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Red Victoria (2008) Online

Red Victoria (2008) Online
Original Title :
Red Victoria
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Horror
Year :
Directror :
Tony Brownrigg
Cast :
Tony Brownrigg,Arianne Martin,Edward Landers
Writer :
Tony Brownrigg
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 29min
Rating :
Red Victoria (2008) Online

An unsuccessful romance writer is convinced by his agent to write a horror film to help make ends meet. He winds up accidentally releasing an undead muse named Victoria in his efforts to write horror. She takes charge of the situation by inspiring him to write a horror script by killing all his friends and family.
Credited cast:
Tony Brownrigg Tony Brownrigg - Jim (as Anthony Brownrigg)
Arianne Martin Arianne Martin - Victoria
Edward Landers Edward Landers - Carl
Joshua Morris Joshua Morris - Peter (as Miles Brennan)
Christian Taylor Christian Taylor - Blake
Cory Turner Cory Turner - Dr. Mathews
Haven Riney Haven Riney - Interviewer
John Phelan John Phelan - Wolfgang
Mary Ann McCarty Mary Ann McCarty - Receptionist
Jenna Finley Jenna Finley - Warehouse Victim
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Robert Maszk Robert Maszk - Pizza Man

Finding your muse, can be murder.

User reviews



I just got back from the "Texas Frightmare Weekend" in which this had a screening. Red Victoria is about a man named Tim. He is a screenplay writer who writes Dramas/Comedies. His manager informs him that his scripts aren't selling and he is going to have to do a Horror film which is all the fad right now. So Tim sets out to write one without really wanting to write it. He attempts to get help from a friend who is a movie buff but that doesn't help much. So... one night, whilst going into his bedroom he finds a corpse, or so it appears. A spirit named Victoria has been sent to help him write his Horror film. Red Victoria stars Anthony Brownrigg (also writing and directing) and Arianne Martin. Anthony writes a damn good film. The dialog never feels forced and is very funny. It may appear to be a casual Horror film, but you HAVE to see it. It is a great light comedy that is in the taste of films like "Hot Fuzz" which are great pokes at it but are in there own way like the genre there tackling. Red Victoria has many great performances, great dialog and everything you need in a perfect film.


Anthony Brownrigg wrote, directed, produced, and starred in this film. He spent $5,000 to create this film, originally as a "resume" piece to help him secure funding for another project. However, his film is so well done, the acting is so superb, and the story so fantastic, it has become a breakout hit and is generating a lot of buzz.

Arianne Martin plays an undead muse who comes to inspire Tim to write a good horror screenplay. Tim believes horror is low-brow opiate for the masses and hardly worthy of his intelligence. Victoria, the undead muse, inspires him by killing a few people, working to induce horrific situations, and teaching him about the emotion of horror. Carl, played by Edward Landers, is a horror fan and a friend of Tim's who is also enlisted to help Tim gain the knowledge necessary to write this horror film. Arianne, Tony, and Ed create memorable scenes, their acting is supreme, and their interactions are natural and very believable.

This film is a must-see for horror fans, comedy fans, and fans of great independent low-budget cinematic brilliance.


The movie opens with two people doing an interview about the success of a horror movie. And essentially the entire film is about a screenwriter "Jim" (Anthony Brownrigg)who doesn't want to write horror films, despite his agent wanting him to. Jim's problem isn't so much that he doesn't want to write it, more that he doesn't have any idea of how to. Jim turns to his buddy and the films resident horror fanatic Carl (Edward Landers)to help him with the semantics of his tale. (He could have just called the Dhampir in for an assist!) Still not knowing what to do he does what the Dhampir himself enjoys doing during times of stress and gets drunk. So whilst drunk he recites some Shakespeare (Yawn!) then goes to bed only to find his new inspiration (sort of) and "editor" Victoria (Arianne Martin)waiting to meet him.

SIDE NOTE*** The Dhampir cannot think of any circumstances where this lovely gal, Arianne Martin, waiting in bed for him could ever be considered a bad thing! So after an entertaining introduction, Victoria ..

tells Jim that she's there to help him write his story.

She then proceeds to kill off anyone who distracts or interferes with the writing of said screenplay. Ed can actually see Victoria, so he' s safe, and helps Jim come up with ways to try to help Jim get rid of Victoria of which absolutely 0 work.

The things the Dhampir loved!!!!+++++ **I give Brownrigg credit for working in an adaptation of Abbot & Costello's "Who's on First" Skit, it does happen to be one of the Dhampir's favorite skits of all time. Not an easy trick for modern horror.

**Brownrigg does an excellent job at playing an idealistic lofty goaled writer. He's nervous, and nerdy in the extreme and Brownrigg, is in real life nothing like that.

**Martin is both beautiful, extremely beautiful and can act as well, she's more than just a pair of eyes, and more than just eye candy. She plays the role Angelic and Evil simultaneously.

