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Виктор Кроули (2017) Online

Виктор Кроули (2017) Online
Original Title :
Victor Crowley
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Horror
Year :
Directror :
Adam Green
Cast :
Parry Shen,Kane Hodder,Laura Ortiz
Writer :
Adam Green
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 23min
Rating :

Ten years after the events of the original movie, Victor Crowley is mistakenly resurrected and proceeds to kill once more.

Виктор Кроули (2017) Online

Ten years after the events of the original movie, Victor Crowley is mistakenly resurrected and proceeds to kill once more.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Parry Shen Parry Shen - Andrew
Kane Hodder Kane Hodder - Victor Crowley
Laura Ortiz Laura Ortiz - Rose
Dave Sheridan Dave Sheridan - Dillon
Krystal Joy Brown Krystal Joy Brown - Sabrina
Felissa Rose Felissa Rose - Kathleen
Brian Quinn Brian Quinn - Austin
Tiffany Shepis Tiffany Shepis - Casey
Chase Williamson Chase Williamson - Alex
Katie Booth Katie Booth - Chloe
Kelly Vrooman Kelly Vrooman - Sue
Jonah Ray Jonah Ray - Del
Tyler Mane Tyler Mane - Bernard
Tezz Yancey Tezz Yancey - Jay
Blake Woodruff Blake Woodruff - Zach

During his heartfelt introductions at the Los Angeles and London premieres for this movie, Adam Green cited how his hero Wes Craven's death had affected him so strongly, that it brought him back to his own franchise again, and made him realize that the Hatchet franchise is one of his own biggest contributions to the genre. While Craven's death put the notion of returning to Hatchet in Green's mind, it was another of his heroes, George A. Romero, specifically telling him to make more Hatchet films for the fans, that solidified his decision to make a fourth film in the franchise. Romero passed away just thirty-seven days before the surprise unveiling of this movie on August 22, 2017, and Green stated that this movie would not exist if not for Romero's pep talk assuring him that what he did as a filmmaker mattered, and was needed for the genre. At the London premiere on August 26, 2017, a photo of the moment when Romero had told Green to make another Hatchet film was put up on the screen behind Green. An emotional Green pointed to the sky and dedicated the film to Wes Craven and George A. Romero, who inspired him to ever try and make horror films in the first place. The film itself has a dedication to both filmmakers in the end credits.

This movie received a standing ovation from the audience in London after its European premiere on August 26, 2017 at Frightfest UK. It was only the second time a film had received a standing ovation in the festival's eighteen-year history. The only other standing ovation had been for filmmaker George A. Romero, who also happened to be the person who told Green to make another Hatchet film in the first place.

With each film he directs, Adam Green always takes his entire cast out to the movies together right before principal photography begins. The tradition serves as a way to get each film's cast focused on the journey, on which they are about to embark together. The film they go to see is irrelevant, and most times not even within the same genre as the film they will be making together. The purpose of "cast movie night" is solely to have everyone sit silently in a movie theater together, and to be reminded of their collective love of cinema, and why they each do what it is they do for a career. For this film, Green took the cast to see Don't Breathe (2016) together.

The moments where Kristina flashes her breasts and Linus exposes his genitals to Andrew during the bookstore signing were altered for all digital/streaming versions of the film and the shots were re-framed to not show the nudity. Director Adam Green has expressed severe disappointment over this decision as the full frontal male nudity was done as a commentary about the slasher sub genre's trope of always having gratuitous female nudity. The theatrical cut of the film and all physical media (Blu-Ray and DVD) have the bookstore scene intact and play out as the filmmaker intended.

This movie was unveiled as a complete surprise to a sold out theater of fans on Tuesday, August 22, 2017, at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood, California. Billed as a "Hatchet 10th Anniversary Event", the audience was shocked, and gave their first boisterous standing ovation of the night when Adam Green announced that they were really about to see a brand new Hatchet film that had been made in secret over the last two years. Green had done a similar surprise unveiling with his film, Digging Up the Marrow (2014), which was rumored to be "an art documentary" until first playing as a surprise during Harry Knowles' annual Buttnumbathon festival in Austin, Texas, in December 2013. While some early reviews of this movie referenced Blair Witch (2016), (originally titled The Woods) as having done a surprise unveiling first, Green had done the stunt first with Digging Up the Marrow (2014) two years earlier.

