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The Other Two Chase Goes to a High School Dance (2019– ) Online

The Other Two Chase Goes to a High School Dance (2019– ) Online
Original Title :
Chase Goes to a High School Dance
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Mike Karnell
Cast :
Heléne Yorke,Drew Tarver,Case Walker
Writer :
Chris Kelly,Sarah Schneider
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
The Other Two Chase Goes to a High School Dance (2019– ) Online

Chase goes to a school dance with a young fan; Brooke and Cary accompany him and try and have the high school experiences they never had as teens.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Heléne Yorke Heléne Yorke - Brooke Dubek
Drew Tarver Drew Tarver - Cary Dubek
Case Walker Case Walker - Chase Dubek
Ken Marino Ken Marino - Streeter
Richard Kind Richard Kind - Skip Schamplin
Jackie Hoffman Jackie Hoffman - Lorraine
Daniel K. Isaac Daniel K. Isaac - Jeremy Delongpre
Josie Totah Josie Totah - Elijah (as JJ Totah)
Jackie Bahary Jackie Bahary
Bettina Bilger Bettina Bilger - Lisa
Twinkle Burke Twinkle Burke - Principal
Sydney Mae Diaz Sydney Mae Diaz - Swoopy Hair Kid
Tori Feinstein Tori Feinstein - Rachel Klein
Christopher Ryan Grant Christopher Ryan Grant
Dina Gusovsky Dina Gusovsky - Toni Carr

User reviews



This show started so strong. Really impressive. And then this happened. Since the cast has established their talent here and elsewhere, and it seems close to impossible that this material landed at table reads, I can only force myself to accept that this show has been pretty great despite being co-created/produced/etc. by two people who don't really have their own substance, or know firsthand what substance is, or aren't dissimilar from people I actually know but pretend not to recognize on the street because when our mutual friend isn't there I can't, I just can't, etc. Anyway, episode four capped off a great arc that established Cary as humanely flawed in ways that mainstream entertainment is just starting to make room for (we can finally laugh together about internalized homophobia!), so I was expecting to tuck in and enjoy a similar arc with Brooke (classic white feminist says what?) and then on to whatever. Not so fast! I know the show got renewed, and I *do* hope this episode is just a hiccup, but still... Victim of its own success? New Jersey remains a self-perpetuating psychosocial dumpster fire in our national comedic consciousness? Is there a gluten-free option? I guess we'll find out together.