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ReBoot: The Guardian Code Mainframe Mayhem (2018– ) Online

ReBoot: The Guardian Code Mainframe Mayhem (2018– ) Online
Original Title :
Mainframe Mayhem
Genre :
TV Episode / Action / Comedy / Drama / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Pat Williams,Michael Dowding
Cast :
Ty Wood,Ajay Friese,Gabriel Darku
Writer :
Michael Hefferon,Mark Leiren-Young
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
ReBoot: The Guardian Code Mainframe Mayhem (2018– ) Online

Megabyte goes into Mainframe to convince his sister Hexadecimal to join forces with him. With Trey away at a basketball game, Vector, Enigma and Googz investigate and encounter original ReBoot characters Bob, Dot, and Enzo, in Mainframe.
Episode cast overview:
Ty Wood Ty Wood - Austin / Vector
Ajay Friese Ajay Friese - Parker / Coogz
Gabriel Darku Gabriel Darku - Trey / Frag
Hannah Vandenbygaart Hannah Vandenbygaart - Vera
Sydney Scotia Sydney Scotia - Tamra / Enigma
Timothy E. Brummund Timothy E. Brummund - Megabyte (voice)
Shirley Millner Shirley Millner - Hexadecimal (voice)
Michael Benyaer Michael Benyaer - Bob (voice)
Kathleen Barr Kathleen Barr - Dot Matrix (voice)
Mark Leiren-Young Mark Leiren-Young - The User
Octavian Kaul Octavian Kaul - Enzo Matrix (voice)

If you read on the second boot screen of the mainframe unit you can see the Serial Ports Address , this code is familiar because it's a Canadian postal code ,V6J 1Z6 , the rainmaker studio postal code in Vancouver , BC , Canada.

The game case that The User takes the Alcatraz game from is a green Xbox one.

User reviews



The majority of this show is simply uninspired and bland. This episode is the exception. It was specifically designed to insult fans of the real ReBoot series. The characters from the old series are horrifically animated, like corpses of the real sprites on strings. Think "Weekend at Bernie's" but far less funny.

Dot in particular is badly done. She has been robbed of all the original's personality and reduced to a damsel in distress to be saved. She also looks like a wax sculpture of herself.

Among all that, the people at Rainmaker found time to put in The User: an overtly offensive caricature of classic ReBoot fans. Here portrayed as a basement-dwelling loser surrounded by ReBoot merchandise. They were nice enough to break continuity and the fourth wall to spit on the same people who have been calling for the folks on this show to be employed.

Can we rate a show less than one star?


I was willing to give this series a chance.

I have a son now and thought having a new show about an IP I loved growing up would be great. And then, the people from Mainframe Studios, Reboot Productions and Wow Unlimited Media Inc. disrespected me and all the fans of the original show.

It's not all bad, mind you. Some performances are refreshing. The actress who plays V.E.R.A. does a great job in my opinion.

Having said that, it baffled me why the showrunners would go to such lengths to belittle me and others like me.

I thought in 2018 we were past harmful stereotypes, but apparently a balding, overweight man living in his parent's basement is how they see the fans of the original show.

Sloppy CGI, bland characters, uneven pacing, all that we can overlook as an audience. Having you bully us... not a chance.

I'd never wish for a show to be cancelled. I'm aware that the livelihood of many depend on it. I just wish there weren't such mean spirited people at the helm of this production.

May this message find you and yours well.


Rainmaker doesn't know why I as a ReBoot fan bothered to try enjoying their show, but they're going to find out: ReBoot!

I watched this final episode because I thought they'd actually try to make a half-decent passing-the-torch episode... This was so...classless, tactless, insulting and cruel, an unnecessary ball of confusion at best. The more I think of it, the more the decision to do things the way they were done here seems like such a failure.

Fans of Guardian Code won't appreciate it because these poorly rendered and textured shells of themselves look awkward, the scenery yet again looks cold and unpopulated, and the mean-spirited attempt will only make the episode itself look imbalanced. The call-back portion makes little to no sense in the context of the main show and appears aimed at no one but fans of the original, who haven't exactly been treated as though they've been expected to try any of TGC at all.. To quote Guardian Bob from the original series, "Why? Why do this!?" I shudder to remember the wicked delivery of the reply.

"It amused me."


Finally the old characters back, with original voices. Shame that the CG is not even as good as the original series, 20 years ago, lazy animation, lazy texturing and lighting. But I was smiling to see them back again. Now we just need Mouse, Andraia and Matrix