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Big and Small Dream Team (2008–2011) Online

Big and Small Dream Team (2008–2011) Online
Original Title :
Dream Team
Genre :
TV Episode / Family
Year :
Type :
TV Episode
Rating :
Big and Small Dream Team (2008–2011) Online

One morning, Big wakes up with a start. He's had a bad dream. Small asks what the dream was about but Big refuses to say; he just needs to lock this dream away in his dream catcher box so it doesn't come back the next night and keep him awake. But Small opens the dream catcher and the dream escapes. To make sure the dream doesn't come back, Small has to keep Big from falling asleep. He bangs drums and clangs cymbals in an attempt to keep Big awake, although Big is so tired he keeps dozing off. Finally, Big tells Small about the dream. It was about a lollipop that shrinks when you suck it so there's no more lollipop left at all. Small points out that all lollipops shrink when you suck them. Big realizes the bad dream wasn't bad at all - and now they can both sleep soundly. {locallinks-homepage}
Episode credited cast:
Jamie Shannon Jamie Shannon - Ruby / Twiba (voice)