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Deep in My Mind (2011) Online

Deep in My Mind (2011) Online
Original Title :
Deep in My Mind
Genre :
Creative Work / Horror
Year :
Directror :
Günther Brandl,Helmut Brandl
Cast :
Günther Brandl,Vlasto Peyitch,Helmut Brandl
Writer :
Günther Brandl
Budget :
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 39min
Rating :
Deep in My Mind (2011) Online

When Elliott Davis (Gunther Brandl) checks in to the Desdemona Hotel for one night, we gather that he is a friendly insurance agent. All he wants is some peace and quiet and he achieves this however not easily by the bizarre hotel personnel and the strange room. Elliott has a cold and experiences endless nightmares in which strange visions appear. The odd Nathan (Martin Eherer) and the obscure Regina (Carolina Rath) appear tempting Elliott into further doubt. Is the doubt becoming enflamed? Or is everything out of reality? Who is this nearly sympathetic Grzegorz (Vlasto Peyitch) with the butcher's knife?The question is soon answered because it marks only the beginning of what is to come. With every minute Elliott is pulled into a pull of surrealism. The lines between reality and fiction blur. Elliott is on a journey through his deep thoughts. Thoughts that perhaps want to be set free...
Credited cast:
Günther Brandl Günther Brandl - Elliott Davis
Vlasto Peyitch Vlasto Peyitch - Grzegorz Stajner
Helmut Brandl Helmut Brandl - Pierre
Martin Faltermeier Martin Faltermeier - Dr. Van Kessler
Lars Möhring Lars Möhring - Gilbert
Carolina Rath Carolina Rath - Regina
Martin Eherer Martin Eherer - Nathan
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Timo Tirado Timo Tirado - Harry

User reviews

Phallozs Dwarfs

Phallozs Dwarfs

Just have a look here at IMDb, no reviews so far or vote for this flick. The reason is very simple, this is a flick made in the German language and doesn't have any proper release. But I do go to horror conventions in Germany and by doing so I noticed new labels like for example Blacklava who is distributing a few Brandl Pictures.

Another problem with German flicks is the fact that they do speak their native language and foreigners doesn't pick up those flicks but this Brandl picture did had English subs and have seen the trailer I thought that it was time to pick it up.

And I must say that I didn't regret it picking up. It isn't a straight horror it's the kind of flick that you love or hate because it's more an arty flick.

I wont go into the story itself because it's rather simple and even by clocking in at 99 minutes it must have a strong editing to keep you attracted. Luckily it did. For some of course it will be a turn off, remember for example The Lords Of Salem (2012) which also had a lot of dream sequences well this flick here do has a lot of those sequences. They do come in slowly but towards the end it's all imagination and dreams that are going on.

In the start of this flick the dreams are just filmed in a normal way but after awhile they are done by editing, and you know the way, special lighting (red and green), blue key effects, high speed shots. You know what I mean. For such a low budget flick I was rather surprised that it involved a lot of editing and special effects. I did saw other trailers from Brandl so I knew that it do involves nudity and we do have a lot here, some in dreams so you have to watch closely and others for real, and some are indeed full frontal. So if you ca't stand nudity then this isn't going to be your flick.

Of course the editing and the dream sequences take you away to the aspect of acting. But be honest, you don't watch it for the acting. I have seen worse but here it's mediocre.

To conclude, if you are into Lynch and arty stuff then this is worth picking up, it do has a lot of nudity and pieces of blood here and there and cheesy effects with a scorpion and a cockroach but hey, it's low budget and a good one.

Gore 1/5 Nudity 2,5/5 Effects 3,5/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5