This movie marks Parry Shen's fourth time in a Hatchet film, and a continuation of "Andrew", the character he played in Hatchet III (2013). Shen played the roles of brothers "Sean" in Hatchet (2006), and "Justin" in Hatchet II (2010), before returning as an unrelated character named "Andrew" in Hatchet III (2013). Adam Green has referred to Shen as the "true final girl" of his slasher series, and has often cited him as his "secret weapon" in making the movies, due to his incredible professionalism and work ethic, that inspires everyone on-set around him. During the Q&A after the Hollywood premiere, Kane Hodder (Victor Crowley) joked that he just can't seem to kill Parry Shen for good, in any of the Hatchet films, no matter how hard he tries.

The song that plays during the end credits is "Hatchet (The Ballad of Victor Crowley)" by the band "Ignitor", and has a special relevance. Adam Green's favorite Wes Craven film is Shocker (1989), and his favorite song on the Shocker soundtrack is "Demon Bell (The Ballad of Horace Pinker)" by Dangerous Toys. Singer and songwriter Jason McMaster (Dangerous Toys and Ignitor) wrote the song as a gift for Green, who is a lifelong Dangerous Toys fan. Dangerous Toys was the first band Green perform live, and shortly after Wes Craven passed away, Green had flown to San Antonio to see the band perform at a reunion show, in an effort to escape his grief. McMaster noticed Green in the crowd, and the two began discussing how they are fans of each other's work, Wes Craven's recent death, and the enormous impact that Shocker (1989) and Dangerous Toys had made on Green during his youth. With Craven's death playing such a pivotal role in Green returning to his Hatchet franchise, McMaster wrote and contributed a Shocker-style theme song for this movie.

A huge fan of Impractical Jokers (2011), Adam Green was so delighted to learn that Brian Quinn was a Hatchet fan, that he specifically wrote the role of "Austin" for Quinn to play.

During their heated argument inside the airplane, Sabrina (Crystal Joy Brown) makes fun of her ex-husband Andrew's (Parry Shen's) band, called "Haddonfield". Haddonfield is Adam Green's band, that he formed in 1998.

Fake scenes and sides were created for the auditioning actors and actresses to perform during the casting process. The fake scenes and sides involved characters that were trapped inside a haunted bakery called "Englisby Bakery". Englisby is the birth surname of Adam Green's co-star on Holliston (2012), Corri English. The actors and actresses who were ultimately cast in this film, did not know anything about the actual film, for which they were auditioning, until Green personally called each of them to offer them their roles, and tell them the real details.

To keep the title and details under wraps, the film was called "Arwen's Fancy Dinner" during the year-long writing and pre-production process. The fake title was then changed to "Arwen's Revenge" during principal photography, simply because a shorter title was easier to fit on the camera slate. Arwen is the name of Writer and Director Adam Green's dog, and the mascot of Green's weekly podcast "The Movie Crypt". On the rare occasion when Arwen is being finicky about eating her dinner, Green takes her food out of her usual bowl and puts it on a nice dinner plate instead. This trick always works to get Arwen to finish her food. For several years now, the artists who regularly work at the ArieScope studio, have joked that Arwen is having a "fancy dinner" when they see the dinner plate out in place of Arwen's usual "E.T." or "Star Wars" dog dishes.

In this movie, "Andrew" is promoting his autobiography, "I, Survivor", which he says was co-written with a ghost writer named "Joe Knetter". Joe Knetter is one of Adam Green's friends, and the author of several outlandish horror novels and short story collections. In real-life, Green and Joe Knetter wrote "I, Survivor", and will be releasing the book in conjunction with this movie's eventual DVD and Blu-ray release, so that fans can read "Andrew's" autobiography, of which is seen and spoken, in the film.

This movie is not only the first Hatchet film to not have Director of Photography Will Barratt as its Cinematographer, it is also the first project that Adam Green has ever done in his career without Barratt as his Director of Photography. The two started ArieScope Pictures together in 1998, and have made over three hundred commercials, one hundred short films and web series, nine feature films, two seasons of a sitcom, and many more projects together over the past twenty years. When last minute scheduling conflicts left Barratt unable to shoot this movie, Green immediately tapped Director of Photography Jan-Michael Losada to serve as Cinematographer. Though Barratt still remained on as a producer of the film, there is a "MISSING" poster seen outside of the swamp tour hut with Barratt's face on it.

