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Return of the Wolf Man (1957) Online

Return of the Wolf Man (1957) Online
Original Title :
Return of the Wolf Man
Genre :
Movie / Short / Action / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Donald F. Glut
Type :
Time :
Rating :

A thief, Lawrence Talbot removes the stake from a skeleton, which revives Dracula.

Return of the Wolf Man (1957) Online

A thief, Lawrence Talbot who is also a wolf man, breaks into Dracula's castle. he encounters a skeleton, and removes the stake from the bones. The removal pf the stake, revives Dracula who bites Talbot. Dracula then uses an electronic device to summon the Frankenstein monster. The monster leaves the castle. Talbot asks Dracula to cure him from being a werewolf. He then transforms into the wolf man. When the monsters returns, he and the wolf man fight. The wolf man transforms back into the human Talbot, who then shoots the monster and then he stakes Dracula.
Credited cast:
Donald F. Glut Donald F. Glut - Frankenstein's Monster

The opening title was added in 1958.

The "scientist" was originally the Talbot character with the concept changed when Keippel was no longer available.

Originally this movie was spliced onto the end of "Frankenstein Meets Dracula," making a longer film. Later the two were split into two separate movies.

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RETURN OF THE WOLF MAN is a short, homemade movie from monster lover Donald F. Glut. He was only 13 when he made this film, which is an open tribute to Universal's HOUSE OF Dracula and as such features no less than three big screen monsters tearing it up: there's Lawrence Talbot's Wolfman, Glut himself cameoing as Frankenstein's Monster (in a simple rubber mask) plus Dracula for good measure. It's just a trio of kids larking about and as such it's not very interesting, but there's no faulting the level of enthusiasm present here.


Return of the Wolf Man (1957)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Larry Talbot shows up at Dracula's castle to rob it but he ends up pulling the stake from the vampire's heart. Dracula ends up biting Talbot and then goes to revive the Frankenstein monster but while this is going on Talbot changes into a wolf. This amateur movie was clearing a homage to HOUSE OF Dracula and director Glut wanted to get all three of the big boys in one movie. If you're a fan of these classic Universal pictures then you're going to be entertained by this film. At just 7-minutes there's plenty of action to keep one entertained but the real highlight are seeing the three monsters. Yes, this is a no-budget film so one shouldn't come in expecting the work of Jack Pierce but for the most part the monsters look good enough. Frankenstein's monster is just Glut with a mask on but I did enjoy the outfit the monster wore. Dracula is pretty much right on target and the wolf man looks OK considering what type of film you're watching. There were a few trick shots that looked okay and there's no question that there's a lot of imagination in the film. Sure, this isn't a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination but there's enough heart in the picture to make it worth viewing.