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La máquina de bailar (2006) Online

La máquina de bailar (2006) Online
Original Title :
La máquina de bailar
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Music
Year :
Directror :
Óscar Aibar
Cast :
Jordi Vilches,Santiago Segura,Bárbara Muñoz
Writer :
Óscar Aibar,Jimina Sabadú
Type :
Time :
1h 49min
Rating :
La máquina de bailar (2006) Online

After accidentally killing the albino boa of his boss, and in search of money to buy a new one, Dani and his colleagues sign up for the first national competition of Dance Dance Revolution.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Jordi Vilches Jordi Vilches - Dani
Santiago Segura Santiago Segura - Johnny
Bárbara Muñoz Bárbara Muñoz - Lara
Eduardo García Eduardo García - Óscar
Chema Rodríguez-Calderón Chema Rodríguez-Calderón - Salva (as Chema Rodríguez)
Oscar Salcedo Oscar Salcedo - Josemi (as Oskar Salcedo)
José Corbacho José Corbacho - Fernando
Josele Román Josele Román - Olivia
Benito Pocino Benito Pocino - Gutiérrez
Tomás Pozzi Tomás Pozzi - Specker
Daniel Cho Daniel Cho - Yazu
Josu Ormaetxe Josu Ormaetxe - Arbitro
Lucía Moreno Lucía Moreno - Azafata
Enrique Villén Enrique Villén - Ricky
Paco Hidalgo Paco Hidalgo - Primo 1

The DDR arcade machine used in the movie was rigged so it could be controlled using a home port version of DDR. (Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix for PSX, Dance Dance Revolution 7th Mix and DDR EXTREME Japanese PS2 version.)

User reviews



I watched this film last night and left the cinema satisfied that the film had an interesting outcome and i'm sure put a smile on all the viewers faces. It has elements of comedy, drama and takes a close look at relationships between friends and how sometimes when faced with the worst, it brings out the best in us. The movie is full of very amusing moments throughout and for Torrente fans take a close look at Santiago Segura in a very interesting role (for me he had a good blend of humour but with enough vulnerability to make you really feel for him). The soundtrack to the movie is pretty cool too and i'm sure that it will be a springboard for those arcade dancing machines to really catch on. I won't go into any details of the movie but it is a classic tale of how the underdog can sometimes rise to the challenge, a feel-good film that is well worth a look.


Fun comedy full of entertainment and amusement with a team of very comical roles . It deals with quartet (Jordi Vilches , Eduardo Garcia , Chema Calderon , Barbara Muñoz) of young geeks decide to sing up the first national competition of dancing machine (an Arcade machine , Dance Revolution , ready to dance) to win the championship , so that they save money to buy a new serpent Boa which accidentally killed . They are trained by Johnny (Santiago Segura) , an unfortunate veteran who has had a moving life , as he was a dancing winner , but when a distress happened , he has been marked and successively humiliated by his old friend Fernando (José Corbacho) .

Nutty comedy about a bunch of freaks who take on a competition with unexpected consequences , it displays nutty humor , tongue-in-cheek , emotion , rapid flash choreography , funny situations , brief elements of drama and many other things . This ¨Maquina de Bailar¨ or ¨Dance machine¨ (2006) pays tribute to a lot of films of the seventies and eighties such as ¨Fever Saturday night¨, ¨Flashdance¨, ¨Staying alive¨, ¨Karate Kid¨ and specially to Sylvester Stallone and his Rocky series . Passable cast formed by adolescents and very young actors , most of them unknown . Support cast is pretty good , with some veteran actors as José Corbacho , Enrique Villen , Emilio Laguna , Benito Pocino and Josele Román . And cameos by Nacho Vigalondo and Antonio De La Torre . But it results to be Santiago Segura who steals the show as an unlucky , vulnerable worker who is abused and duped by his boss , José Corbacho . Atmospheric musical score by Javier Navarrete , considered to be one of the best Spanish composers and he has composed great number of successes , as national as international , such as : The devil's backbone , Pan's labyrinth , Mirror , The Warrior's way , Wrath of Gods , Cracks , Inkheart and Byzantium . In the film is added a lot of modern songs , soundtrack performed by duo vocal Charm , disco music and other incidental musical score . Colorful and brilliant cinematography by Teo Delgado , who has photographed some box office films as ¨Unresolved sexual tension¨ , ¨Paper castles¨ , ¨ Isi and Disi , high voltage¨ , among others . Being shot in Madrid , but most in studio and interiors .

The motion picture was regularly written and directed by Oscar Aibar . Oscar is a craftsman who has directed a few films , all of them have special issues and interesting themes , dealing with all kinds of genres , such as Spaghetti/Sci-Fi : ¨Atolladero¨ , Fantasy : ¨The Forest¨ , Thriller : ¨Rumors¨ , Comedy/Drama : ¨Platillos Volantes¨ and Biography : ¨El Gran Vazquez¨ also starred by Santiago Segura . Rating : 5.5/10 , Acceptable and passable .