It is actually Kane Hodder's voice that answers Dillon when he is calling for help from the cockpit. As Dillon continues to try different frequencies seeking emergency assistance an angry voice answers back saying "this is a private frequency, stay the hell off of it" and hangs up on him.

The moment where the co-pilot keeps making loudspeaker announcements that drone on and on before take-off was an ad-lib by director/actor Adam Green. The cast was unaware that Green was going to start making cabin announcements from behind the camera but played along with his joke during the take.

This movie marks the fourth time that Kane Hodder played Victor Crowley. He is also famous for playing Jason Voorhees four times in the "Friday the 13th/Jason" film franchise.

The pilots are played by director Adam Green and his real life best friend, Holliston co-star, Movie Crypt podcast co-host, and fellow director Joe Lynch.

Victor Crowley's voice for all of the Hatchet films is primarily a blend of actor Kane Hodder and director Adam Green's voices mixed together and pitched down. Animal sounds including sea lions, bears, and lions are also mixed in to create Victor's voice at times. When Victor Crowley's signature "Daddy" cry was created for the first film, Adam Green added the voice of Kane's son Jace (who was still a very young child at the time) into the mix. This made the iconic character's ghostly voice extra chilling as if you listen closely in all of the Hatchet films you can hear an innocent child's voice echoing in all of Victor's off-screen mournful cries for his father.

In the film, Chloe (Katie Booth), Alex (Chase Williamson), and Rose (Laura Ortiz) are in New Orleans to film a mock trailer, that they hope will help raise the financing they need to make a horror film about Victor Crowley. That is what franchise producers Adam Green, Sarah Elbert, and Will Barratt did back in 2004, to help raise the financing they needed to make Hatchet (2006).

The film received two standing ovations at its world premiere on August 22, 2017 in Hollywood, California. The first came during Adam Green's introduction, when he announced that the audience was really about to see a new Hatchet film that had been made in secret over the past two years. The second came at the end of the film.

In the hidden scene in the film's end credits, it is shown that the airplane is KWAJ airlines flight 331. The word "Kwaj" is seen or spoken in every film that Adam Green does with Kane Hodder, who grew up on the island of Kwajalein, and Green's birthday is on March 31, thus "KWAJ flight 331".

The movie was shot in mostly chronological order, according to the audio commentary.

The little girl's voice explaining the legend of Victor Crowley in the opening of the film is actually actress Felissa Rose's daughter Lola.

Adam Green wrote the role of "Rose" specifically for his Holliston (2012) co-star, and real-life best friend, Laura Ortiz. Though Green has called Ortiz his muse and favorite comedic actress, for whom to write in Holliston (2012), in this movie, she played against type. She portrayed an extremely tough and fearless character as "Rose", as opposed to the cute, wise cracking "Laura", for whom she is known, in Holliston (2012). "Rose" appeared briefly in Hatchet II (2010) as an underage fourteen-year old girl that pornographer Shapiro (Joel Murray) was unsuccessfully trying to get to lift up her shirt for his video camera.

On August 15, 2018 a companion book called I Survivor, "ghost" written by Adam Green and Joe Knetter. Listed as being written by Andrew Yong this is the biography Andrew (Parry When) is promoting in the movie.

Austin (Brian Quinn) and Casey (Tiffany Shepis) are named after Adam Green's assistants, Austin Bosley and Casey Hempel, who worked on the film.

When Rose (Laura Ortiz) looks through her make-up kit in the hotel room, a "Holliston" sweatshirt is seen on the ground next to it. This is a reference to Holliston (2012), the television sitcom, in which Ortiz and Adam Green appeared.

Victor Crowley is the first film released on VHS under the Broke Horror Fan Presents line, which brings modern horror movies to the nostalgic format.

