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Europe's Debt: America's Crisis? (2012) Online

Europe's Debt: America's Crisis? (2012) Online
Original Title :
Europeu0027s Debt: Americau0027s Crisis?
Genre :
Movie / Documentary
Year :
Directror :
Martin Borgs,David Devries
Cast :
Phillip Blond,Frits Bolkestein,Donald J. Boudreaux
Budget :
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Time :
Rating :
Europe's Debt: America's Crisis? (2012) Online

Four investigative reports, shot on location in Greece, Brussels, California and Washington DC, highlight this in depth examination of Europe's current debt crisis and its connection to the U.S. economy. Narrated by Swedish author Johan Norberg, and George Mason University professor, Don Boudreaux, the investigative reports ask: "Where did Europe go wrong" and "is the United States now repeating the same mistakes?" In a conference center and restaurant in Malmo, Sweden young thinkers from around the world react to the presentations. Their age makes them inheritors of the problems and the solutions around the corner.
Credited cast:
Phillip Blond Phillip Blond - Director, ResPublica, U.K>
Frits Bolkestein Frits Bolkestein - Former European Commissioner, Netherlands
Donald J. Boudreaux Donald J. Boudreaux - Professor of Economics, Geo. Mason Univ.
Sophie Broyet Sophie Broyet - Journalist - France
David Crane David Crane - Govern for California, U.S.
Manuel de Araujo Manuel de Araujo - Mayor of Quelimane City, Mozambique, Africa (as Dr. Manuel de Araujo)
Dale Fritchen Dale Fritchen - Council Member, City of Stockton, Calif., U.S.
Alexandra Ivanov Alexandra Ivanov - Student Organization, Sweden
Ann Johnston Ann Johnston - Mayor of Stockton, Calif., U.S.
Jacob Mchangama Jacob Mchangama - Ctr for Political Studies, Denmark
Dmitry Medvedenko Dmitry Medvedenko - Business Analyst, RT Television, Moscow
Johan Norberg Johan Norberg - Himself - Host
Gabriel Sakellaridis Gabriel Sakellaridis - Economic Coordinator, Greece
Algirdas Semeta Algirdas Semeta - European Commissioner, Lithuania
Stergios Sifnios Stergios Sifnios - Director of Social Work, Greece