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Leave the Light On! (2017) Online

Leave the Light On! (2017) Online
Original Title :
Leave the Light On!
Genre :
Movie / Short / Comedy / Horror
Year :
Directror :
Paul Adams
Cast :
Anthony Edmonds,Hayley Woodland,Kayleigh Bennett
Writer :
Paul Adams
Type :
Rating :
Leave the Light On! (2017) Online

A young man discovers that he is teleported elsewhere when the light is switched off and returns when the light is switched back on. He doesn't like it. His girlfriend does and decides to tease him by continuing to switch the light off and on again - with disastrous results.
Cast overview:
Anthony Edmonds Anthony Edmonds - Anthony
Hayley Woodland Hayley Woodland - Hayley
Kayleigh Bennett Kayleigh Bennett - Phone Girl
Claire Edwards Claire Edwards - Pickled Onion Girl
Nigel Garbutt Nigel Garbutt - Market Trader
Steve Richmond Steve Richmond - Market Trader (voice)

Anthony and Hayley are confused by what they saw on the TV - "Aylesbury Dead". Hayley played a character in that movie.