User reviews



Saw this on a rented dvd. Waiting to buy a copy of it. Have all the 3 parts in my dvd collection. Fans of the series will definitely enjoy this but those who havnt seen the series will also enjoy this as it has plenty of laughs, brutal n bloody deaths n claustrophobic atmosphere. Adam Green shud be applauded for making such an entertaining brutal slasher n considering its low budget, he did a mighty fine job. There is something sinister about horror films set in the bayou, especially Louisiana n Green made full use of the settings. I had complained in my review of the first part about the no usage of crocodiles in such settings. If only there was some short crocodile terror in this installment, i wud have loved it even more. Watch out for Dave Sheridan. His comic timing is very good n his character was a perfect sigh of relief in a very tensed n gory slasher.


Adam Green is quite possibly the most talented director working in the horror field today. His films are always loads of fun, with subtle touches of humor like the hillbilly in Hatchet 1 drinking from a plastic urinal bottle, offhanded details that are easily missed if you don't pay attention. Of course there's plenty of not so subtle humor as well, especially in the Hatchet films which are Grand Guignol at its most extreme.

Those little touches are just part of the tapestry Green weaves, using every weapon in a film maker's arsenal. VICTOR CROWLEY could serve as a film school model of how to use sound and how to frame a shot for maximum effect.

There isn't a weak role in the script and every actor hits just the right tone. The acting is dead on perfect all around and the casting is sublime. Laura Ortiz is adorable as a feisty little sexpot, Dave Sheridan nails the hungry actor wannabe, Parry Shen shows great range. Too many to name them all, the entire cast is excellent.

Green's directorial skills are matched by his writing. Humor in horror is tricky. If you're making a horror film with humor, as opposed to a horror-themed comedy, it's easy to lose your balance, and too many directors cheapen their films with sophomoric one liners. Victor Crowley is loaded with very smart humor, some of it dark, some character-based.

The cinematography and sets are topnotch. The special efx are fantastic. One in particular is worth the price of admission... I'll say no more than that.

If you can't stomach gory efx, this film is definitely not for you. For fans, it's a gourmet feast.


I dont write long reviews. Its simply put a good comedy horror film. Campy and stupid when it should be, gorey when it should be. A very fun film Dont go in with high expectations and youll get everything you want from it. Adam green should be given more money to make some high budget comedy horrors. He has a real knack for it


Before watching this movie, i looked at imdb to see if there was any helpful reviews about it and i found only one , so i thought that this might be garbage and i didnt have high expectations going into this, but i was completely wrong. this is a low budget movie; the dead bodies looks fake, however it has a decent storyline, good acting, goery and in addition to all this its hilarious, so i recommend it to anyone who hesitate before going watching it and i think that this movie deserve more reviews and ratings.


I love both the 1st and 2nd film, the 3rd was ok but the high kill count and gore made up for it. I made an account just to review this movie. There is sooooo much talking in this movie. Too much arguing with unlikable characters and not counting the intro, it takes too long to get to a kill.(Seriously, like 45 minutes in!!). The gore is great but it needed way more kills and better pacing. You'll be begging for more Victor screen time because it takes forever between kills. Victor Crowley was badass and that's about it. Hopefully the 5th film(if it happens) will be better paced, have less annoying characters, and please, a higher god damn kill count!


Loved the first one. 2nd was so-so. 3rd got back on track. Then there's this...

Total mess of a movie. I know it's supposed to be over the top and silly, so don't say "she just doesn't get it." I know fully well what it's supposed to be. That doesn't excuse the mess that it is. Some of the acting was fine, but jeeeeezzzeee...tone it down some. At least make some characters likable. Everyone was so obnoxious that you seriously couldn't wait for them to die, and all were embarrassing stereotypes. Thank God the movie was only about 80 minutes long...I couldn't suffer through much more. And obviously no budget...the entire movie was obviously on a stage and setting half of the thing inside a crashed plane didn't help matters. Put Victor to bed and let him rest in peace.


Not that we'd expect something different. But yeah if you have been watching the other movies (that's Hatchet 1-3) you should know that it did seem like the Crowley Saga was over. But low and behold, we get another one. And Adam Green is coming back to take the reigns and continue the legacy he created. It's also almost a miracle he kept the making of this movie a secret. So while almost everyone was expecting to see the original Hatchet movie at a Festival I was attending, surprise surprise ... it's Hatchet 4.

