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Dopo la morte (1913) Online

Dopo la morte (1913) Online
Original Title :
Dopo la morte
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Giulio Antamoro
Cast :
Hesperia,Luciano Molinari,Ignazio Lupi
Writer :
George Kleine
Type :
Rating :
Dopo la morte (1913) Online

Cast overview:
Hesperia Hesperia - Contessa Kercadec
Luciano Molinari Luciano Molinari - Dr. Laforet
Ignazio Lupi Ignazio Lupi - Conte giovanni di kercadec
Leda Gys Leda Gys

User reviews



This is rather a vague title and besides being full of inconsistencies it is gruesome and leaves a bad taste in the mouth when it is finished. The theme hinges on the everlasting triangle, two men and a wife, one a physician, the other the husband, Lord Villiers. The former is in love with the latter's beautiful wife and under pretense of helping him overcome some difficulty concerning a scandal attempts to make away with him in a hideous manner by administering a hypodermic injection of poison. However, it all ends happily, but does not redeem itself satisfactorily. The exterior and interior scenes are beautiful. The lighting was only medium. It is well acted, and will please some people. - The Moving Picture World, February 28, 1914