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GTO: The Graduation Special (2013) Online

GTO: The Graduation Special (2013) Online
Original Title :
GTO: The Graduation Special
Genre :
Creative Work / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Kazuhisa Imai
Cast :
Akira,Mari Asazato,Chiho Fujii
Writer :
Tôru Fujisawa,Junpei Yamaoka
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 59min
Rating :
GTO: The Graduation Special (2013) Online

Credited cast:
Akira Akira - Onizuka Eikichi
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Mari Asazato Mari Asazato
Chiho Fujii Chiho Fujii - Mayumi Otsuka
Ayano Fujisawa Ayano Fujisawa - Ayame Shiratori
Eri Fuse Eri Fuse
Shinichi Hara Shinichi Hara
Hatsunori Hasegawa Hatsunori Hasegawa
Tomoharu Hasegawa Tomoharu Hasegawa
Anna Ishii Anna Ishii
Haruna Kawaguchi Haruna Kawaguchi
Yukimi Koyanagi Yukimi Koyanagi
Hitomi Kuroki Hitomi Kuroki
Nanami Mihashi Nanami Mihashi
Hitomi Miyake Hitomi Miyake
Karen Miyazaki Karen Miyazaki

User reviews



To my own surprise I watched this out of curiosity but sadly it was even trashier then then the original series because the acting has not improved and the quality of the story telling is even lower.

In this the lack of chemistry between actors is quite evident there was no chemistry between Akira and Miori Takimoto and there was no chemistry between Ryuji and Nagisa in this. Not to mention none of the acting has improved at all, because the acting in much of the actors was pretty wooden! Also there was even less humanity to Akira's performance to Onizuka then before because in this they made him too self righteous and even hypocritical. Also Azusa was really quite bland and I liked the more independent version shown in the anime, original live and manga (even though I HATED the manga especially these days).

The character development was an even badder joke then the TV series and the other specials. The ending was utterly pathetic and I wasn't uplifted because this was a pretty half baked 'effort' (shall I call it?) at a GTO 'Live Action' remake which was a very pointless project to begin with.

At least with the anime they bothered with character development as did the original live action plus they were decent unlike this load of utter trash or even the manga which lost focus on the story so much that also introduced so much junk into it and the characterization was rather poor though mind you the 2012 series including this special was a hell of a lot worse! All in all this was a poor adaptation of a poor manga in fact the anime and the original live did a far better job of what GTO should have been and lived up to the spirit of Shonan Junan Gumi and Bad Company then this load of utter trash or even the badly written GTO manga itself!