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Brad's Untitled Restaurant Project (2014) Online

Brad's Untitled Restaurant Project (2014) Online
Original Title :
Bradu0027s Untitled Restaurant Project
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Shea E. Butler,Jules Dameron
Cast :
Jodi Dennithorne,Mia Eden,Lindsay W. Evans
Writer :
Paul Kampf
Type :
Time :
1h 28min
Rating :
Brad's Untitled Restaurant Project (2014) Online

'Brad's Untitled...' is a wild comedy that is really 8 films in one. It all takes place in a restaurant in a twenty-minute real time. However, during each section we see the other films in the background. With a rewind and a time stamp, we see how the background of one film becomes the lead of another over 90 minutes. The style is built by using one main camera and a dozen hidden cameras that creates a truly unique tapestry of visual storytelling. It all ties together when the audience learns that one person set all of this up for a very funny, but cruel practical joke. It was shot in 3 days for $15K, using 5 diverse directors and the actors from PAI Training.
Credited cast:
Jodi Dennithorne Jodi Dennithorne - Trena (as Jodi Skeris)
Mia Eden Mia Eden - MArgaret
Lindsay W. Evans Lindsay W. Evans - Marsha
Whitton Frank Whitton Frank - Lisa
Shannon Going Shannon Going - Ellen
Diana Elizabeth Jordan Diana Elizabeth Jordan - Selma
Amie Judd Amie Judd - Tracy (voice)
Daniel W. Kennedy Daniel W. Kennedy - Joe
Jacqueline King Jacqueline King - Alice
Julie Langan Julie Langan - Laureen
Heather Long Heather Long - Eve
Megan Messmer Megan Messmer - Sonya
Sheena Metal Sheena Metal - Radio Host (voice)
Nathan Muhlstein Nathan Muhlstein - Peter
Timothy Palcic Timothy Palcic - Brad