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A Talent for Loving (1969) Online

A Talent for Loving (1969) Online
Original Title :
A Talent for Loving
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Western
Year :
Directror :
Richard Quine
Cast :
Richard Widmark,Topol,Geneviève Page
Writer :
Richard Condon,Jack Rose
Type :
Time :
1h 50min
Rating :
A Talent for Loving (1969) Online

A professional gambler is trapped into marrying within a Mexican family under an Aztec curse.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Richard Widmark Richard Widmark - Major Patten
Topol Topol - General Molina
Geneviève Page Geneviève Page - Delphine
Cesar Romero Cesar Romero - Don Jose
Fran Jeffries Fran Jeffries - Maria
Derek Nimmo Derek Nimmo - Moodie
Max Showalter Max Showalter - Franklin
Joe Melia Joe Melia - Tortillaw
John Bluthal John Bluthal - Martinelli
Libby Morris Libby Morris - Jacaranda
Mircha Carven Mircha Carven - Benito
Judd Hamilton Judd Hamilton - Jim
Caroline Munro Caroline Munro - Evalina
Marie Rogers Marie Rogers - Marylyn
Janet Storti Janet Storti - Florita

At one point, the Beatles were set to make this film, but they backed out.

Having failed to receive a theatrical release in the U.S., it premiered on US network ABC in spring 1974.

Richard Lester almost directed this.

Richard Quine first announced this in 1964, as a starring vehicle for Chuck Connors.

User reviews

Mitars Riders

Mitars Riders

The plots for this film are VERY unusual and very confusing. It all starts with Richard Widmark insulting an idiotic Mexican guy (Topol of all people) and then marrying a nympho with a strange family curse. She is super-rich but also super sex-crazed. There are LOTS of strange subplots involving the children of the various characters--and all of it seems, well, confusing.

"A Talent for Loving" is like a train wreck--a terribly unfunny train wreck. I have rarely seen a film try so very hard to be funny and fail at it so miserably. It's a sex spoof-comedy-western--and does a lousy job in all three categories. As a sexy film, it never really delivers and provides lots of innuendos but nothing that is terribly sexy. As a comedy, it's just not funny and tries in a shotgun manner to get laughs. In other words, throw enough silly situations and vignettes into the film and PERHAPS one of them will make you laugh...or not! As a western, it's not entertaining--especially with a lot of non-Indians playing the Indians (sort of like Mel Brooks playing an Indian in "Blazing Saddles"). It's terrible and I can see why it was never released theatrically. And, in many ways, it reminds me of the 1967 version of "Casino Royale"--another sex comedy that simply is unfunny and rarely sexy.

A bad film is practically every way and I am sure that this was a big source of embarrassment for all those involved.


This movie is one of the funniest spoofs on westerns that I've seen. Cesar Romero and Richard Widmark do an outstanding job playing characters who are exaggerated versions of a worried father and a cowboy. Because of the "time frame" it occurs in, it is probably appreciated more by "seniors" who grew up with westerns of all kinds than it would be by younger generations who are more used to "modern" westerns - i.e. Starwars. Nothing in the movie is serious and like "Texas Across the River" and "Rustlers Rhapsody" it has a lot of laughs in it. It is definitely a "laugh out loud" movie and if I could find a copy of it I would purchase it for myself.


Richard Widmark when asked what was his worst film has to answer A Talent for Loving. How he got roped into this one, the Deity only knows.

What A Talent for Loving attempts to do is combine a sex farce and a western comedy in the same film and it succeeds at being neither.

Widmark is a gambler who wins the deed to a big ranch in Mexico from a Mexican bandit played by Topol in one overacted performance. The ranch belongs to Cesar Romero and he and Widmark hit it off. So much so that he's no sooner sat down to the family table than Romero is trying to fix him up with his daughter.

Seems as though there's a family curse at work. Romero's ancestor back in those conquistador days kanoodled with 634 Aztec women and Montezuma put a curse on the family. The women upon their first romantic encounter become insatiable nymphomaniacs. The only way to save them from a life of degradation is to get them married a.s.a.p.

That is the talent for loving the title talks about. And it goes down from there folks. Topol isn't the only one who overacts, everyone here does. I suppose it was the best thing to do keep one's sanity.