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Benyamin Biang Kerok (2018) Online

Benyamin Biang Kerok (2018) Online
Original Title :
Benyamin Biang Kerok
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Hanung Bramantyo
Cast :
Reza Rahadian,Rano Karno,Meriam Bellina
Writer :
Bagus Bramanti,Senoaji Julius
Type :
Time :
1h 35min
Rating :
Benyamin Biang Kerok (2018) Online

Knowing the headquarters and settlements of Betawi suburbs will be evicted, Pengki (Reza Rahadian), Somad (Adjis Doaibu), and Achie (Aci Resti) sabotage illegal casinos in Jakarta. They drain all bets to buy the land to be evicted. The casino belonged to Said (Qomar) who is gambling with Hengki (Hamka Siregar). These two people are the biggest mafia that controls gambling business. The problem becomes more complicated when Pengki falls in love with singer Aida (Delia Husein), Said's mistress, sold by her parents to pay the debt. As a wealthy Betawi, Pengki is considered a useless man. Her mother always assumes Pengki is just a spoiled child who wasting his mother's money. His love for Aida changes Pengki's attitude. Pengki now has the ideals: to have a school that can accommodate poor children. Unfortunately, Said spots Pengki-Aida's relationship and unmask him as he is lurking his casino. In the midst of such a complicated situation, Hengki invites Pengki, Somad, and Achie to ...
Credited cast:
Reza Rahadian Reza Rahadian - Pengki
Rano Karno Rano Karno
Meriam Bellina Meriam Bellina
Delia Husein Delia Husein - Aida
Aci Resti Aci Resti - Achie
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Adjis Doaibu Adjis Doaibu - Somad
Kitty Felicia Kitty Felicia - Guard

User reviews



In my life I have seen quite many Indonesian movies. There have been a few gems, like Arisan or the teenmovie Ada Apa Dengan Cinta. But in general the movies are bad, with a lot of bad acting, overdone shouting, weird and awfull horror (ever since the Japanese movie The Ring got popluar). And the last movies even show some rediculous fake soft-porno.

So, we have a comedy (Indonesians love music and bad humor), and the poster looked promising. Well, don't even bother to go watch it. There is no plot, it even looks like the plot dissapears halfway the movie, and every few minutes you get an episode that is connected with the rest as loose sand. If you think that at the end of the movie you get it all, you are wrong. Even the end in itself is unbelievable. Something like "we cut the movie here and if you dare to return in December 2018 we have the rest of the story". There are maybe 2-3 moments that are really funny, even though you hear people laugh during the movie at the strangest moments, they are not laughing at the real funny moments. So why a review when there is nothing to review? Well, there is one item that returns during the movie all the time that is actually quite nice, and that is the music. Jazzy at times, a tempo doeloe (historic) feeling mixed with some nice dancing. If I would have to rate the soundtrack it might have been a 7 or 8. But in no way it is able to save the movie from being a compleet disaster.