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El show de Andy Griffith The Shoplifters (1960–1968) Online

El show de Andy Griffith The Shoplifters (1960–1968) Online
Original Title :
The Shoplifters
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Family
Year :
Directror :
Coby Ruskin
Cast :
Andy Griffith,Ron Howard,Don Knotts
Writer :
Bill Idelson,Sam Bobrick
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
El show de Andy Griffith The Shoplifters (1960–1968) Online

Department store owner Ben Weaver becomes concerned when he realizes that a good amount of his stock has gone missing. Andy thinks it's due to shoplifting but Barney is convinced that it may be a burglar so he breaks a date with Thelma Lou to explore the premises after hours. Ben Weaver decides to do the same and all they manage to do is scare each other half to death. Andy finally gets Barney to go to the store during regular working hours to keep his eyes open for shoplifters but when the bumbling Deputy arrests what appears to be a kindly old lady he seems to have messed up yet again. {locallinks-homepage}
Episode cast overview:
Andy Griffith Andy Griffith - Andy Taylor
Ron Howard Ron Howard - Opie Taylor (as Ronny Howard) (credit only)
Don Knotts Don Knotts - Barney Fife
Frances Bavier Frances Bavier - Aunt Bee (credit only)
Lurene Tuttle Lurene Tuttle - Little Old Lady
Tol Avery Tol Avery - Ben Weaver
Charles Thompson Charles Thompson - Asa Breeney (as Charles P. Thompson)
Jewel Rose Jewel Rose - Store Customer
Elizabeth Harrower Elizabeth Harrower - Store Customer
Mary Lansing Mary Lansing - Store Customer
Clint Howard Clint Howard - Leon

Ben Weaver is played by Tol Avery. The first actor to play Ben Weaver before his passing was veteran actor Will Wright.

This is the first time Barney is seen retrieving his bullet from his right shirt pocket, it's typically in his left.

When Andy has the shoplifter step on the scale, her weight is 163 lbs, which is highly suspicious for a short, little old lady, confirming Andy's suspicions on her guilt.

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I really like this episode, the opening scene Andy and Barney are in the squad car chuckling and gossiping about Mayberry citizens,Barney mentions a Myra Kuntz(must be an attractive go-getter),meanwhile dept.store mgr.Ben Weaver signals the dynamic duo and alerts them his merchandise has been disappearing(lifted). Barney decides to scan the score at night,when Weaver does the same but wind up bumbling each other. In the conclusion Barney dresses as a store mannequin,funny scene when two lady customers laugh and says 'The dummy looks like Barney Fife',at that point Fearless Fife accuses elderly spinster Ms.Tuttle of lifting items however she has a receipt and lashes at Barney and Mr.Weaver, Andy takes an angry Barney outside and lectures him about being exactly sure someone is stealing suggesting that customer hasn't left the store and still may pay for items,however Andy states he viewed Ms.Tuttle and asks Barney to get a bathroom scale of the shelf and have Mrs.Tuttle her to weigh herself outside much to the dismay of store mgr.bewildered Mr.Weaver and 'pissed off' Ms.Tuttle.

All 3 notice 'little.old lady'Tuttle seems overweight but Andy was correct he tells her to.open her long coat and inside the lining she has stashed half the silver and other jewelry and utensils,she is led off to the slammer.

I can relate to this story as I've worked in the retail business many years and have caught hundreds of customers.
Small Black

Small Black

This is a very funny episode. I also like it because although Barney screws up yet again, he ALMOST gets it right. With a small amount of help from Andy, the boys are able to foil a robbery spree.

The show begins with a shop owner, Ben Weaver, being angry (as usual). It seems that items are disappearing from his store and the police have so far done little to resolve this problem. Instead of relying on regular police work, however, Barney (on his own) decides to do some undercover work. In a hilarious scene, Barney wears a disguise and decides to go undercover! Eventually, Barney decides his brilliant police work has determined who the culprit is...and he has the right person but almost botches the arrest. Thankfully, Andy helps out...and observes that ladies shouldn't 'clank'.

This one has most everything--nice comedy, good character development and nice chemistry between the leads. While not among the very best, it is memorable and well worth your time. And once again, Barney makes the show worth seeing.