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Melle (2017) Online

Melle (2017) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Family / Musical / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Binu Ulahhannan
Cast :
Amith Chakalakkal,Thanuja Karthik,Joju George
Writer :
Binu Ulahhannan,Binu Ulahhannan
Type :
Time :
1h 55min
Rating :
Melle (2017) Online

Uma and her father Job live together in Kolkatta. After Job sees everyone he knows and cares for move away he is left pondering whether he should return to his homeland. After an upsetting experience Uma meets the love of her life. Together they set off to discover their new life together while exploring their love for each other.
Credited cast:
Amith Chakalakkal Amith Chakalakkal
Thanuja Karthik Thanuja Karthik
Joju George Joju George
Joy Mathew Joy Mathew
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
P. Balachandran P. Balachandran
Ambika Mohan Ambika Mohan
Krishna Prabha Krishna Prabha

User reviews



I don't understand the reason behind the existence of this film. First, they show us a woman (Thanuja Karthik) falling prey to a possible fraud medical experiment but don't describe the motivation of the perpetrators behind doing so. Next they show a love story between this woman and a doctor (Amith Chakalakkal) and waste the second half in showing absolutely nothing but the unfolding of their romance. The problem is that writer-director Binu Ulahannan has not stitched his work properly, which makes Melle look like a collection of random sequences involving these two lovebirds. Debutante Karthik is astonishingly poor in her performance, not moving even her lips while talking. Chakalakkal is a familiar face and also manages to pull his part decently. So does Joju George and other supporting actors. With useless songs thrown around and an attempt to highlight the fallacies of the medical industry, Melle chugs as a feeble story. It goes on for about 2 hours with a predictable ending that does not make you feel anything. Do you feel for this woman and her lover? No. Do you understand what director Ulahannan had wanted to convey? No. Does this film come recommended? No. TN.