**It's funny as hell! **This is a fresh and new idea, not a remake nor is it something that we've seen in 100's of other films, Brownrigg has a vision. It's a fun movie.

**This isn't just an indie film, but one that the Dhampir feels will be a cult classic in time! The things that the Dhampir didn't love so much!------------ -- No nudity.

--There could have been more on screen deaths.

--The audio comes out of sync from time to time.

--Victoria changes back into her Arianne "form" too early in the movie, maybe a budget thing? SPOILER INCOMING!!!!!!!!!!! OK so, Ed eventually finds this "Holy Dagger" and gives it to Jim after the "I'm a necrophiliac! Oh God! I did! I'm a necrophiliac!" scene. (Which the Dhampir loved by the way) which can only be used at midnight on Halloween. So our hero puts up with Victoria for two months and finally we arrive at Halloween night. Victoria has a woman tied to a chair and wants Jim to kill her, he refuses (Wuss) and goes home. Victoria comes in and he used the "Holy Dagger" to stab her to death, turns around and there she stands. He turns to look at her body which he deposited on his bed (More necrophilia? You ask?) Only to find out that he just stabbed Ed to death! After a conversation about truth Jim shoots himself in the head! The movie closes back at the interview from the beginning, Victoria is behind the interviewer with a knife and Jim stands up telling the interview that the secret of the first film is that it's a trilogy. Jim stands up obscuring the camera and Roll credits! THE DHAMPIR SAYS!!!! I lover this movie!!! it was fun and refreshing to see newness in horror. This was new actors, a new story and it was fun. A lot of the music is from a band called "7 seconds of love" and even it's fun. You need to go see this film! ********* 9 out of 10 stars


fantastic performances, loved the dark comedy setting. a fresh breath of air and well worth a watch! to be honest i didn't expect too much of it but i was pleasantly surprised, the effects are quite nice,story well written and its really filmed very professional. and best of all you can really see that the actors enjoy themselves making the movie. it really shines

arianne martin being my personal favorite as victoria (awesome character) followed closely by edward landers as carl (really nailed the horrorflick nerd) but thats not to say that tony brownrigg as jim was bad, oh no he pulls it off really good

watch it NOW!


I downloaded this movie. Yup, I admit it. Don't ask me where or how. But, by the time the credits were rolling, I was already logged into my favorite online retailer, and was purchasing the DVD. It's that good. Don't let the ridiculously low overall rating here dissuade you.

If you are looking for a straight ahead horror movie, you are in the wrong place. That's not what you'll find here. What this movie is, quite simply, is the best parody of the horror genre since the original Scream. And like Scream, it works as a comedy, a horror flick and as the satire.

Excellently written, acceptably acted (granting these aren't seasoned pros) and with much better than to be expected special effects, Red Victoria is a very pleasant surprise, and well worth your time and movie bucks to see.

Highly enjoyable, and highly recommended!


This movie was AWESOME!!!!! I went into it with no expectations and absolutely fell in love with Jim. I wasn't sure where it was going to end up and it got to me at the end. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. The relationship between Victoria and Jim is so unpredictable and you don't know whether to root for or against Victoria. I was glad when she took a proper human form and we got to see what she really looked like. The concept of the movie is one of a kind. It also had a good musical score. The movie was very well thought out and very well assembled. It might make you think about how well you would do if you were successful in a job and since you were good in one area, your bosses thought you'd do great in an entirely different department. I am so glad to have come across this movie and plan on adding it to my DVD collection.


Jim (Tony Brownrigg) fancies himself a script writer with style and integrity. His agent (Joshua Morris) demands he write horror, a genre Jim looks upon with disdain. He enlists the assistance of his low-brow friend Carl (Edward Landers) a horror film aficionado. Then Victoria (Arianne Martin) appears in Jim's life. Victoria is Jim's un-dead muse. Jim struggles to get rid of her and to write his screen play and tries to keep people around himself alive as Victoria is prone to do things to inspire Jim...like kill people.

The film is first and foremost a comedy. I love comedy-horror films and this one is no exception. I thought the film was very good, but seemed terribly miscast. It was border line cult classic.

Now my beef was with Carl who said horror films are not "art" and forget any meaning. That is hardly true. Zombies represent the mindless masses who travel in packs, killing anything that is different. They are attracted to malls, Facebook, and shop on Amazon. Vampires are blood sucking capitalist who suck the life out of everything...like Don and his 2 sons Uday and Qusay. Now there are good capitalists who try to save us from evil capitalists...and Hollywood has given us good vampires who try to protect us from bad vampires. Frankenstein represents man's quest for immortality while slasher films appeal to the primordial sex and violence urges in the hypothalamus. For some the stimulation is an overload, calming our aggression like Carl in the film. For others it is just a taste that creates a craving. I think I have gone on enough. I feel better now.

Guide: F-word. Implied sex. No nudity.