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Tochter der Nacht (1990) Online

Tochter der Nacht (1990) Online
Original Title :
Daughter of the Streets
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Edwin Sherin
Cast :
Jane Alexander,Roxana Zal,Harris Yulin
Writer :
David Abramowitz
Type :
Time :
1h 31min
Rating :
Tochter der Nacht (1990) Online

A divorcée struggling to make ends meet, but still utilizing her spare time for social causes neglects her daughter in this fact-based story. At 18, the daughter starts drifting into bad company and eventually becomes a prostitute. To try to get her back in a proper life, her mother abducts her off the street and forcibly brings her home.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Jane Alexander Jane Alexander - Peggy Ryan
Roxana Zal Roxana Zal - Charley
Harris Yulin Harris Yulin - John Franco
Martha Scott Martha Scott - Sarah
John Stamos John Stamos - Joey
Peter White Peter White - Herb
Brynn Horrocks Brynn Horrocks - Lisa
Brandon Maggart Brandon Maggart - Detective Olsen
Randy Brooks Randy Brooks - Byron
Erika Eleniak Erika Eleniak - Jennifer
Felton Perry Felton Perry - Captain Towers
Lorinne Vozoff Lorinne Vozoff - Brustin
Michael Medeiros Michael Medeiros - Ted
Matt Landers Matt Landers - Thomas
Patrick O'Neal Patrick O'Neal - Alex

A TV movie made for the ABC network.

User reviews



Some people may consider this to contain a spoiler.

Author: George Parker from Orange County, CA USA was obviously not paying attention when he commented on this movie. Charley is not oh so perfect, and her mother is far from it. True that Charley wanted to help her brother,and she did have some anger and resentment issues to work out between her and her mother, but she did not "turn bad." She became caught up in the need to do Something. Her life spiraled out of control, and she let her emotions take over. This movie contains a powerful message, and although it is geared for teens, I feel that even as an adult it has value. It has a lot of character development, and I found myself empathizing with both Charley and her mother.


I just watched this on HBO...and, I gotta say, I like it...its a pretty good movie, and fairly entertaining....although the acting was pretty poor in a lot of parts...but, its a good movie.this a movie that i'm sure you can see on lifetime.

This movie is about a mom, and her daughter....and her daughter runs away from home, and then meets the wrong guy, and gets involved in drugs, and prostitution.

if you do see this movie, you will most likely be able to tell that it was made in 1990, by the music, and hair styles, etc.


If you think a movie with a title like "Daughter of the Streets" just has to be a gritty good-girl-goes-bad story similar to George C. Scott's gut wrenching "Hardcore", think again. This lame TV flick tells of an oh so perfect mother (Alexander) who has some awful disease which is so debilitating she can't support her family so her oh so perfect teenage daughter (Zal, who was wonderful in "Table for Five") starts to get poor grades in school, then smokes, then drinks, then dates a pimp, and then somehow just sort of starts selling her body (the next logical step, right?) curbside so she can feed her family. This unseemly turn of events inspires the oh so perfect mom to have some kind of miraculous remission so she can begin a campaign to get kids off the streets thereby saving the day. This super sanitized soap opera quality tripe has about as much to do with reality as it does with entertainment. Just about nothing. (C-)


And I believe George Parker was paying perfect attention when he wrote his review. I found myself wondering two things when I saw this movie. Why did Jane Alexander come out Acting Retirement and why is HBO airing this terrible 20 year old, made for TV film. As for a description of the movie, it's pretty much all in the title, yet with a irritating white wash of the subject matter that would annoy the most avid Golden Girl's fan. It is obvious that the film makers had little understanding of material,for you get the impression that the director's only research prior to making the film was renting Pretty Woman on video. The writing is poor, yet the all the actors tear through their dialoque as if making television history with the most shocking and ground breaking material.

The HBO executives should made to watch this film, and afterwards, unload it to lifetime for a very discounted price.