason's character from Smokey and the Bandit. When Dyas quizzed Price about what the "J" stood for, Price replied "Jay"

Shot in 12 days whilst Director Marc Price was in post production on Nightshooters (2018) which wrapped 2 months earlier

Actors Kaitlyn Riordan, James Groom, Phil Deguara and Richard Sandling also appeared in Nightshooters (2018)

Kaitlyn Riordan learned how to twirl her revolver the night before shooting

Originally set entirely in the western town of Laredo, heavy flooding meant a hasty re-write. Whilst Writer/Director Marc Price (II) was editing Nightshooters (2018), Writer Phil Dyas handled the majority of this re-write and consulted with Price every day over the Christmas 2017 holidays

For all mine sequences the necessary colour gels for lights did not arrive. Director of Photography Sam Walker improvised by taping a Fanta packet and orange coloured shopping bags to various low-temperature lights in order to achieve the orange glow of firelight

Actor James Groom enjoyed playing up to the fact that his character clearly doesn't have any medical knowledge in the bullet extraction scene and later on with his use of the word "homophiliac"

Director Marc Price (II) discovered that film maker Brad Watson could compose whilst hosting a Q&A session for Hallow's Eve at BFI Southbank. On the spot he declared an interest in working with him as a composer. Having seen Watson's film several times he blamed the oversight on "texting you (Watson) every time the film finished and missing your composer credit"

Jordan Kanner was taller than the height of the mine his scenes were shot in. This helped inform his choice to portray Cassidy's posture as needy and awkward. For moments when he needed to portray strength with a straighter posture his feet were spread extremely wide and could only be framed from the waist up

Sheriff Nolan (Richard Corgan) and Swain (Marcus Shakesheff) are named after characters from Orca: Killer Whale

Buford J. Noone was scripted chewing tobacco and so was every spit in the film. Chris Rogers opted for licorice over chewing tobacco in order not to overdose on nicotine. The accent and manner of speaking of came from watching YouTube videos of people who chewed tobacco. One spit that is in the final cut of film hit the script supervisor Gabi Wood.

User reviews



My Dad bought this for me for Christmas, and I just now got around to watching it. I actually really liked "A Fistful Of Lead"! I thought this little flick had a lot to offer, honestly! It's flawed, but has a pretty solid script, for the most part.

It's essentially about a bunch of bankrobbers being chased-down by a Sherriff of the town they robbed, as well as a bunch of people from the town. They spend a lot of time out in the woods, hunting for the thieves.

There aren't many good guys in the film, honestly. One of the only ones is a really annoying British guy, that I thought was the Jar Jar Binks of the film. The guy's always rambling on, trying to make jokes that don't land. Everyone else is playing a Clint Eastwood-type character. I actually think most of them do pretty fine with what the script gives them-especially the more in-the-front female character we have (out of two female characters hiding-out in the cave everyone ends-up at, about halfway through the film). It was all pretty well-performed, if I do say so myself. It seems like all of the cast were having fun with this project.

I do think that, sometimes, the costumes-and maybe even the characters themselves-look a little too clean. Even a bloodstain from having someone killed nearby a character could look like spilt koolaid. It's hard to get that down-and-pat for a western of a lower budget, but I don't think the costumes were bad, or anything. Just a little too wrinkle-free for the grittiness this film wanted to depict.

Something I do think was absolutely HORRID was the special effects. Every single time someone is shot and killed, CGI blood splatters all over the screen. It really makes the film feel more like a costume party, for some reason. It ruins a ton of the tension that's so well-crafted, at times. CGI gore is fine, in some movies, but it all comes down to how it's utilized. It is NOT utilized well in "A Fistful Of Lead".

There's also something else I kept noticing, almost throughout the entire flick: the sheriff is ALWAYS re-dubbed. I don't think I saw that much with anyone, but there are times he's yelling but his mouth is merely mumbling. It can take you out of the film pretty easily, when he's on screen. That being said, I don't think he's a bad actor. It just seems like the director changed the attitudes the sheriff character had, in post-production, yet they never match what he has on the screen.

I might also add that I thought the ending was a little odd. Everything about the sheriff character just made me wonder, by the end, why, with his gruff, rude, scheme-y mantra, anyone would appoint him to be the sheriff of a small town in western-based times. Seems a little wrong, or irresponsible, if I were any of the people living in the film's area.

One final note is about the score: it was actually very nice. Very suitable to the flick. Almost forgot to mention it, when I originally wrote the review.

Overall, if you like more modern, bloody westerns, this might be up your alley. It was a fun time, even if it wasn't perfect. I had a decent time with what I had here, and I'm glad I got to see it.

Thanks, Dad! I love you! And God bless you!


I loved this movie. It is brilliantly shot (pun intended), the performances are fab and the action is as it should be in a good western - quick, kinetic and brutal! This is not your run of the mill western either, it has a fresh twist on the genre and a sting in its tail!!


This is not your typical western. It opens with a bloody inane bank robbery shootout. The crooks get away. One is shot. The sheriff was killed. A man self appoints himself as sheriff as the deputy is a coward. He gathers a posse and goes after a different gang. There is distrust among the robbers. The posse includes the deputy and a man from Essex along for the experience.

The plot is filled with twists, although we can predict the last killing. It is also a comedy or dark comedy in a Tarantino style. Not for everyone. I got some enjoyment out of it. The mine scenes were great.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.


I love me a low budget western but this was a surprise in the best way!

Fun characters and a great situation for them to thrive! The shootouts definitely play in a variety of ways. There is one section that's a little like John Wick bit with a six-shooter. Another is fast paced and explosive.

I had a blast watching this and didn't expect to highly recommend and hope this team make another western.


A Fistful of Lead is a great addition to the western genre. This is a low budget film that uses its locations, characters and a compelling story to its fullest, never once leaving you anything other than entertained.

The story is packed with twists and turns, hitting familiar beats but with a freshness that keeps you engaged. From the start you know something is rotten in Bath Water and you are kept guessing until the very last satisfying scene.

Each character is brilliantly written and acted, and I thoroughly enjoyed Richard Sandling's Johnny Romford (who someone else referred to as "an annoying British guy"). Maybe it's because I'm British but I thought his character was hilarious, quotable ("alive is such a ballache"), and provided some comic relief to balance out the darker moments of the film.

The cinematography also deserves a mention. This is a beautiful film! All the shots in the wilderness look stunningly cold and bleak, and the orange-hued firelit scenes in the mine provide an exquisite contrast to this.

If you're a fan of westerns, or even if you're not, I highly recommend checking this out.


A great ,well choreographed action film which hits all the beats when it comes to story!


Sure this isn't a Sergio Leone western. But I'm not dopey enough to expect that. It's low budget but that doesn't mean it can't be engaging. It opens with more bang than other low budget films that have twice the budget. That hooked me and the rest was great fun. Loved the Laurel and Hardy style bankers


Corruption, conspiracy and crime! Lots of twists and turns. Not a film that is fast to explain itself to the audience. But that doesn't mean it drags. The pace rattles along and the cast are clearly having as much fun as the film makers. Looking forward to seeing more from this team