And if you liked the first Hatchet and the second one, you can see the similarities. The humor is back and what some may call bad acting, is deliberate and over the top. That doesn't mean you have to like it ... just be aware of it and don't confuse it. If silly floats your boat (no pun intended), you can give this a try


My God did I liked the Hatched franchise and when rumours came out that the next one was going to be made I was happy and looking forward to see it. Don't know why it isn't called Hatchet IV but hey, Vicor Crowley is alive.

Seen it I still don't know what I have to think about it. Where the franchise was made for the gore this one here do offer gore again but it also has a lot of overacting and stupid humour. And the humour used in the beginning I could dig, the co-pilot thing I really found it funny, but after a while the humour took over from the horror.

Not a thing we expect from this kind of flicks. Still, it do has pure gore just for the gore of it but the stupid situations and humour teared it down. But hey, the worst in the franchise but the open ending makes you want more...

Gore 5/5 Nudity 0,5/5 Effects 4/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0,5/5


Saw a premier of this movie during a road show tour, where some of the cast and the director were present for the screening. Overall it was a fun experience with the crowd participation (though it did start to wear on my nerves after a while, with all the whooping and high-fives from the cast in attendance whenever they appeared on screen). It was an ok addition to the franchise, but I have gotten now to where I cannot stand the director. He gave what I thought to be a very personal, thoughtful, and humble speech at the screening. I got the blu ray recently, and there's an interview with him where he gives the same speech, almost verbatim, and I came to realize how "scripted" it all sounded, not heartfelt at all. I also spoke with some people at the convention that was going on in town, where Adam Green was also present, and heard some discussions of how he can treat some of his fans in a very arrogant, phony, non-interested way. I hear this about a lot of celebrities, so I usually take it with a grain of salt, but one of these people showed some very rude, condescending and ugly info that made me see him in a different light. Anyway, most fans of the series of films will probably like it; some won't. For me, it was just "meh" until learning of the director's attitude, so now I don't even like it.


I was so pumped for non stop gore like the second and third one but no this movie. 45 minutes of talking with a little gore at the beginning and then 20 mins of gore near the end. The editing sucked, the score was way too loins and u couldn't even hear the actors. You could even hear the rustling of the mic's ....like wow. I love Adam Green but yeah , this movie was not the best.


When your franchise is long-over dead, try just naming your latest installment the main character's name! Let's see, it worked for: Jigsaw, Hannibal, Leatherface, Chucky, Jason, heck - even Jason Bourne and now Victor Crowley!

Actually, technically, the Hatchet series is one of the most consistent in quality and structure. They even have the gorgeous Parry Shen as a constant element in all four films. And that all said, it's time to hang up those overalls.

I did a marathon of the four Hatchet films and that's really the way to go with these. Each one, with the exception of today's delightment of derangement, takes place the exact second the previous left off and makes sense to do so. Parts 1-3 take place over a consecutive couple of days. Only one issue.

Well, more than one. The horrible move from the fantastic final girl of Amara Zaragoza in part 1 to the Halloween regular, Danielle Harris, was a severe downgrade in part 2. Like the Friday the 13th franchise this humbly plays homage to, they killed off the bad guy in #3 and a nice/complete conclusion to the series. No need to contin...damnit. They fooled me.

In further homage, they once again brought back their utterly unlikable villain to the kill count because, yep, another homage to the Jason Voorhees series. Clever girl (or boy?)

In a lot that absolutely mirrors today's social issues, the movie opens with a book tour from the dude in each one of these, my favorite character - because of his humor throughout the films and because of those damn good looks, played by Parry Shen. The opening is hilarious, as are all the Hatchet movies - mostly with Parry, but also a wonderful 50's style homage with MST3k's Jonah Ray.

And speaking of Ray, I heard him in an interview talking about how they actually almost killed him because they refused to let him wear his glasses or contacts for the scenes he ran around the swamp. He is almost completely blind without the aid of his contacts/glasses, but this didn't seem to bother the crew filming him run with sharp branches and hatchets around him in the dark...

I digress. Even though Part III was a funny Aliens knockoff, this one went back to Aliens again getting Part III's only survivor back into arm's length of the creature he was lucky enough to escape many years prior. God, now I wanna stop writing and go watch Aliens again.

Man, Aliens is such a good movie. I just love how Ripley saves her friends and nothing at all could possibly go wrong for her newly saved friends in any sort of follow-up to Aliens...

