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Silent Echo (2017) Online

Silent Echo (2017) Online
Original Title :
Silent Echo
Genre :
Movie / Documentary / Short
Year :
Directror :
Ishara Danasekara
Writer :
Ishara Danasekara
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Silent Echo (2017) Online

Silent Echo is a short narrative documentary runs for minutes with dramatic elements. The documentary narrates the two different depression stories of two youths in a parallel timeline. A story of a survival who is a female and a story of a male who has subjected to victim. The visuals are treated with the necessity of creating the awareness through the true stories of the subjects, the characteristics that they talk about the depression are a hint to those who have already subjected to the risk. The main focus was to persuade people to think twice and to eradicate the stigma prevailing in the society. The depression victims need to talk and express themselves and to be listened too. The stories will feel you make you need to welcome them back to the society as strong individuals with a self-worth without isolating them.
Credited cast:
Isuru Sampath Isuru Sampath - Kavinda