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Don't Get Me Wrong (1937) Online

Don't Get Me Wrong (1937) Online
Original Title :
Donu0027t Get Me Wrong
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Reginald Purdell,Arthur B. Woods
Cast :
Max Miller,Olive Blakeney,George E. Stone
Writer :
John Dighton,John Dighton
Type :
Time :
1h 20min
Rating :
Don't Get Me Wrong (1937) Online

A fairground barker tries to interest a millionaire in a new substitute for petrol.
Complete credited cast:
Max Miller Max Miller - Wellington Lincoln
Olive Blakeney Olive Blakeney - Frankie
George E. Stone George E. Stone - Chuck
Glen Alyn Glen Alyn - Christine
Clifford Heatherley Clifford Heatherley - Sir George Baffin
Wallace Evennett Wallace Evennett - Dr. Rudolph Pepper (as Wallace Evenett)
Alexander Field Alexander Field - Gray

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Max Miller was in my opinion the greatest stand up comedian of his generation.Thes best way to get a feel of what he was really like on stage is to listen to recordings of his performances at the Holborn Empire.He was not really blue,certainly not by today's standards but for his generation he was what you might call "Near The Nuckle"My mother has told me that my grandmother,who i always regraded as rather prim and proper,always used to roar with laughter when she went to see him.So due to censorship restrictions of the period we are never going to get the Full Max on film.So we just have to treasure the historical record on film and be thankful that some of his films have survived.I think that the only person that i have ever heard talk so fast on screen is James Cagney.What i would say though is that this film is primarily for aficionados of his style of comedy or British films of the 30s,Otherwise it might leave you a bit disinterested


Max Miller is running a carnival pitch as a spieler with Olive Blakeney and George E. Stone. Wallace Evennett shows up with a pill that, added to water, will make a cheap substitute for gasoline. With everyone in tow, Miller talks his way into the offices of Clifford Heatherley to back this in a big company. Heatherley's plan, however, is to use this obvious scam to drive down the price of petroleum shares and buy them up at a cheap price.

Max Miller was a fast-talking British comic whose patter tended to be off-color. Here, he's very amusing for most of the movie until the final quarter, when the plot requires that things be done and he occasionally stop talking. Up until then he's a delight in this Teddington production from Warner Brothers, where they had parked a couple of their contract players; Miss Blakeney had appeared in the 1934 version of the similarly plotted THE BUTTER AND EGG MAN.