So. Victor Crowley was good and worth seeing, but it does need to end. While I liked all four movies and will highly recommend the series, they each have progressively gone downhill. Yeah, it's real easy to rank these: 1, 2, 3, VC. Done.

Also, funny enough, especially with this film's title, he's so unlikable. In real life, we're supposed to hate serial killers like Jason, Freddy, Chucky and Leslie Vernon, but they're all so much fun to watch on screen. Victor? Well, he's the most brutal of all modern day monsters. He makes Letherface look like an amateur. But, he's just so, so dark. So mean. And zero charisma. He's not the reason to see these movies.

Fine. If you're here JUST for the gore, Victor would be your reason to see this. To me, that's 5-9% of the features. The majority of the film focuses on humor, homage, inside jokes, references and wonderful cameos. Those are why, well, those plus Parry Shen, I continue to see them.

It's just that, you've made your point. You killed off the baddie, like they did to Jason in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. And now you resurrected him like they did in the 6th film: Jason Lives. I really don't think they need to continue, even though they're still pretty creative with how to approach the same outline in each installment.


Final thoughts: Despite my criticism above, yeah, I totally recommend this movie. Especially the commentary on people's 15 minutes of fame exploited here. Plus we get a scene where Parry Shen cannot stop staring at another man's junk. He even says he cannot look away from seeing the other man's balls and penis. Had to watch that scene several times....


I was looking forward to this movie. I am a huge Hatchet fan, I loved Hatchet 1 and 2 (Hatchet 3 not so much). I love the old school, 80s slasher style with silly but fun characters and gore.

Then I watched this movie. The story is that Andrew Yong survived the attack of Victor Crowley ten years ago, wrote a book, went on a talk show with his mean and hateful ex-wife who is the talk show host, then went on a book signing tour with his manager, played by the wonderful Felissa Rose. Shortly after his manager tells him he can make great money by going back to the swamp and filming a movie or documentary about it.

The main part of the move is a group of unlikeable, argumentative characters fly on a small airplane to the swamp, until they crash land in (surprise) Victor Crowley's swamp, who is unintentionally resurrected. Victor Crowley begins killing one obnoxious character after another, while the survivors endlessly argue with each other.

Compared to the previous Hatchet movies, this movie lacks the fun and humor. It was nice to see Tiffany Shepis, but her talent was wasted. The gore and special effects are very few likeable characters in this movie.

This is a terrible, tedius, obnoxious movie. It's also rather short. Soooo disappointed. Kane Hodder as Victor Crowley and Felissa Rose as Kathleen are the only bright spots in an otherwise boring, obnoxious third sequel that is not even in the same league as Hatchet 1 or 2.

I miss Tony Todd as Rev. Zombie. :(


Well like 2-3 this one brings nothing to the table and reminds me a lot of Friday the 13th 6 when Jason is brought back to life by an electric rod into is heart during a electric storm, this movie was amazing but also made in the 80.

Hatchet the first movie was nothing new a mutant disfigured monster that kills people in gory ways, and that repeat itself in all the movies. In this one he is brought back to life by some voodoo incantation we only see some bubbles and that's it he is back.

A part from some cameo and some horror legends that have small parts the movie brings nothing new to the franchise. Maybe its time they stop doing them to milk the cow.


Stupid plot, bad acting, really odd pacing, pointless things constantly happen, etc. Hatchet 1 was amazing, this is a heap of cow crap


I love this movie series! The only horror movie series where all the sequels are just as good as the original. I can understand why some fans might not like it, because it does take awhile for the multiple kills to start, in the second half. But I personally didn't mind. To me the characters were likeable and funny to watch, so it was never boring. The kills are just as gruesome, and kept me wincing in my seat. A nice mixture of wanting to see gore, but wanting the characters to survive. I can't wait for part 5!


It's alright for a low budget hatchet film, as long as you don't take it too seriously. There were a couple light laughs as a result of attempted low humor. There are a couple unnecessary scenes that should have made the final cut including pointless nudity that one feels was thrown in just because they could. Honestly if you enjoy low end hatchet movies this may be your thing, but realistically there are a lot of other better movies out there.


This 4th installment of the Hatchet series is everything you expect it to be. Cheesy, campy, gory, funny, stupid(in the best way possible) ridiculous and horrible acting(on purpose) I really enjoyed it.


