» » Thomas Müntzer - Ein Film deutscher Geschichte (1956)

Thomas Müntzer - Ein Film deutscher Geschichte (1956) Online

Thomas Müntzer - Ein Film deutscher Geschichte (1956) Online
Original Title :
Thomas Müntzer
Genre :
Movie / Drama / War
Year :
Directror :
Martin Hellberg
Cast :
Wolfgang Stumpf,Margarete Taudte,Wolf Kaiser
Writer :
Martin Hellberg,Horst Reinecke
Type :
Time :
2h 14min
Rating :
Thomas Müntzer - Ein Film deutscher Geschichte (1956) Online

Cast overview, first billed only:
Wolfgang Stumpf Wolfgang Stumpf - Thomas Müntzer
Margarete Taudte Margarete Taudte - Ottilie von Gersen
Wolf Kaiser Wolf Kaiser - Schwabenhannes
Martin Flörchinger Martin Flörchinger - Heinrich Pfeiffer
Wolfgang Kaehler Wolfgang Kaehler - Markus Stübner
Heinz Giese Heinz Giese - Hans Buss
Ruth-Maria Kubitschek Ruth-Maria Kubitschek - Bärbel Buss
Albert Garbe Albert Garbe - Bauer Barthel
Maly Delschaft Maly Delschaft - Frau Barthel
Hansjoachim Büttner Hansjoachim Büttner - Veit, ein Bergknappe
Jochen Diestelmann Jochen Diestelmann - Gerber Martin
Hans W. Hamacher Hans W. Hamacher - Apel Wynmeister
Doris Thalmer Doris Thalmer - Frau Wynmeister
Fritz Diez Fritz Diez - Feldhauptmann Hoffmann
Franz Loskarn Franz Loskarn - Hauptmann Krumpe

User reviews



Thomas Muentzer, a university companion of Martin Luther, raises to the leadership of the bloddiest German peasant uprising in the 1520's. I purchased the Video (icestorm release) from amazon.de, which features the unrestored version. I hope some studio will restore this valuable masterpiece of a film, and release it on DVD. The VHS version shows its age, and the story at times seems to be a little disjointed. If you are not a German viewer, and not at all familiar with German history, this will confuse you. Now, I'm a great fan of German history, and well read on the subject. If there was any socialist propaganda, it shows the peasants elevated as gentle Christian folk, the counts and local warlords as brute tyrants. If you can look beyond that, the film manages to breath life into this tragic period, in all it's details. If you have been fascinated about this periods costumes, buildings castles, villages, weaponry and battles, this is your ticket: Watch those flagwaving German landsknechts, the pike and halbadier men, the peasants armory, the cannons .... it's awesome and fascinating. They really look like the depictions of the great masterpainters like Hans Holbein, AlbrechtDuerer etc. I voted an 8/10 stars.