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Filthy McNastiest: Apocalypse Fuck! (2005) Online

Filthy McNastiest: Apocalypse Fuck! (2005) Online
Original Title :
Filthy McNastiest: Apocalypse Fuck!
Genre :
Creative Work / Comedy / Horror
Year :
Cast :
Meredith Host,Cherry Brady,Jason McCall
Budget :
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 3min
Rating :
Filthy McNastiest: Apocalypse Fuck! (2005) Online

FILTHY McNASTIEST goes beyond the previous films and introduces D'artagnan, who proves that the female is indeed the deadliest of the species! She grants Clavell's desire to satisfy his lover in one area where he's coming up "short" with hilariously over-the-top consequences! Featuring a cameo by Troma superhero Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD! Co-starring Voluptuous magazine model Cherry Brady!
Cast overview, first billed only:
Meredith Host Meredith Host - Dartagnan
Cherry Brady Cherry Brady - Maxine
Jason McCall Jason McCall - Clavell Mandanglo
Jen Stone Jen Stone - Juliana
Noel Williams Noel Williams - Vasquez
Lauren Seavage Lauren Seavage - Gargamel (as Lauren P. Seavage)
Matt Meister Matt Meister - Diamond Dave (as Matt Puckerchord)
Teen Ape Teen Ape - Himself
Chris Seaver Chris Seaver - Mr. Bonejack
Sgt. Kabukiman Sgt. Kabukiman - Himself
Andrew Copp Andrew Copp - Eugene Duqua (as Andy Copp)
Henrique Couto Henrique Couto - Budnick
John Karyus John Karyus - Chutney
Fawn LaRoche Fawn LaRoche - Abortion Girl
Shawn A. Green Shawn A. Green - Zombie (as Shawn Green)

User reviews



The previous two Filthy McNasty films were pathetic, crude stupid indie films that failed on every front and the third is no different.

It desperately wants to be funny but uses a humour that will only appeal to those with the mental capacity of a 10yr old.

With ridiculous characters, random events that make no sense and this time the addition of some really disgusting scenes including a sexual abortion this really is as bad as it gets.

The shocking thing is that this is the best of the three, but I'd still argue the case for this being one of the worst movie franchises ever made.

The Good:

Not a thing

The Bad:

Literally everything

A couple of sickening disgusting scenes

Things I Learnt From This Show:

Satans Jockstrap sounds like a lovely town


For his third Filthy McNasty film, writer/director Chris Seaver pulls a sex-change switcheroo: this time around, it's a female sex demon that is summoned after Clavell Mandanglo (Jason McCall) gets his best friend Juliana (Jen Stone) to a perform a witchcraft ritual to make him well endowed. Unfortunately for Clavell, his celebratory par-tay the following evening is crashed by the demon, Dartagnan (Meredith Host), who proceeds to kill the guests.

As before, totally off-the-wall characters (think John Waters, Troma, and Bo' Selecta!) and tasteless gags involving all manner of bodily parts and functions are the order of the day. If anything, Seaver goes even further with the depravity. Obviously, this is all aimed at a very select audience, but if you enjoyed the first two films, then have at it. You might as well watch 'em all.


FILTHY MCNASTIEST is the final part of the FILTHY MCNASTY trilogy, shot on video home movies that never should have been made in the first place. This one updates the pact-with-a-demon storyline by having a female demon instead, but the format is otherwise the same. If you like watching people screwing around in their bedrooms then this is the film for you.

It's a travesty of movie-making, with appalling non-existent production values and no real storyline. The whole film seems to be based around extreme bad taste humour, which is guaranteed to sicken any viewer. Is it funny? No. Is it disturbing? Nope. Controversial? Not even close - just execrable.


OK, someone has to speak out, because the other review has to have been written by a cast member or family.

The one liners were funny, especially the main character and his "trial and error" ghetto speak.

Gore is done all off camera. The only really attractive girl is "Juliana" played by Jen Stone. Unfortunately she is clothed the entire movie.

All in all, it's a decent movie for something that might have been shot with a home camcorder with very very little budget, but nothing you haven't seen before.

Ps. drinking before the movie does not help with the enjoyment.