Oh, Dear what can the matter be? Victor Crowley is back on my TV!!!

Now, I don't have anything against Crowley (Hodder) as horror film monsters go, he's climbing up there. It's actually Green's story and direction which irked me the most about this film.

Firstly, the story is pretty much non-existent. Ten years after the first attack, the sole survivor, Andrew (Shen) is doing the rounds pushing his book on how he survived Crowley's attack. This puts him on his ex's TV show Sabrina (Brown). She's over antagonistic and bullies him in the interview. She later cons him into another interview, this time an outside broadcast back in Crowley's swamp. Meanwhile, a film crew accidentally resurrect Crowley and his killing spree starts up once again...

The major problem with the writing is the characters, particularly that of Sabrina and her relationship with Andrew. Supposedly they were a loving couple, though there's no evidence of it here. You're not even given a reason for why she treats Andrew so vehemently. This is unrealistic and unbelievable. It's also so obvious that their relationship is there as a comedic element. However, it's more annoying than funny. To be truthful, though labelled as a comedy there are very little laughs in the film. Not once did I smile at a joke, let alone laugh. Had this been played as a straight horror then it would be a stronger film. Another thing is Green relies on characters to add humour, such as Dillon (Sheridan). The trouble is we've seen this type of character so many times so you need to add something new to make it funny. There's nothing new in any of the characters. Though I have to say that Sheridan does put his heart and soul into his portrayal of the character, which was nice to see as other actors are less enthusiastic.

This could come down to direction as Brown, who plays Sabrina, is too shouty and angry. This needed to be toned down a little. As it stands, the handling of the character is part of the reason she comes off so badly. Then there's the scene at the shed. This is meant to be funny, but it's telegraphed too early so you know what's coming and you're waiting for it to happen. So when it does eventually come the comedy has been rendered unfunny. This is the case with a lot of the sight gags. As for the direction of the rest of the film, it's standard and dull, especially the scenes within the plane, of which there are too many.

In fact, the only saving grace to the whole film is Victor Crawley himself and his slaughters. The special effects team have my respect, these are gloriously nasty wet-work. I was just sad to see the turbine kill effect was shot at a sideways angle so there was little viscera. Shame they missed out on the chance for a nasty and grisly ending. If they could have pulled it off it would have gone down in history.

This is not the best in the Hatchet franchise and I'd not recommend it to anyone except those steadfast horror fans who have watched the previous three flicks.
Der Bat

Der Bat

Instead of copying 30 years of spoof b b grade horrors Adam Green captures all the essence of an excellent horror with delicate comedic touches. He combines the two genres without weaking the script, instead every line, every scene is masterfully planned.

Adam Green isn't out for horrifying scare, which is refreshing as he almost revolutionises his own genre. His actor selection, and scence progression never leave a dull moment or confusion.

Dave Sheridan steals the show and his perforamce is worthy of all little momemts you may miss. In fact Green aloows every actor/actress to express and explore a personality unusual in horrror but still maintain the horror factor in the creative newly created Hatchett character victor crowley.

iIt is a pity and this is my only spoiler so don't read if you plan eatch still that these great characters except two all die and therefore cannot be reprised in the next episodes of Hatchett.

No one knows how Green, the director and writer plans to continue the series but maybe by reinventing the scanrios is part of its charms.

Don't except big scares but excellent film making in a new twist on the horror theme.

Dave Sheridan's character will be sorely missed but two important characters do survive. 9/10

Keeep going Adam Green and ignore any bad reviews you construct a masterful art that crosses genres.


Classic hatchet style. Fun to watch with friends. Do not take it seriously. It's a cheesefest but worth checking out. Gory kills and fun times!!!


Keeping this simple and short, IMO the worst of the all the previous three, however, If you go into this with low expectations, you find it at least watchable. Think they've run out of ideas on what to do with the Victor Crowley character and it showed in this movie.


Victor Crowley (2017)

** (out of 4)

Ten years after the event of the first film, survivor Andrew (Parry Shen) is on the talk show circuit talking about his ordeal. His publicist (Felissa Rose) talks him into going back into the swamp and discussing the issue there. Sure enough he agrees and before long they're battling Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder) again.

