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The Dropout (1962) Online

The Dropout (1962) Online
Original Title :
The Dropout
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Short
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The Dropout (1962) Online

A young man tired of "the rules" of high school, drops out. While he relishes his newfound "freedom, " he soon finds out that no one will hire a high school dropout, and his life starts to spiral out of control until he's reduced to wearing T-shirts, playing pool, and watching his friends being hauled off to jail for vagrancy. Is he next?

Produced with the cooperation of the Santa Monica Police Department and the Santa Monica Unified School District. Santa Monica is a Los Angeles suburb that at the time this short film was produced (1962) had a population of about 84,000.

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I saw this gem years ago and my recollection of it is not great. I do, however, remember it as a wonderfully campy mellodrama, set in Hollywood, concerning a would-be actress who seduces a high-school student, bringing him into her dark and sleazy underworld.

The opening scene is quite memorable. A tour bus is stopped at an intersection, the female lead crosses the street, a tourist asks excitedly, "Is she a star?" The tour guide replies, "NO, she's a nobody." Great, isn't it?


UNSPECTACULAR, FRUGAL & LOW-KEY as this may be, we have to give the production team our congratulations. They have nailed it. The story and characters within are universally recognizable in countless real life counterparts.

DONE IN SORT of a documentary style, only makes for a certain connection with reality. The inclusion of any attempt at rendering the short more dramatically "hip" would have only resulted in a crossover into the realm of "Camp" Humor a la REEFER MADNESS. Their use of the voice over narration proves to fit the bill.

WHEN FULLY CONSIDERED and taken as in light of the message behind it and the economy of filming employed, THE DROPOUT holds up very well today, over a half century later. It could very well be remade with a modern, all-inclusive attitude. (It has a completely all-white, middle class cast)

SUCH A PROJECT would be highly successful in reaching inner-city, poor and minority kids, who need to think about the lessons expounded much more than any others.