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States of Undress Pakistan (2016–2017) Online

States of Undress Pakistan (2016–2017) Online
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TV Episode / Documentary
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TV Episode
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States of Undress Pakistan (2016–2017) Online

Karachi Fashion Week is a sanctuary of progressive thinking and experimental designs. Hailey goes beyond the bubble to understand the forces trying to shut it down.

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I saw a teaser about fashion in Pakistan on what I believe is new channel offered by FIOS. I expected "States of Undress" on the Viceland channel to be worth 10 minutes of my time before I hit the delete button. Oh was I wrong. States of Undress Ep 1 is about fashion but the episode to its credit is truly about Pakistan's culture -- a culture that is alien to America. The end of the show will stun you. Mark my words. The host, Hailey Gates is very strong in her role. She is not the typical blond-piece-of-fluff you find all over cable and even on the networks today. Rather, she is a young, average looking neo- journalist, fashionista who actually surprised me with how understated she took on her role. Her bravery, which will clearly come through in the hour-long episode, is something that network journalists should admire. This is a show worth watching. Now my DVR goes to episode 4 in this series. I certainly hope it holds up.