This here is the fourth film in the HATCHET series and no one knew it was coming. Director Adam Green shocked the horror community when some fans showed up to what they thought was a screening of the first movie but it turned out to be this instead. I must admit that I was really looking forward to this movie but it sadly turned out to be a major disappointment.

There are all sorts of issues with this movie but we'll start with the screenplay. The entire group of characters are just so over-the-top and obnoxious that I really couldn't wait to see them killed off. The characters were extremely annoying and one couldn't help but grow tired of them. Even worse is the fact that there's really not too much that happens. The plane carrying everyone crashes in the swamp and the majority of the movie takes place on the plane with the characters scared to leave it because of who is outside.

It seems that this film was shot with an even smaller budget than the previous three movies and perhaps this was why so much of the action (or non-action if you will) takes place on the plane. Another thing that really hampers this one is some truly awful CGI effects. Just take a look at the first murder and it looks like you're watching a movie that was produced for YouTube. Yes, the CGI effects are that embarrassing. The actual practical effects are a lot better and thankfully there is some rather gory violence thrown throughout the film but certainly not enough to save it.

VICTOR CROWLEY is a really disappointing movie that really doesn't work on any level. While you're watching it you stick with it in hopes that it finally kicks into high gear but before you know it the film is over. When looking back on the film it's even more disappointing.


There are no words to really put this film into context. Adam Green has a knack for making these feel more outrageous than really are. I think he has an ingenious quality and could really make more prolific films. One review said the film dragged until the first kill (like 45) minutes in, this is completely false as it occurs in first 10 minutes. Standardized plot again centering around Honey Island in the Louisiana Bayou, Perry Shen who portrays Andrew the sole survivor of the last film is the center. It is to take place 10 years after the massacre. More blood, violent deaths and again a different looking Crowley.

I did enjoy the franchise or I would have not watched them all. I have hopes that it will continue as it leaves the door wide open in the credits for more gore. I give the film a 4/10 but the complete series I will say 5.5/10


Having survived the original massacre, a former paramedic finds himself in a group of people who crashlands in the same swamp with the deformed killer he escaped previously as they resurrect him for another rampage in his home swamp and must rely on his experiences to get away alive.

This is yet another enjoyable entry in the franchise. Among the best aspects of this one is the way this one goes into dealing with the backstory to the previous entries. Not only does this one take great consideration in playing up the connection to the past involving the decade-long journey by the one character but also giving this a lot to like with the setup of the legend in the years since the original incident. Taking on the current form of publicity and exposure that would be found in a modern environment regarding those types of flash-in-the-pan celebrities that dominate the society. That gives this one plenty to like heading into the motivation for the upcoming massacre with the film really scoring nicely with the usual slashing antics which keeps this one hurtling headlong into the fun slashing antics that occur. The series of attacks here are just as much fun as they were in the past, from the opening assault in the swamp to the battle to get out of the rattled plane against the trap he sets up for the group as well as the different one-on-one battles out in the swamp where the creative encounters are just as much fun as they've always been. Managing to mix together the use of bombastic, over-the-top action that never once comes close to being realistic or plausible in any sense and some genuinely creepy or chilling as when he pops up out of the darkness at the shack or the surprise appearance at the plane which really goes well together towards creating some great action-packed attacks in the final half. Combined with the usually stellar special effects work on the graphic and gruesome kills, these here are what work as the film does have a few minor flaws. The main issue here is the rather long amount of time it takes to get to the main setup in the swamp as it takes too many storylines to get fleshed out to get to that point. This one too many that don't make too much of an impact which is quite surprising as it features way too many that hold up the pacing, and it gets worse as there's no reason to keep them inside the broken plane as long as they are which also holds up the pace. Likewise, the only small issue here is the rushed feeling this gives in comparison to the other entries which didn't need as rushed and breakneck a pace that this one flies through in the finale which just seems to end without really setting itself up for anything. These here are the minor qualities that hold it back.

Rated Unrated/R: Extreme Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.


Please do not read it if you do not worship Lord Victor Crowley. Have been waiting for aeons for the my Lord Crowley to come back to life and finally it happened. Our Lord has been a victim of sadistic injustice and inhuman atrocities that resulted in the sad demise of his father. So it is the need of the hour that he takes revenge - revenge fraught with guts and gore. Love you and venerate you my Lord Victor Crowley. He shall keep rising from the dead.